What a fantastic way to finish with Rubble King and Blasting Ruins. There is nothing more poetic than to see the cards of the inmates have entrusted to Yusei rise from the grave to deliver the final strike of 3000 damage! Karma is sure a bitch when your strategy involves sending your opponents cards to the graveyard.

With the Chief cheating in just about every way possible, from confiscating decks in attempt to make him lose by default, and having his colleagues use the security cameras to see what’s in Yusei’s hand and his card placements and report back to him, it was so freaking satisfying to see Yusei have the will to play dirty in return! It made me cheer, “YES YUSEI!! THAT’S MY BOY!”

He knew the Chief was cheating, so he switched around his cards on the field and hid the one that would be the key to victory up his sleeve! I mean, how many times we have seen protagonists go on about the importance of upholding the “integrity of a duelist”, even against opponents who don’t respect that? But with his life at stake, Yusei recognized that kind of mentality was not going lead him to victory. So he did what needed to be done to ensure the Chief lost his advantage, but exploit the fact the guy was banking on the information he was fed before the blackout. But it could also be argued that the only reason why he was able to make the comeback in the first place was because he had the opportunity to do the switch. Had Aoyama not intervened by triggering a blackout, it seems likely with the way things were going, Yusei could have very well lost the duel. After-all, had he not switched the cards, he was more or less screwed since the Chief attacked what he had thought to be Battle Mania only to discover it wasn’t, and Yusei was able to use it against him to set the stage for the comeback.

Of course considering Aoyama was even able to access the electric maintenance room, surely I am not the only one who wanted to shake him for failing to disable the electricity on Yusei’s end first. Look, I get we all wanted the Chief to get a taste of his own medicine, but was it really necessary to keep Yusei’s electricity flowing? Or why not just disable both altogether for the sake of Yusei’s health, who has already been electrocuted several times! It just goes to show how much the writers love to make Yusei suffer. We are only 10 episodes in, and he has already been tortured a dozen times. Other than that, Aoyama did well since he didn’t have to turn back, but he did because he no longer could leave Yusei and the others behind in good conscious.

As for the conclusion of the duel, it came as no surprise that the Chief was a sore loser and had no intention of fulfilling the conditions they had agreed upon. But boy did I roll my eyes so hard when Godwin swooped in to “save the day”. Of course I recognize that it was important that he did because Chief was dead set on killing them, but let’s be real here: If Yusei was not a Signer Candidate, then Godwin would have surely left him for dead. Another eye-roll moment was when he announced he was firing the Chief for being unqualified to run the place. I don’t think it had much to do with his murder intent, but more about the fact is a cheater, which is by all means perplexing considering that is a lack crime compared to murder, but eh, in this world of YGO, the integrity of the duel must always be withheld, right? RIGHT?! That’s the only reason why he made himself appear as the “good guy”, successfully fooling some people like Aoyama into thinking he has a nice side. (Yo don’t forget the shit he was telling you an episode ago! HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY!)

However while Godwin granted Yusei permission to leave the detention center early, he is not off the hook just yet. Again, the only reason why he was released because they had failed to force his Signer power to awaken within the Detention Center, so now they need to prepare a new trap. Until then, Yusei will have to worry about Ushio’s grudge against him after having survived after being swallowed by debris. He is lucky that all he had gotten was a freaking scar when he should have very well lost his life!

Fortunately for Yusei, he is not leaving the detention center completely empty-handed. Although he has yet get back his belongings, his new friends have generously given a gift to help him on the next phase of this journey. Yanagi has gifted him one of his monsters, and Himuro given him a card and instructions so he could get some assistance from one of his friends named Saiga. Without a doubt, Himuro’s gift will have the most use considering Godwin is having him closely tracked.

That’s all for this week, look forward to the next one!

Extra Notice: For those who are unaware, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is on-hold again and will only resume on August 8th! So there will be no new episodes until then!



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