Wow, what a comeback! They still have a bit to go, but I’m feeling hyped up after this episode. This week we got to spend a lot more time focusing on Kuzu High’s personal growth and convictions – I don’t really know where to start!

Well, let’s just in and start with Kite as he helps start the turn of the game’s tide. At the end of the previous episode, we are finally told why Kite has been holding back during this game. He’s been building up his fury, because for him, that’s where he can target his skill and let it all release. He’s a wild and uncontrolled player, but to be able to gather up that anger and frustration and turn it in to focus is honestly a pretty impressive skill. And what’s equally as impressive is that Kite is able to do it all while fatigued. What’s more, is that Kite is no longer trying to play as a one-man team. While he is the one to help turn the tide and help the team regain confidence, he is starting to utilize and help his teammates. In this episode, he mainly helps Yasu ground himself in the match. Even though their interaction was short, I appreciated the two of them having a brief chat on the court … well it was mostly Kite talking at Yasu, while Yasu thinks to himself… but it seems in that moment, that Yasu wants to take responsibility and improve for himself and the team. Arguably, he wanted that from the beginning of the game, but I think Kite actually speaking to him in a way that wasn’t blame really helped to clear Yasu’s head and bring about a clearer conviction.

Speaking of Yasu, I’m really impressed that he was able to hold his ground to stay in the game. Yeah, he doesn’t have the height of Mokichi and perhaps the team would have benefited in switching him out, but I really appreciate the reasoning that was given for him to stay in the game. Everyone on the team wants to win this game, they all have something important riding on the game’s success. For Yasu, and honestly Momoharu, it’s their way of taking responsibility for what has happened. I love that the reasoning is phrased as “wanting to change the game with his own strength and not borrowing from someone else”. To me, that’s Yasuhara wanting to prove how much the team and sport mean to him and he wants to prove himself to everyone else. He’s not just there to cause problems and he can and will help the team how he can. Now, I don’t necessarily think he was completely able to achieve his goal of changing the game entirely by himself, but he was able to change the game with Momoharu, who also feels the need to prove himself to everyone else. It was a really cool movement watching Yasu take the shot and having Momoharu finish the Basket for him. It made me feel really proud of both of them!

But I do think that real star of this episode is Chiaki. A focused and serious Chiaki is also an incredibly cool Chiaki. I think his moments in this episode were different to the others because they were expressed through another person’s point of view. You weren’t really expecting Chiaki to be there, but there he was. I really love when we get serious moments from Chiaki, because it further emphasizes that he’s not just a class clown. Like everyone else, he’s been training incredibly hard, he does so by heading over to Mokichi’s house everyday (eating all his food) and practicing. But what’s even more impressive is that Chiaki is able to bring out things in others. Yeah, he’s not the most physically impressive player on the court, but he’s calculating and sets up situations to let other players shine. In this episode we see that Sora is height is unfortunately an incredible weakness to the team (despite having brand new players) and Sora needs to find a way to improve to overcome that “short”coming. Sora of course, works hard to be able to make shots as quickly as possible, but Chiaki is able to provide him with the best set up for those shots. By providing those low passes, Sora gets to the ball in the lowest position and can immediately spring up into his jump. Those few seconds really make a big difference.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. We got fun and intense moments both on and off the court, and it really seems that the audience is getting invested in the game. I kind of wish that the teachers who left would come back, but honestly, it’s their loss for calling it quits early. I’m interested in next week’s episode; the title seems a little bit off – but I think they were probably going with the motif of a flightless bird? Or perhaps they do mean to turn Sora into a duck. Either way, I’m excited to keep this game going and see what next week will bring!!


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  1. BluBlu

    Hello. This time I decided to strike before the procrastination spirit come and get me XD (Jokes aside, I have really posted that comment on Friday but don’t know what happened so I have waited for avoiding a double post).

    First, a little “Taisho secret” (sorry, wrong anime). Some manga chapters are named based for instance on songs title. And that is the case for the title of that episode which is a song by…Acidman! (yeah the group singing the actual opening. You can even find the video of “a certain proof” on their youtube account with the Japanese name: ある証明). Actually, the manga author is fan of music/electric guitar (one of the reason why Nao and Tokiwa are guitar players) and a huge fan of “The pillows” who were singing the first opening (that is probably the only time that he said something positive about that anime. LoL).

    So, regarding the episode. This is funny how I saw many positive comments (maybe because there was no Madoka? Lol. BTW, August 31st was her birthday). Me, as usual, my manga reader mind was biased. But, I should say that once again, I praise the voice actors in that series. In particular the one for Chiaki. He’s nailing all the flavors of that multi-facet character and when he shifts in serious mode. And yeah, I appreciate that he’s not a genius but a hard-worker. And while I like to complain about the anime, I should say once again that my frustration is bigger because on another end, they like to nail some minor details which I appreciate as I didn’t even note myself. For instance, the different ornaments in Nao’s hair. I know that it may sound ridiculous but I find it funny and appreciate it.

    So, is it the come-back? Will they reverse it? On that matter, how do you think that it will end? Huge loss? Short victory? Short loss? Or even crazier as usual with that series, huge victory? At the end, they mentioned here the fact Kite actually trained last night with Karasawa (the college guy. Even this is a bit different of the manga version). Regarding your answer last time, I am surprised that you did not mention Fuwa as the best player. That is interesting…

    Regarding the next episode title, your guess is correct. But no, Sora will not become a duck (Chiaki is a magician but not that kind. XD). The thing is, indeed, your first guess is closed to be correct (once again, “oracle”). But, “Ahiru no Sora” is indeed the correct title but it does not mean what it means.

    1. Quietcupcake

      Hello! Now it’s time for me to post the late reply :p

      Ahh, that’s super neat! I’ll definitely have to go through and listen to more songs by “Acidman” and “The Pillows”. Acidman is the group doing the current opening right? Based off of that I think I’ll enjoy checking out their other songs! I forget that Nao and Tokiwa are guitar players but knowing that they are because the manga author enjoys it. (I think it’s also neat that both Acidman & The Pillows were able to provide openings for the series!)

      oh! Happy belated Birthday Madoka! It is interesting how the general enjoyment of an episode seems to depend on whether or not Madoka is in an episode recently, but I’m sure the payoff of her story will be really nice! And yeah! The voice actors do a fantastic job of expressing their characters and I can really appreciate it with Chiaki’s VA because of the shifts that he goes through!

      It’s tough to make a call on how I think it’s going to end, but as right now I think it’s going to be a Short Loss. As of right now, I think there are definitely going to be surges between the teams. Kuzu is going to find their rhythm and narrow the gap between the two, then Taiei is going buckle down and regain their lead. I still can’t put my finger on it, but something about Fuwa doesn’t… quite sit right with me. I’m not sure if it’s his attitude towards the game especially at the beginning of this match, but I do think he has the potential to be the best player. He just hasn’t unlocked that yet. Perhaps more… a diamond in the rough who needs to be polished up a bit. 🙂

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