The God of High School – Episode 2

Wow okay, watching this episode made me realize that it’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to watch any fighting focused anime, and I am hyped for it. I’m just a huge sucker for characters that have their own reason to fight and won’t give up no matter what odds they come across and this anime is no different! Well… in this instance, everyone of note seems super OP which is exciting in its own way! It gives us the over the top battles and straight up brutal attacks and it seems like there will be a lot more of those coming soon.

This series just keeps throwing things at you, I feel like if I sneeze I’m going to miss something important, or at the very least something cool. Once the episode starts, it feels like everything is happening and honestly it’s a ride from the beginning to end. Do I have questions? Oh yeah, you bet. But there doesn’t feel like there’s time to ask them until the episode is over and I’ve had a chance to just think over everything I just watched… and if I’m honest I think my most asked question is “Who ARE you?” There are so many potentially interesting characters in the series and I absolutely cannot wait to meet them all. But I’m begging, please let me learn their stories!! I want to know why they’re fighting or who they’re fighting for! I don’t mind if the answer if just because they like fighting, but I really hope we get to learn about them beyond their fists and weapons.

So with all of that, I’ll admit that I was bummed at the beginning of the episode. First, I felt that there was a transition missed from the end of last week’s episode to the start of this one. But more importantly, I thought we were going to get a solid moment where Daewi, Mori, and Mira could finally talk about their reasons for joining the competition. In Daewi and Mori’s case we only got brief flashbacks, from it, it’s clear that Daewi wants money for his friend/family member/acquaintance who is in the hospital. But for Mori? Well… I don’t think that the brief flashbacks really cut it (But in all fairness I did read the first chapter and a half of the webtoon, so I do know what was trying to be conveyed – but I’m telling myself to hold off on reading the rest until after the anime finishes airing). But I did appreciate getting what background that we did for Mira. And it also gave us a reason for the main trio to connect and become friends. :^)

Of course, it’s only episode 2 and there’s obviously plenty more time to add more development and plenty of content that needs to be covered. So as a whole I’m still pretty hyped for the potential that this anime has – especially after this most recent battle. Park Mujin has appeared and he seems incredibly intimidating and Mori has been escorted out of the battle arena (Which by the way? Shout out to him for completely escaping his new friends to teach someone a lesson and completely violating tournament rules) We’ve been given a sneak peek at some of the other fighters and I absolutely cannot wait to meet them and see them in action!


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