Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 23

Not quite sure how I feel about this episode as a whole, but it’s certainly something. While I didn’t get the backstory to Devimon and Angemon’s past friendship, I’m still eager to see if this very interesting information will be explained. Though taking a look at Devimon’s evolutionary line, he does come from the same line as Angemon (which is interesting), so maybe they grew up together and went completely different routes in life? I’m really eager to find out.

As I expected, Devimon turned out to be a powerful Digimon that was able to fend both Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon like it was nothing, nearly sending them to a state of deletion with each hit. And it was honestly terrifying to see that his attacks slice through rock as if it were nothing and it just gave me a sense of dread that if he grazed any one of these kids, they would be dead if not severely injured. If he had attacked vertically at any point, Taichi, Yamato and Takeru would all be done for. And man, him being able to pull attacks from the miasma around them is pretty terrifying as well. Though I’m surprised that despite all the devastating blows, both Weregarurumon and Metalgreymon never reverted back to their rookie stages despite having reverted back due to less brutal blows.

Speaking of brutal, the part where Calmaramon grabbed Birdramon, Togemon and Kabuterimon and sprayed an acidic mist on them was… well, brutal. I can’t even imagine how painful that must have felt to be exposed to something that was essentially melting you and you just had to sit there and take it.

Everything felt really hopeless with Devimon having Taichi and Yamato pinned while Calmaramon did with the others. (And I’m sure someone freaking died in that one boat that exploded) But with Takeru there wielding the crest of Hope, of course he’d turn the tides with Poyomon evolving into Tokomon which dispersed the miasma mist surrounding them. But wow did they give Tokomon an upgrade from the previous series. The Angemon line from from baby to Patamon were very weak fighting-wise, but now the freaking Digimon in its baby form can clear away the miasma and obliterate freaking evil castles (I still cannot get over that). While I’m sure it’s still weak fighting-wise, the fact that it can still strip Devimon of his attacks is still very impressive.

I’m a bit bummed that not all of the kids are here to fight Devimon even if they still had a part in the fight. Devimon was using Calmaramon to gather data from the human world to give him extra power, similar to what happened with Nidhoggmon. But as if Devimon wasn’t already formidable enough, he goes and evolves into Neodevimon which looks absolutely horrifying. A part of me hoped Devimon wouldn’t have to resort to evolution, but I digress.

Things were looking bad… again, until the kids’ determination got Kabuterimon and the others in that group to evolve into their ultimates.. which I’m not sure why they didn’t do that before? I dunno, that whole part felt a little weird when nothing new really came out from that determination. But thanks to them destroying Calmaramon and the tower that was sending Neodevimon power, Neodevimon started having trouble holding onto his new form, allowing Weregarurumon and Metalgreymon to deal a severe blow while he was weakened.

At first I was really disappointed at the thought of Devimon being defeated just like that without the rest of the kids there, but thankfully it wasn’t that easy because whoops, did you forget about Darkknightmon? Because he’s still there and was able to use the last bit of power that crystal had, which I assume was the thing that was collecting power from the human world, to allow Devimon one final evolution, because of course he would. All of the powerful “bosses” in this series can’t be killed off until they reach a mega form. So either Omnimon is going to have to come back or we’re going to witness Tokomon go through 3 different evolutions to be able to defeat his old friend.

This episode felt a bit weird to me. It wasn’t bad, but everything felt a little repetitive. Since Devimon was doing the exact same thing Nidhoggmon was doing and Calmaramon was doing the exact same thing Algomon was doing in the first few episodes. Everything felt like they were being reused with a different color paint. Not to mention my earlier comment on why Sora and the others didn’t have their Digimon evolve to their ultimates earlier. It all just felt weirdly circumstantial. Especially when there were parts that felt like it didn’t quite fit. Such as when Ikakumon dove towards Calmaramon to save the day but ended up being denied was a… very weird time to put in some comedy. Sure it got a chuckle out of me but it felt very out of place. Also I just burst out laughing at the shot of Tokomon just watching Neodevimon blow up with his usual smile. Something about that just tickled me so much. It just looks so ridiculous that his old friend is blowing up and Tokomon is just sitting there in Takeru’s arms… smiling. Well, when I say it like that, it’s mildly unsettling lol. Also that push Neodevimon did to Weregarurumon was… strange.

We’ll see if they’ll change up the formula for next episode… which it certainly seems like they will so I’m looking forward to that.


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