I was hoping Taichi and Yamato could get a break this episode, but I guess life as a Digidestined makes it so that you have to go go go. I’m feeling a little less engaged with the story now that Devimon is gone and Digimon literally have no reason to be attacking them. The transition in story feels pretty sloppy, especially since we never got any backstory to Devimon and Angemon and how they were old friends and whatnot. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll find out about it later, but the more time passes by, the more my hope is dwindling a bit. Especially since the whole Devimon ordeal is just… not really addressed because things just keep HAPPENING. You can’t just throw in a random interesting tidbit that legitimately gets people interested to not address it again!

I feel like we’re in that weird zone between arcs and the show just doesn’t really know what to do with itself so it just throws in a conflict for no reason. I would have liked to get more world building or just something more than just Digimon attack and kids defeat it. There was no depth to this Seadramon fight or the Mamemon fight last episode. Though if I’m being honest, these two episodes were essentially filler. Which is a shame because I feel this series could do a lot better. And the fact that without Devimon, things still feel the exact same with Digimon attacking the kids. However, they seem to just do it just because rather than being controlled. So it’s… weird.

It was interesting to see that Digimon will literally attack one another, even going as far as to eat them to get stronger and I wish they delved a little more into that dynamic rather than just going straight into a fight. I’ll admit the fact that Greymon and Taichi being pulled underwater by the two Seadramon was terrifying, since underwater and deep sea creatures scare me. However, there really wasn’t much to the fight and not much was really at stake besides being eaten, but what else is new. Though I will admit that the fights have been slowly getting more and more brutal as they were even pulling out Digimon digitally bleeding this episode with each side scratching the other. I was almost impressed by how brutal it was when Greymon tore through Waruseadramon’s belly with his horn. Why are these fights so graphic when nothing plot relevant was driving this conflict???

However, I suppose the two biggest things that happened this episode was the other half of the group returning to the Digital World and congregating back with Taichi and Yamato once they were done with the tanker incident. I’m still… a little confused on how that all played out, but I guess there’s more to it that will be addressed later considering the weird yellow blob things just disappeared. So I’m sure we’ll see them again. It’s nice to have the group back together again but it seems like they have an extra person on deck.

I’m… a bit conflicted on the turn of events of Hikari having entered the Digital World at this time. On one hand, I’m curious as to what will happen, but on the other, I’m a bit disappointed with how there wasn’t really a search for the 8th kid like there was in the original. The build up to Hikari being the 8th and the importance made the 2nd arc so personal and engaging. However, she just kind of teleports the others and herself to the Digital World because the plot needs them back there.

Overall, this was basically a filler episode and I’m not someone who appreciates them unless they add something to the plot. While it had bits and pieces of plot relevancy, the execution just felt clunky and it seemed like it needed SOMETHING to be happening, even though Agumon and Gabumon deserve a well earned rest after all that happened. I’m surprised those two are still raring to go after fighting so many times in one day. Hopefully things are dragged out for too much longer and can hopefully get back to the more interesting points of this series.


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