What a feel-good episode! There were plenty of times where things could have definitely gone wrong, but I’m glad that they decided not to go down that route. But I must admit that I was honestly waiting for something bad to happen, it just felt too nice, so I was skeptical about a lot of things that were happening.

Jotaro is still trying to accomplish his quadruple and Leo is doing his best to support him. I’m glad that Jotaro is able to understand all of the wooshes and pops because it seems like the coach has no idea what’s going on. Honestly, it feels like a conversation that would happen between Kageyama and Hinata from Haikyuu, it’s just filled with more energy. I’m also pretty darn happy that the Aragaki family is starting to learn a little bit more about Leo mostly because we’re entering the ending phase of the season and I hope they’re able to flesh all of his story out in these last few episodes. Sure, it did take Jotaro walking in on a dance that Leo was working on, for him to at least get a little insight into who he is, but by them finding out about Leo, Jo can now visualize what the quadruple landing will be. And there is of course Kitty just straight up announcing who he is to everyone. It’s an anticlimactic reveal, but it needed to be done. Now hopefully we’ll learn a more about his relationship with ballet in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking of Kitty, I like that they made her a “go-getter” type of character. She put me on edge for a little bit because I was really worried that she was just trying to be friends with Rei because of her parents, but she seems like a genuinely good character who just has a lot of confidence in what she does. She has a very positive spin of wanting to do things that are fun and following through with it. And I like that she acknowledges that she enjoys doing gymnastics, but that’s not the only thing that is fun for her. So, she wants to do more things rather than tie herself down to something. Of course, she does reach for the top in what she wants to do, but I think that’s just part of her wanting to stand in the spotlight. She’ll get the Gold Medal and be a stellar idol too.

What I like most about this episode is that Kitty is able to help Rei open up more about what she wants to do and be. Rei has always been the supporter type who will put what they want after everyone else around her. She doesn’t… always think about conveying what she wants or feels. But she’s still able to have fun in her own way. I think it’s really cute that she wants to be a famous actress like her mom, and I hope that everyone will support her in her dream. She’s still young, but she’s cute and has the world laid out in front of her.

I’m looking forward to the coming episodes, and am interested to see if they are going to push for another season of the anime. I have a feeling they will wrap everything nicely within the remaining 3 episodes, but there are still a decent number of loose ends to tie up, so a second season is still possible!


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