Oh god, everything went from 0 to 100 in the speed of light this week, and I can’t tell you have stressed out I was watching this. The first five minutes were so hard to watch because even though I barely know these Xenos, just the little things, like Foh trying to make Wiene smile, and the Harpy trying to cheer her up made them all so precious. I almost burst into tears when they killed Foh, and I was so distressed when those bloody creeps wanted to put their hands on Ranieh. Although I wished she was never put in the position to feel the need to take her own life, I am so glad she did, after spitting venom of those low-lives. It was even more painful to see Wiene get hurt, our precious sunshine who deserves nothing but love from the world. The trauma instilled into her as her comrades were murdered in cold blood. The whole scene was incredibly violent, and gruesome to watch.

Now that the group was mostly murdered and a few like Wiene were captured, Gros arrives to the scene only to see the remains and scars of battle. He already despised Humans to begin with, and this tragedy was enough to set him into fit of rage and despair, calling for retribution and vengeance on their fallen kins. Lyd tried his best to calm him, but it was no use. Gros has no hope in the dreams of co-existence with Humans, especially not after this.

Perhaps the most alarming and stressful part of this development was how the Ikelos Familia were shrewd enough to have another way into the dungeon. This path is outside of Fel’s radar, no while he was constantly keeping an eye out for their presence, he never seen them enter or exit the dungeon. It was especially agonizing with how they were unaware of the developments taking place in the dungeon, not until Fels realized he lost contact with Lyd, and soon enough they learn of the bloodbath that has transpired at Livira by the Adventurers who managed to escape Gros’ and his gang’s wrath.

And I am kind of glad we were spared of the horrific events that undoubtedly transpired there. It was already hard enough watching the monsters be killed. I really didn’t need to see more, though we’re certainly on the path to the more gruesome and undoubtedly violent battles we have seen in the series thus far, so I am trying to mentally prepare for that. Fortunately this series has never been super gory in its visuals, though that may change in the foreseen future as the battles become more intense.

In response to chaotic events, we see how conflicting orders and response created not only confusion, but suspicion around Ouranos’ intentions. Upon the news of the attack, the Guild Master made the city-wide emergency announcement of the Guild issuing an official mission to have Adventurers expend every effort to exterminate the monsters which attacked Livira. But they were then promptly cut off and was forced to change the order to forbidding all citizens, including Adventurers from entering the dungeon, while Familias are told to remain on standby. The only exception is the Ganesha Familia, who is being sent as a suppression force, with orders to capture, not kill the Xenos. This mission is formed with the intent to sneak Bell into the Dungeon to investigate the cause of their agitation after they had lost contact with them, then report back.

I really feel for Bell, because he is being put into this impossible situation where he is forced to pick sides and make hard choices with little to no time to think about it. Of course there is also the decision made by the heart, and we see the choice has already been made with how conscious he has become of killing monsters, even those who are not part of Xenos’ fraction. But what weighs Bell down is the fact his actions and decisions on this affair will affect his Familia. And that’s the hard part. You could see the way his heart broke in two when Ais said she would not hesitate to kill the monster, even if they had emotions and weren’t different from them. It was clear at that moment, he was hoping for Ais, the one he aspires to be and exceed, to either agree or provide a different answer that he could too pursue.

Needless to say, once Bell learns that Wiene has been abducted, and the cold-blooded murder of their kins, all fears of the consequences for his actions will likely be thrown out the window.

But it is due to the sheer weight of responsibility on Bell’s shoulders that Hermes and Hestia both are both rightfully concerned about Ouranos’ mission. I think it was wise of Hermes to have Asfi go collect intel and send Aisha (who has recently joined his familia) to seek out Ryu to provide Bell support. While Ryu might have agreed anyways, she was onboard the moment she heard that Ikelos (a familia rumored to be connected to the faction, Evilus) was involved.

In all, this was a gruesome, but also an incredible episode. It is exciting to see so much action and the pace move so fast, but not to the point it overwhelms you. But man, I am itching for the next episode, because not only are we going to get the chance to see the Ganesha Familia in action, but I am excited to see how everything will unfold!

Extra Note: I would like to make a correction regarding the blue harpy. Last week I said it was Rei who was the victim as the bait, but it was not (she is alive and well). It was just another Xenos Harpy who bears resemblance of her. I went back and revised the article to prevent further confusion!


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