Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 9

This episode was… Weird. I can’t really explain it. It was a bit of a mixed bag for me. There were moments that had me laughing and others that kind of bore me, but I would say it wasn’t a bad episode. There were a lot of interesting jokes. There was a combination of the dinosaurs trivia, toilet jokes, Rook being the silly boy he is of bringing them to places to get free snack, and almost ate a dog bone! (ROOK NO! It’s one thing to eat dog food, (I remember I did that once when I was a kid) BUT NOT A DOG BONE.)

I think it would also be fair to say, this was definitely one of the better episodes we have seen since the series resumed airing. (But I still consider Episode 6 with Menzaburo to be the best one.) One part of is because the character’s behavior made more sense to me. They are kids, and so when the rumors of “Gossie” being this monster or Dinosaur, it was only natural for Rook, Yuuga and the club to get all excited about trying to track it down. It also helped that there was a balance of their eagerness with Romin and Gakuto, who both knew “Gossie” wasn’t actually a thing– until the last minute when they were briefly duped by a second when they saw the foggy glowing lights that spooked the construction workers.

The outcome was also hysterical because as soon as Yuuga realized they were talking about the noise canceling device he made and installed on a building near the construction site, he was embarrassed for being responsible for the misunderstanding. It was pretty adorable how distressed he was and I thought it was great that even after winning the duel, he couldn’t prevent them from going to the construction site, which is to be expected!

As for the Research Club we were introduced to today, they were neither good or bad. But what I really liked was how the duel played out. It was pretty funny with the way they meshed Kan’s passion for dinosaurs and Yuuga’s determination to make them ‘go extinct again’. The best part of course, was seeing the iconic Kuriboh makes his comeback again as Kuribott! I was wondering when he would finally show up!

But while this episode was definitely on the wild side of things, once again they dropped us a surprise at the Relic Chamber. With the help of the Research Club, they discovered Seven Mysterious Emblems that have been hidden under their feet the entire time! And what’s more interesting, is not just the pattern they are laid out in, but the fact they all had fairly interesting designs consisting of:

  1. Swan
  2. Fish
  3. Bat
  4. Weather (Sun, Wind, Clouds, maybe), for the lack of a better word.

Unfortunately the fifth design which was shown just above the forth one (Weather) is impossible to make out (though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone were able to clean it up a bit and decode it), and the sixth shot we were given through the picture Romin had taken appears to be fish one seen at a different angle while the seventh was not shown at all. This means we have yet to see a proper close up of the remaining three of the seven emblems.

Based on the ones we were shown, I am under the impression they might actually be imagery of the cards attributes: Swan could be “Light”, Bat could be “Dark”, Fish is “Water”, the Weather looking one could actually be “Wind”, which just leaves us to wait and see what the remaining three, would look like. Actually it could be possible that the fifth one is a “rock” of a sorts since the design was really hard to decipher. Of course the question is what would the seventh one be? Now, please take this with a grain of salt, I am just going to throw this out this to finish the attribute theory: I know there is a “Divine” attribute. We haven’t seen this one be used in the anime for a very long time, but it could be they might bring this back to tie it together to the Legendary Duel King. That would certainly spice things up.

And it doesn’t end there, we get to see some shady action with Romin sending in the discovery to the green haired kid who is now been fully shown to properly for the first time. Ominously, he talks about how it’s time for the concert, which really gets you wondering, what in the world is this kid planning? And with a recap episode next week, I think it is safe to say Episode 11 is when the gears will finally be moving properly, which is more or less right on time. The only reason it feels like it has been longer was because the Pandemic forced the show off air for an entire month. Needless to say, I am excited for it.

Now traditionally, I don’t cover recap episodes on their own. The only time I do, is in situations like how YGO VRAINS did theirs sometimes, which was making it a hybrid, a mix of old and new. So I’ll watch it just in case they do something like that, but I don’t think they will since they pretty much formally announced it’s supposed to be a full blown recap, BUT TUNE IN BECAUSE THEY HAVE  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the episode. Honestly, I don’t think the announcement is necessarily tied to YGO SEVENS, if anything, I suspect it might actually be a movie reveal. Anyways, unless there is actually enough material for me to discuss, I will not be releasing an entry next week, and release it as a double-post, unless they decide to call it “Episode 9.5”, then I will exclude it from the count.

07.13.2020 NOTICE: Episode 10 will not air until August 8, 2020!


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3 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS Episode 9

  1. I also felt mixed watching this episode. First would be Kan’s name. His name, Hakubutsu Kan, is a pun for Hakubutsukan which means Museum in Japanese. And then the whole dinosaur thing. It reminds me when I was a child, I also like to look for something like that with my friends with our imagination and all. This episode sure reminds me of how it feels to be children.

    And we finally got to see more about the relic again. However, the way it was presented gave a supernatural feeling like DM, GX, and 5Ds. Since SEVENS took place in a distant modern future, I doubt it’ll have supernatural/fantasy element and it’ll stick to sci-fic like VRAINS. But I’m still open to the possibility in future episodes.

    The cute green haired boy is finally revealed! His appearance is what caught my attention the most than the rest of the episode. And now confirmed to be part of Romin’s band since his phone has the band’s logo! I wonder what he is thinking and his goal is having Romin spying for him.

    1. Well the more you know! Thanks for sharing the fun fact about Kan’s name! They are really going all out with the puns in this series hahaha!

      IKR? I kind of liked that it really brought back memories of how we used to be as kids, it’s endearing and nostalgic in a way. I was like that too, and i’d have a whole storyline going on for weeks at a time ahahahaha! It was fun to be able to freely play with our imaginations back then, it was definitely the time I have felt the most free.

      I wanted to see how long ago it has been since the Divine Element has been used, and it appears the last time we seen it was in the 5DS anime. So it would be pretty neat if they do decide to throw in some supernatural/fantasy flair into this story.

      Yeah I love the green haired boy’s design, but that smirk concerns me hahahaha! Just what on earth on they planning at this concert? Whatever it is, Goha is probably gonna flip.

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