Title: Blood Bank

Author: Silb

Genre: Romance, Yaoi, BL, Action

Publisher: Lezhin- Read it here: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/bloodbank


OOOF is all I can say right now. They basically summed up all the characters ambitions in 10 chapters. And it doesn’t feel rushed either, because we were all itching to know what everyone’s problems are.

So let’s get into that stuff:


I was like wait, what pain has he experienced?? Being an art is already painful enough, I wonder what else has happened to him. And he also “lost” Ellie, so I don’t know what that means. You’ll see what the quotes mean XD


So Jack and Humpty Dumpty made the phermone perfume in the bank terrorist attack, which weakened the Overlord’s bank system, making it easier for Brutal Bones to take over. They also made it smell like Reign’s perfume, so he would get blamed for the attacks. Very smart.

That was a well thought of plan. But I still never understood why the Overlords used human bankers anyways, if all the other lords didn’t use them. That’s a huge risk to take. I think it will be explained later in the character revelations of the chapter XD well half explained.


Was it his fault or did y’all kill him… XD


His father wants to help people regardless of who they are and he want to teach his son to see both sides of life. But he is dying of the plague and he still wants to help. Keyword: he is dying of the plague vampires released on humans to curve the population, so he already is a dead man.

Plague jokes are in high demand but aren’t in high demand at the same time XD


Ellie told Eric when he was young that he was half a vampire, so of course he is torn and he runs away. Most kids run away and need alone time after learning life changing information like that. And he tries to sell his mothers watch to get more money because they are obviously starving, but the guy wouldn’t take it, so he keeps it and returns to the shack they live in.


Then he witnesses his father being killed by no other than Humpty Dumpty and Jack because the watch dealer told them about the watch. Well, his father was already going to die, so he didn’t have to be murdered at all… they expanded extra energy to murder him….

OOOF. I was wondering why Ellie only has one eye. How did he lose his eye???


They are collecting Eric’s pheromones so they can make a more powerful perfume, more powerful than the one used in the bank attack.


OOOF, Ghost is about to kill him!!!! I jumped when I seen that shit!


Ghost tells him to run away before Humpty Dumpty and Jack try to kill him. She tells him to run to the South.



Apparently, Ghost was the protype of Humpty Dumpty. But Humpty Dumpty was the better candidate for the drugs.


Ohhhh, that’s how he gets the moniker of One, he gets a dying banker’s identity during the plague.


So Shell finally wants to know the truth about Ellie about why he left them when he was younger. And this is when the plot thickens and I get fuckin salty.


So Ellie has 2 eyes at this point. And he is definitely younger. He looks like Eric. Ellie wanted to be an art because he wanted to read all the books, which is super cute. So when he eventually isn’t an art anymore, he would have all knowledge.

Ellie was originally an art of another vampire until the Overlord’s took him in, he also is 18, which is old for an art apparently. Last time I checked, you don’t start losing your appearance until like age 35…or something. But I think vampires think younger humans taste better.


What is happening here?????? What the fuck have I just witnessed? Last time I checked Brutal Bones and Pain Overlord hated each other. Even in this scene they are kinda aggressive to each other. Insulting each other while they have sex. Did they used to be a thing????

I think gay love/sex isn’t looked down in this world because vampires seem to have same sex arts.


Now they obviously hate each others guts and Brutal wants to take over Pain’s territory.


Apparently, Ellie stopped Humpty Dumpty from committing suicide. Well maybe he should have not stopped him, considering what is happening next I would have wanted to die if I was going to be a sex slave for the rest of my life and they were going to experiment on me. It’s just super hard to handle being a human in this world.

So Brutal Bones has Jack do experiments on different arts to make them live long. Most of the arts they try this on die except Humpty Dumpty who survives all the treatments. But the treatments are done by Jack, who likes to see people in pain. He is conscious through all the treatments, even the needle through the hand you see.

But now Humpty Dumpty is ageless. And he look the same as he did in his teens.

I’m analyzing the name Humpty Dumpty. I’m not sure if it means anything. He tried to commit suicide, which would be falling off a fall. I guess he is uncrackable now, because he is ageless.

For reference here is the nursery rhyme:

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King’s horses
And all the King’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty together again”

Maybe it’s references the fact that Humpty could never be the same after all the treatments???? Someone analyze this for me.

But I also read on wikipedia that a Humpty Dumpty can refer to someone in an insecure position. Which Humpty Dumpty is currently in….

Damn that is real sparkly and super cute. I don’t why Perfect by Ed Sherran played in my head at this moment, but it did XD White Bones is a hot vampire.



And then Ellie has sex with White Bones and makes her pregnant. But its forbidden for that to happen. But wait a second tho, there must be a bunch of halfies, because vampires probably have unprotected sex with their arts all the time. They must kill all those babies.




At first, Pain doesn’t want Ellie to leave, but he let’s go because he realizes all this wrongs.

Shell doesn’t really understand why he left, because he is a child, but he kinda understands he going to be with someone.

Hold up, if Shell is like 9 or 10 at this point, and Eric is not even born yet. So the age difference is huge. Well 10 – 13 years isn’t that big of a difference, and they are both vampires, so that cleary doesn’t matter.

Also, they probably don’t need to be that brutal on humans to get their blood at all. It’s not even easier to do it that way.


Ellie left Humpty a message when he left, but I feel like he didn’t get it when he left. He probably got it after all the treatments which he is already fucked up after.

Why is he so mad he left? Mad enough to kill him? Well, Jack got into his head. He probably got that disease where you start liking the person who tortured you.


Jack slipped right in here. It’s not Ellie’s fault that Brutal Bones wanted his art to be ageless and live as long as him. And that Jack likes to torchure people.



At first, Eric is mad Ghost told him to go South, because there is nothing down there at all and it’s so barren. But then he finds a building.



Ellie is concerned that they would be found, but White is happy they are together. I’m glad they are cute and together. But clearly that isn’t gonna last long. They really took a risk with all of that. They knew that they would die if they were found out.



Then Brutal Bones finds them and kills his own daughter for unexplained reasons. Well, she did attack him, but killing your own daughter is too much man. He is mad she ran away with Pain’s art and had a child. I don’t know what the killing is about tho.



Upon seeing his wife killed, Ellie gouges out his eye??? Which is why he appears with no left eye for the rest of time. Eric and Ellie run away into the human slums, so they wouldn’t be found. In the earlier part of this post, Eric refers to his father as Burke. So he changes his name and begins helping people instead of being vengeful. That took alot man.

Eric is hugging his mother’s skull, I almost cried at that moment in high school and right now.


Then Shell appears and the chapter ends.

So much dropped in those 10 chapters, we learned all the characters ambitions and the pasts we wanted to know. So much pain has occurred in those last 20 years, so much misdirected anger. I almost cried when White Bones died.

Next week is the conclusion of the series!! Which is super exciting!

Chance of me finishing this golden series: 99.999% unless I somehow have TB