Fugou Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED Episode 9

Things slowly move along to reach the intense ending as they finally are in Shigemaru’s grasps, though it’s not looking well for Daisuke or even Haru. I’m not sure what Shigemaru is going to do with them.

I knew it was significant when the show zoomed in on one of the die Cho-san left behind. Turns out that the one he left works as a wire tap, and the other he left behind he put it on Shigemaru’s person so they could track him. The spinning app thing was also a huge help too, which was pretty clever. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain, Cho-san!

It was great to see Modern Crimes actually helping out in their own way since they haven’t really done much until now. And dammit I knew the grandmother knew more than we thought. At this point she’s very much an accomplice in all this, solely based on the fact that she knew Shigemaru was alive all this time and she kept that secret all to herself. We still don’t really know if she knows everything about this mess, but the fact that she said that Shigemaru had his reasons for doing what he did says that might know something and I’m surprised that Daisuke didn’t question her about it. Also wow, I know mothers want to protect their child but he’s a straight up murderer. Come the hell on lady. :/

I’m glad that Hoshino has come around on the whole Haru thing and they’re working together now. We went fully in depth with Haru’s incident at the bank and how it really affected him mentally. The woman at the bank ended up being an accomplice, but she and the robber were using a toy gun so there never really was any danger. However, in the heat of the moment I don’t really blame Haru for shooting, actually no one blamed him. The thing is, people react to things differently and taking a life is a huge deal that I feel like some people truly don’t understand. Haru probably felt immense guilt about the woman’s death upon learning that it was a toy gun that was pointed at him and it messed with him so much mentally that he ended up running away, not being able to take the responsibility of the case or even using a gun. Even at the end when he saw Daisuke in danger he still couldn’t pull the trigger to help him. He seems to be changing and wanting to truly be who he’s always wanted to be, but he still has that mental and psychological block. I’m sure he’ll be put in a situation veeeery soon where he’ll have to face this fear again, but we’ll see.

The characters are able to track down Shigemaru and Daisuke isn’t stopping himself from putting himself in very obvious dangerous situations. He’s completely set on getting to his father no matter what, giving up his badge and doing things on his own accord. This is the most reckless we’ve ever seen Daisuke and I feel like he’s being a little too reckless. Even when he has the crazy technology and can make himself into Black Panther he’s still by himself (with Haru who only has a gun). The adollium has rendered him completely useless now and it’s not looking good for him. And evil Russian man that looks like an older Viktor from Yuri on Ice has this insane…laser gun thing? I couldn’t help but laugh when Shigemaru told him not to kill Daisuke, but he has this ridiculous laser thing. I don’t think that huge thing is a simple taser that’ll just stun him but anyway, the silly James Bond technology in this makes no sense and it just reminded me of the wackiness from the first chunk of the show.

He’s literally just Viktor…

There’s only two episodes left to get to Shigemaru and learn everything about this case and this strange adollium substance. The characters are in a bind so it’s shaping up to be an intense finish!


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