I wasn’t sure what was going to happen because the show made it seem like Kosame was as good as gone but they certainly got me. They did a great job in making the episode feel so solemn but I guess they didn’t want to torture us or Appare any longer and I appreciate that.

The biggest thing to discuss for me would be Appare and his breakdown. First of all, I have to give mad props to Hanae Natsuki’s performance because it was just amazing. Honestly, Hanae is just so incredibly talented that he can move me to tears really easily because he’s just that good. Another performance of his got me emotional very recently so…he’s just great. But Appare as a character has gone through such a rough arc, getting in tune with his emotions like he’s never done before. Appare was seeing a difference in himself that he wasn’t quite understanding because it wasn’t logical. This foreign idea comes back in full force as he can’t comprehend why Kosame would take the bullet and risk death. Appare falls into a depression, and this is probably the first time in his life he’s ever felt so much anger, sadness, confusion, and guilt all at the same time. He doesn’t know how to process it, he doesn’t know what to do so all he can do is break down and sob. This whole scene really encapsulates how important Kosame’s existence is in Appare’s life, even if Appare himself has never really shown it. He sees him as his friend and cares about him, and I can’t even imagine how Appare would have reacted if Kosame had actually died.

It also says a lot that Appare was ready to build him a steamboat back to Japan, since he knows how much Kosame wants to go back. I also found it pretty interesting that Appare didn’t mention “we” and just Kosame, even if Appare held onto the necklace his sister gave him while he sobbed. I had a strong feeling that Appare was never going to go back to Japan, but what Kosame tells him in the hospital room really reinforces it.

First off, Kosame’s speech was very sweet and empowering. Even if they lose the race, there’s still other means to reach out and make a change. Gil may have ruined their cars but this new technology, a blood transfusion, was enough to foil his plan of taking Kosame out. It’s a piece of medical technology that they had no idea even existed, and there’s still so many things out there that can be possible. Appare is a born inventor, he’s already invented things like his segway and using both steam and gas for his car. Appare can make such a huge difference with that brain of his, and I feel like if he went back to Japan those amazing possibilities would be taken away. How far can he go? Appare can’t depend on others to make that decision for him, he needs to face this uncertainty head-on. Man, Kosame is just great. It made me pretty happy to see Appare get reinvigorated, and join the other racers to fix their cars and go after Gil. Also, it was adorable when Appare gave the doctor a pat on the shoulder and told him he was an amazing man. <3

Another thing this episode that surprised me was the actual relationship between Dylan and TJ. Here I thought they were just rivals that are kind of friends and can’t stand each other, but from that flashback it seemed like they were way closer and were actual friends, this friendship getting strained when they knew they both had feelings for Claudia (with Dylan being chosen). There’s guilt on Dylan’s part, and some insecurity on TJ’s part when it comes to his strength, and it was pretty nice seeing this scene with them. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it really adds to their relationship and characters.

Judging from the preview, it looks like we’re going to be getting back into the action. I don’t think the group is going to take down Gil so easily next time, so I wonder how the last two episodes will go. Let’s hope Sofia is safe and sound.


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