Action, action, and action! Lots of action in this episode! Not much to say other than that as the executioners found out about their Shinkansen plan somehow and infiltrated it to attack them. Unfortunately Master was the only one that did the most work as Pupil had the hardest time getting knocked out all the time. Also, shoutout to Doctor who actually did something this episode.

I think the most interesting part this episode was the ending! I was wondering about those two children from the OP and how they would come in, and here they are. I certainly didn’t think a child was controlling Cat, and I certainly didn’t think children would be in the vault. It raises lots of questions of what the hell all of this even means, but we got a little bit of a hint when Cat angrily retorted Hacker calling Kanto a utopia. It seems that that may not be true at all, and the two kids seem to be very familiar with Kanto somehow. Well, they both are knowledgeable about a lot of things considering they were the ones controlling Cat and coming up with such an insane plan and gathering a bunch of dangerous people to help. Also makes me wonder if these two kids are Akudama as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. Not exactly normal that a little girl has a special flute that can create a protective barrier around them from the toxins of the Absolute Quarantine Zone.

It was pretty surprising that there were passenger carts, since they made it sound like the Shinkansen only transported objects and such from both districts. So it’s normal for people to travel in it? With the two kids as the cargo…I’m not even sure what to think? Is it human trafficking? There’s a hidden human trafficking thing going on? Or they’re sending these kids to Kanto for some other big reason? Kanto supposedly isn’t a utopia so what exactly are they hiding? Their mission definitely isn’t over because it feels like they were thrown into something bigger than they all expected, whatever it is.

Other than that, the episode was pretty fun. I’m glad the animation went back to being better looking this time, and the fights were just fun to watch. Maybe a little repetitive with the dialogue but fun to see them sort of work together. I’m wondering if the Executioners are ever going to get a win, such as actually killing or arresting one of them. Brawler’s wound was pretty bad but seeing as how things were going well and we still have Doctor around, I knew he was going to be okay. I wonder if they’ll actually kill off some of the Akudama…

Also, again, Swindler is seriously part of the team now. She worries about the others and wants to accomplish her mission, so if she didn’t have anything to her name before she definitely does now. A fun episode as usual, I’m super excited for next week’s based on this ending. So many questions, I’m wondering where the story is going to go from here!


Considering Cutthroat loves red so much, I’m surprised he doesn’t go on a killing spree more.


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