So we continue where we left off last episode where both Natsume and Deca-Dence are being attacked by Hugin and the bug Gadoll respectably. And while I’m glad that Natsume survived the ordeal (though come on, we knew she’d make it out of it somehow), I’m a bit disappointed that Kaburagi had to save her… again. And while I understand that Natsume literally had no chance to beat Hugin, but I wish she at least got away from him on her own. Though I admit it was some pretty quick thinking to jump into his other avatar to deal a surprise blow against Hugin. And it was hilarious that Natsume literally always has to accidentally punch Kaburagi every time they reunite.

With Natsume safe for the time being, we shift over to Deca-dence vs the giant bug Gadoll. It is interesting how Jill explained how this thing came to be a bug in the first place how the stress of dying must have triggered something inside it. And from what we’ve seen, the stress of being abused by that one specific gear definitely added to that. Also, the fact that the system believed it could control everything seems very naive since nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, especially in life. Anyways, with the last two Deca-Dence punches we’ve seen being successful, I knew this next punch wasn’t going to end it. It would have been too simple. The stakes needed to be raised! And I will say that it looked absolutely terrifying ripping one of the fists off Deca-dence. But man, when it shoved Deca-dence back, I was terrified for the people inside. Every time Deca-dence gets attacked and is threatened to tip over or just get hit by a beam of some kind, I get anxious because I know it effects the livelihood of the people inside. So I’m thankful it didn’t get tipped over after being punched.

We also see the main space ship get involved for the first time as it tries and fire a beam down at the Gadoll. Only for that plan to blow up in its face, literally when the Gadoll sprouts freaking wings and sends a power beam back at it. And since that failed, they resorted to just closing the spacial compression field on them, killing everything that touches it… JUST LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES. Ahem, anyways, that means they’re essentially sacrificing the last remaining humans to get rid of this bug. So now there are even bigger stakes at play. Though I guess I can’t completely disagree with this method because the Gadoll just got 2000% worse when the freaking thing suddenly started multiplying and I just sat there watching going: EWWWWWWWW!!!! I had a feeling it would do that and I hate that I was right.

The only way to fight back against this thing is apparently to link up to Deca-dence and use it as an avatar according to Jill. Which is like, wow, where did that come from??? But then we finally learn just what the deal with Jill was and why she’s so knowledgeable in hacking Deca-dence. She’s one of the original cyborgs that developed Deca-dence’s core, which is how she knew so many ins and outs. But of course Kaburagi agrees to be the one to hook up his mind into Deca-dence to put a stop to the Gadoll. I’m still wondering if Kaburagi is going to survive this ordeal since he’s put so much into goal and we all know he’s going to go way past his limits in order to beat that giant thing if the opening is any indication.

Also, I know I’m a broken record about this, but I just love how Kaburagi and Natsume’s bond has developed. When the two had separate missions, Kaburagi trusted Natsume to be fine on her own for the first time instead of insisting she’d go somewhere safe or go with her. Not only that, but Natsume wholeheartedly trusted Kaburagi in whatever he was doing without questioning it, knowing it’s something only he can do. Their mutual trust was put on full display in that moment and it was wonderful.

Also can we just quickly talk about how hilarious that scene with Kaburagi driving by Natsume in his real body. I don’t know why, but that cracked me up so hard. Maybe it’s because I can’t take his little cyborg body seriously lol.

Did I call it with Minato or did I freaking call it?! I knew he wouldn’t fully understand why Kaburagi was doing what he was doing, but I also knew he wouldn’t go against him and it was touching to see him agree to help out even if it’s just because it gives him the chance to fight alongside Kaburagi again. And I was right about Minato being essentially the midpoint between Fei and Trukey’s resolutions. Minato didn’t know where he stood since he saw the problems with the system but also depended on it. And I like that the two were never true enemies and were just friends with different perspectives. And even though they never quite saw eye-to-eye, they still respected the other to help each other out when needed. I do find it interesting that while Fei and Turkey never got what they wanted in the end, but Minato did. Which was just to fight alongside Kaburagi once again. But man, I’m ready to see those two in action.

This episode was great. Predictable at times, but gave me so many feels from so many different bonds. I was also given what I was waiting  so long for: The moment where Natsume sees Kaburagi in his real body. While she didn’t realize it was him, it was still great for her to meet and interact with the other cyborgs. While that scene felt a little weird considering there is a giant battle going on, it was still cute as heck. I’ve wanted this moment for so long and it was worth it. Next week is the series finale and I’m both worried and excited to see how they wrap it up. Will it be a decent ending or a train wreck. Though so far, the series has continued strong so I have hope. Guess we’ll just have to find out~


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