After having amazing episodes one after another, I am a little disappointed to say that this episode was pretty underwhelming. Even when it was totally action-based, I wasn’t into it like I was with previous episodes. There were small moments I suppose, but this episode definitely felt like one of those cheesy popcorn-action flicks crossed with a Marvel movie.

When I say it felt like a Marvel movie at times, I’m mostly referring to the insane technology that we saw this episode. The lasers, which there were many of hidden inside the metal carriers, as well as the drones that we’re used to, and that damn hoverbike. I’ve mentioned this before but the technology in this show can really take me out of the show sometimes, such as that VR technology that was used on Takei. Just seeing Shigemaru fly off on the hoverbike all willynilly was so silly and strange that I couldn’t help but laugh. Most of the sudden technology and gadgets from this episode cracked me up, and that Black Panther outfit came back so that was the icing on the cake. I know I probably should be used to it by now but it’s still a little too outrageous if you ask me.

And when I say cheesy popcorn-action flick, I meant everything else. The action and dialogue really felt like one of those cheesy Hollywood action movies that you’re supposed to turn your brain off to and just…watch. Nothing too huge happened, things just went from one place to another, boom boom boom, here we go, then we go here, we get those emotional moments, then the villain escapes somehow. Which…the ship was exploding and sinking, I don’t think slowly approaching your killer father was too wise. Also, they really should have anticipated that he would have used HEUSC against them since he’s been doing this all this time, denying Daisuke access and whatnot.

I suppose the one thing I can at least mention is both Haru and Daisuke’s growth? Mostly Haru to be honest, though Daisuke had his moment of going back to acting as a cop after he had denounced his badge before. I guess that at least shows that he does respect the time he’s spent as a cop, and in turn respects Haru. When it comes to Haru, he was finally able to face his fear and finally shoot his gun. I guess it was pretty nice of Daisuke to say that Haru’s been a hero this whole time, even when he didn’t think that himself. And it’s true, while Haru may not have seen himself as the hero he envisioned himself to be, he still acted like one in his own way. He just needed to face this fear and believe in himself. I know that we’ve seen Haru and Daisuke interact before, but I think this was one of the few times where it was warm and emotional.

This might sound a little mean, but from the beginning of the show to now I feel like their relationship has mostly been the same. I’d say there’s been a bit of change because I feel like they both actually care about each other and respect each other, whereas in the beginning neither of them really understood each other and only saw the other as a bit of a pain in the ass. But hmm…I should feel more attached to their friendship but for some reason I feel like there’s something missing from caring more than I should. Maybe because when they do work together, I feel like Daisuke does the most (because of his money and tech). And maybe because I also felt like they had more significant moments for their characters when they were separate from each other. I guess?

Well, next time will be the finale. Shigemaru’s escaped to the laboratory and Daisuke and Haru are going to confront him there. Another complaint I’ll have to give is that we’re going to get all that Shigemaru has to offer next time, for the finale. I feel like we really needed to spend more time with him and I’m not sure if getting his reasoning for the murders and the discovery of adollium and what he planned to do with it will be satisfactory enough for one episode. Probably another reason why I thought this episode was a little disappointing. Still, I’ll continue to look forward to the finale next week~

Oh, and there was butt fanservice for some reason. Not much else to say lol


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