And we’re off! We started off with the pre-race and things didn’t exactly go so well for Team Appare since they came in last, but it looks like things are going to get real bad for the rest of the racers with Gil’s group involved.

It was real fun seeing the race in the beginning, and we sort of got to see the styles and how people roll. Gil and TJ are way more reckless as we saw with the train, Appare as well and also not taking the main road as everyone else thanks to Hototo’s knowledge. They’re at a bit of a disadvantage because of how slow their car is, and it looked like they were going to be in the leading pack but a random red car got in their way and ruined everything. In the end, Gil ended up winning the $10k.

I don’t trust Richard one bit. I’m going to guess that he’s the one that killed Hototo’s dad, but I have no evidence I’m just saying whatever. The only evidence would be the scar on his neck, which we haven’t seen on him, and his clothes aren’t exactly covering his neck so I feel like it would have been more obvious. Still, the way he focused on Hototo was strange. Also I don’t believe the swerve in the beginning of the race was because an animal jumped in the way, it was definitely done on purpose. Kosame says he’s nice and Richard did kind of help him point out where Gil’s group was, but I still don’t trust him at all. Also it’s strange that we didn’t even get introduced to him until now, so I wonder if that’s significant.

Hototo gets himself in a bit of trouble when he goes after Gil’s group and gets caught listening in on their scheme for the race. Thankfully all they did was tie him up and toss him aside in a box and not…you know, kill him. Kosame pretending the little weasel thing was Hototo was so funny, even funnier that he actually brought it along with them and is still calling it Hototo. It even has the same hair as Hototo too so that’s great.

We’re already getting some shady business from Gil’s gang as they’re planning on using dynamite to close the path in Death Valley, as well as make a blockade to trap everyone and make them waste some time. The other racers are already stuck, but thankfully Hototo was able to reunite with the others and tell them about their plan.

Also, I’m glad that Appare is really starting to appreciate his friends more. As always he’s still kind of in his own world, just doing his thing and kind of ignoring the others unless they talk about something important or if it involves food. He seems to have a one-track mind and is totally focused on his car and improving it and winning this race. I’m still not sure whether or not Appare cares about the race because he wants to get back home to Japan (I still kind of doubt that), or if he just wants to prove himself to others. I don’t think Appare wants to become famous or anything, but I think he really wants to achieve something huge. It may seem selfish and his actions can be pretty selfish and cold, but he does seem to care about his crew because he ended up staying at the starting line while Kosame went out to look for Hototo. And he gave a real smile when he saw them return, so that’s something. Appare is still such a strange person but he’s pretty interesting.

Next we’ll really be starting the race and we’ll see how Appare and the other racers are going to deal with Gil and gang’s cheating bullcrap. Here we go!


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