YESSSSSSSSSSSS OUR GIRL ITSUKI IS FINALLY CURE SUNSHINE~ Man this episode was fantastic. It was so wonderfully presented, everything came together, but the thing that really stood out to me the most as it consistently has done from the very beginning, is the soundtrack. I was absorbing it like a sponge because it’s so good. The fight scenes were also a pleasure to watch, especially since we got to see Desertian-Satsuki use the Myoudouin Style, and man did he overwhelm the girls. It only made sense for Itsuki to be the one to take him down, and gracefully so!

This week Satsuki was due to undergo what is supposed to be a promising surgery that would help him walk again. While everyone is happy and excited for him, the truth is he is terrified of the process, and feels pressured not to show it, especially to Itsuki who has been working hard for his sake. In many respects Itsuki becoming Cure Sunshine connects her more deeply to her brother because he is someone who has always loved the sun, and she in return wants to protect the light in his heart. It was difficult for her to see him shut out the light, and when he needed the sun the most, unfortunately much like the state of his heart, it was hidden behind the clouds. As expected, he became that prime target, and the perfect trigger for Itsuki to finally join the Precure squad!

It was absolutely hysterical to see Potpourri not waste anymore time of seeking Itsuki out once she decided, yes she’s the one. The girls and the other two fairies tried their best to keep him under control but he managed to dupe them and went out to introduce himself. It was really funny how (as expected) Itsuki and Potpourri were smitten by each other. But when Potpourri made the offer to Itsuki to become a precure, she had actually declined. That’s because Potpourri made the wrong sale pitch. Yes, Itsuki wants to be cute and would love to wear the adorable outfits, but that’s not the most important thing in her heart, nor it is something Potpourri can uniquely provide to her. Potpourri’s specialty is protection/defense, and we saw when he opened his heart to Itsuki about the things he wanted to protect, the two were finally able to connect, and boy did it pull my heartstrings!

It was great to see Itsuki finally become a Precure. I love her fight style, her design is super cool and throughout her entire transformation I was crying, “ENJOY THAT LONG HAIR AND LOVELY OUTFIT GIRL~ YOU DESERVE IT!” I am not really sure how I would rank Tsubomi, Erika and Itsuki in terms of favourites because I like them all so much but for different reasons, so you could say they are all number one in my book, hahahaha! It took a while, but I can finally appreciate my sunshine!

Last point before I wrap it up, I have complained about Sasorina being a fairly passive villain for a while now, so it was nice to see her creepy side make a comeback. It was also good to see her use her hair as a weapon again, something we haven’t seen in a while. It annoys me that they didn’t allow her to use it more often. But let’s be real here: you would think Sasorina is in big trouble now because she has failed from capturing the fairies and preventing a new Precure from being born not once, not twice, but three times on her watch. I can’t remember if they kept her around after this, but it doesn’t change the fact it still leaves me with the impression, ‘She really no longer has a place amongst the Desertian Generals’. She is that General, you would expect to be axed by now.

Next week, the fight isn’t over with the Heart Tree in danger, but luckily the girls have reinforcement this time when they go up against the Dark Precure, and a strong one to boot because Itsuki already knows how to fight! Talk about perfect timing for an addition, or maybe we should say it’s more a clutch considering they might have been in a really bad spot if they hadn’t. Until then, see you next week!


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