Now, I know I didn’t talk about how Devimon intends to corrupt the Digitama in the last post, because I figured I could talk about it in this post. Though it probably would have been better to at least address it briefly, but here we are with Skullknightmon taking custody of Angemon’s Digitama. While Angemon’s sacrifice was very touching, it definitely made him more susceptible to being taken back, which he was. I do hope that they can rescue him before he is corrupted because having him die again in front of Takeru would just feel like too much. But considering how much power Takeru’s crest of Hope seems to have, even if Angemon does get corrupted, I’m sure Takeru will be able to save him without having him to die again.

Taichi and Yamato are able to make it to Devimon’s castle thanks to Leomon and the others. And can I just say how much I’m thankful that the mans is still alive… for now at least. Hopefully it stays that way. Anyways, the castle bodyguard rises from the miasma and right away it proves to be a problem with its body being poisonous. I had to look up what exactly is going on with Splashmon and found that it is indeed an Ultimate, which is why Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon had trouble with it and their champion forms had no effect on it. Though to be fair, Eyesmon as a Champion gave three Ultimate level Digimon trouble.

But man, this episode had to be one of the most brutal episodes yet. Not only was Splashmon either corroding or corrupting Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon just by touching them, but it literally bit into Metalgreymon’s non metal arm and started slamming him into the ground like a ragdoll. Like, I don’t know about you, but seeing that was just terrifying. If this wasn’t a kid’s show, I’m pretty sure it would have ripped off Metalgreymon’s arm. And then to top it all off, it tried to pull Metalgreymon into the miasma, which would most likely just instantly kill him. When Taichi jumped in to try and pry Splashmon’s mouth off of Metalgreymon, I got so scared when his hands started burning. This had to be the second time so far in this series where there were some pretty heavy stakes where the kids get severely hurt like that.

Taichi’s courage inspired Metalgreymon to keep going and it just makes me love the partnership between the kids and their Digimon even more. In the original series, it felt like it was only the Digimon that helped the kids grow, but here, it feels like it goes both ways. If not for Taichi’s courageous act, Metalgreymon would most likely have just given up and be pulled into the miasma. I do really like that the emotional states directly effect the Digimon’s power and Taichi’s crest of courage definitely shone in this moment, giving the partnership more meaning and weight. It makes it so their partnership doesn’t just allow them to evolve, it grants them extra abilities and the metallic cannon that Taichi’s courage gave Metalgreymon was just freaking awesome.

And while this could have been a deus ex machina moment, considering how the partnership was set up, it feels very much justified in this moment and well earned. Also it was just too epic for me not to enjoy. However, I do hope that ALL of the kids are able to do something like this for their Digimon and not just Taichi. Because if Taichi is the only one getting power-ups like this, THEN I’ll have a problem. Though judging from the preview for next episode and the hint of Koshiro wondering if Kabuterimon can achieve something like this, gives me hope that it’s not just a Taichi and Agumon thing.

Takeru gave me so much anxiety this episode. Despite being warned to stay safe and away from the fight, he goes and climbs down a dark and mysterious hole that is oozing with miasma. I wish we got to see more of Takeru’s headspace or at least a little more personality than just going straight into the hole. Like, what even lead him to risk his life by climbing down? The boy nearly fell into the miasma which would have instantly killed him. WHAT ARE YOU DOING BOY?! Though I guess it was ultimately for the best since he was able to release Eldoradimon from its constraints, giving the kids access to Devimon’s castle. Though it is very weird this Digimon is essentially just a vessel. Not the biggest fans of those kind of Digimon but I digress.

With Splashmon defeated and Eldoradimon released, Taichi, Yamato and Takeru descend into what I can imagine is the level before the “final boss” to go save Angemon’s Digitama. I do wish that the others could join them for this, but it seems like they have yet another Digimon Adventure movie type of scenario happening on their end. Guess I’ll just have to wait and find out how they’ll pull this off. Also, I got WAY more excited than I should have when it revealed that the Digimon roaming around in net WAS Calmaramon. Frontier was my JAM in High School so I’ll always have a soft spot for it even if it’s not that good lol. Though I must say, Digimon really like to try and drive things into Tokyo, don’t they? It really is feeling a bit like Megaman NT Warrior with Digimon viruses causing things to go out of control in the human world and whatnot. They have to be careful though since they’re facing a bunch of Algomon YET AGAIN.

I really liked this episode. With the upped stakes and how much the partnership between the chosen kids and their Digimon really effect one another, this series has definitely been growing on me a lot. There are also a lot of details that I really appreciated through out the episode. I don’t know if this was Takeru’s theme, but the music in the moment where all hope seemed to be lost as he finds the trapped Digimon was just… chef’s kiss. That track sparked so much emotion in that moment and I loved it. It literally felt like the track was saying that not all hope was lost. I’m a sucker for emotional tracks like that. I nearly teared up not gonna lie. I also really like the detail of once Greymon finishes his evolution, he runs off towards the screen, which then cuts back to the action. It makes it feel as if the evolution is part of the fight and not its own separate thing and I love it. And while I did really like the cannon arm that Metalgreymon got, I may have gotten way too excited at the prospects of Wargreymon making his debut. Sadly that was not the case, but I am glad that they’re taking their time to introduce the megas and instead are adding new abilities to the ultimates.

On a side note, we get to see a little bit of Mimi and Joe’s home life. As expected, Mimi’s home life is very wealthy and comfortable with a very happy family. But I do respect that despite her cushy life, she still sees the importance of her role as a chosen and goes to meet up with the others after taking her first shower in what I assume days lol. You take that shower Mimi. You deserve it. Not to mention she even goes on to say how grateful she is to even have these things. And I think it’s very telling that her mom states that it’s normal, but I’m glad that Mimi recognizes how fortunate she is and takes the time to be grateful for what she has. Even her grandfather seems to realize that she had changed a bit. On Joe’s side, he got scolded like crazy by his parents, but his older brother seemed to sense a change in Joe and supports him. Even helping him out by giving him a “runaway pack.” And while I’m not the biggest Joe fan in this iteration, I do respect that he does see the importance of being a chosen and is actively taking part of it now.

There are a lot of things going on right now in the series, but with the new developments, I’m excited to see how everything plays out.


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