Before I say anything else…

(●´∀`)ノ   XIALIAN   ❤   ❤   ❤

I love her, I love her so much!!! She’s the best~!

This episode was the typical “save the hostages/friend!” episode. Everyone’s cars get repaired and the racers all come together to come up with a plan to deal with Gil. Instead of waiting for the police to arrive, which would take too long, the racers unanimously agree that they all will go ahead themselves (with Seth). Everyone splits up into pairs and they all head out to find Gil and save Sofia, while fighting back against Gil’s henchmen.

That’s basically the gist of the episode and there’s not too much else to say. The episode was more or less the same as Fugou Keiji’s episode where it was mainly action, but I found this episode to be much more fun and entertaining. The characters themselves are just loads of fun, and their different methods of teamwork was a joy to watch. We were able to see everyone’s skills shine as they fought off their enemies, and they all made great teams. I find it so cute that Tristan and Hototo have grown into a newly founded brother relationship, and the way Tristan continuously bodied and suplexed a dude to save him was both sweet and hilarious. This show is insane. Seth played his part well, and so did Chase with his fake death, and Kosame and Appare make a great pair as well. Appare’s electric net for this time period, again, is freaking amazing. I swear, he can easily make millions with that brain of his.

And while I can gush about Xialian (and Al did great too), I really have to hand it to Sofia. I’m not sure how much time has passed since she was kidnapped, but she’s a trooper. She’s probably gotten very minimal food and water, and she’s been chained down this entire time probably at that very same spot. What’s worse is that she has to be so close to kill, and she had to watch the hostages get killed right in front of her, and then again when Gil mercilessly killed one of his own men. After experiencing all this and even being choked herself, it’s a miracle that she still has the strength to even look at this crazy man.

We’ve been baited with death twice, though Chase’s was pretty obvious. Those gunshots at the end don’t give me a good feeling, but I even wonder if this show will ever give us a significant character’s death. We’ve seen lots of people get killed in these last few episodes, and Gil is a violent lunatic that doesn’t have trouble killing anyone so I wonder if we’ll get any type of death. With how colorful and silly this show can be, and the fact that we’ve been baited before with Kosame makes me think that probably not. However, I don’t think Gil is going to be holding back this time, especially when everyone is going to gang up on him.

With next week being the finale, I’m still scratching my head with how it’s gonna go. There’s no way the show is going to completely end like this. Take down Gil in one episode and finish the race, just like that? I’m still holding on hope that we’ll get getting another season, or OVA’s or something because there’s still many more things that need to get done.


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