This week was a pretty mellow episode, but a nice one nonetheless with putting the spotlight on Chiyu and her adorable little brother Toji. We have seen a bit of him here and there, but today we finally got see more about his struggle of doing his part of taking care of the family’s inn and their guests. He and the girls all got a work experience day, Toji tried very hard but felt like his efforts weren’t paying off. Pegitan who originally perceived him as his rival (since he wanted to help out too) saw his struggles and knew the kid needed some support. It was very sweet and smart of him to ask Asumi to pass on his message of encouragement to Toji, because it was something he really needed to hear. In the moment when Toji felt like a failure, Pegitan recognized his strength, and that is his hardworking and kind heart. We saw more of that when Toji ran after the loose puppy in front of the Giga Pathogerm. Chiyu admitted that she didn’t notice Toji’s struggle, and took it as a learning experience to be a bit more consideration to him when he makes mistakes. And it wasn’t that she was harsh with him to begin with, I would say she was stern about it in a fair way. But the two are still on good terms, and it was very sweet when she praised him for looking out for the puppy. It is a bit of a shame we don’t get to see them interact some more because it is very cute. And if I may add, it was very amusing to see how quickly Hinata sided up with Toji about not being able to do as well as their older siblings. It’s nice to have a character who can relate to that struggle in a very earnest way.

What was surprising however was seeing how Guaiwaru’s Giga Pathogerm fared in comparison to Shindoine’s. Apart from the fact it obviously was not around for as long as Shindoine’s was, maybe it was just me, but it definitely felt significantly weaker. This could mean that Guaiwaru is weaker than Shindoine, and this may actually end up serving as the catalyst to push him into the idea of absorbing multiple fragments. I think we can all agree there is a strong possibility that one of them will do this, and when they do, there will probably be some serious consequences. I also find it quite ominous how they keep on talking about how it is still risky to do absorb the Mega Part. But honestly, I’m growing more and more about the King’s intentions, because gah, I dread the possibility that he’s pressuring them so he can absorb them for his own gain.

And speaking of which, when the King pressured Guaiwaru and Daruizen to undergo their own evolution, while Guaiwaru didn’t hesitate to do it (and now he looks like a Metal band member LOL), Daruizen didn’t look too enthusiastic about it. He definitely doesn’t trust the process yet, and is probably uncertain whether they will have to pay the price for obtaining greater power. That is also why I am very concerned about what might happen to Daruizen because the preview was quick to show us that next week he will be next to evolve. We will have to wait and see whether he was forced into it by the King (which would be an interesting take), or something triggered him to do so. I think it can go either way, but considering the circumstances with Nodoka having a reunion with her family doctor, I am inclined to believe Daruizen may be triggered into doing it. Usually he is pretty cool under-fire, so this would be the first time we are seeing act so emotional and appears even frustrated. It makes me wonder how this fight is going to unfold between them because it does look like Nodoka is holding up well, unless it were to be before his evolution. Nevertheless, it is going to be an exciting one, but it also makes me nervous for him since unlike Shindoine and Guaiwaru, Daruizen no longer stands passively on the sidelines and I don’t want to see him disappear anytime soon.

On top of that, the preview also suggests we will be learning more about her past in the hospital, this means we might get some more insight on Daurizen’s perspective of things as well because I am hungry for more of their story!

ASDHJAJSKDHASDASD AH JEEZ! The next episode can’t come soon enough!!!!


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  1. Emily

    Yeah next episode looks to be great! I liked that Guaiwaru just decided to use the mega part to power himself up. He likes experimenting with many things so of course he would try this out. The king is really suspicious. I wonder what will happen to the trio

    1. Eva

      The King is making me anxious. The power up seems “too convenient” for them and Daruizen knows it. I know I said I’m leaning towards Daruizen being triggered into doing it, but the King forcefully making him absorb it has been something on my mind even before this episode aired. XD It just seems like something he would do if Daruizen absolutely refuses to comply the order.

      Also I am going crazy about his new outfit. Am I the only one who finds the front part (I don’t know what you call it) looks like Nodoka’s hair clip? In the matter of fact her hair clip has been something on my mind for the longest time. His flower earrings also disappeared and been replaced by a freaking blue rose. THE FLOWER’S MEANING GIVES ME A LOT OF FEELINGS. (Also parallels to Nodoka’s red rose). Oh man I need the next episode, I’m going to go crazy about it all week.

      I just hope Daruizen will be able to get through this. TT ^ TT

  2. DaRiUs

    I agree with you Eva, I feel like either King Byogen will “force” Daruizen to power up (possibly by even sneak attacking him with the Megapart…I mean, can they even take it back out? We haven’t seen them try) OR maybe Nodoka being with her doctor will trigger something for him and he’ll do it willingly. Ive always felt like even tho he acts nonchalant, deep down, he’s really insecure and has something to prove. I could see Nodoka thanking her Dr for helping her to get healthy and him overhearing that and feeling some type of way, like he’s not good enough or worthy of being loved. Maybe as a parasite, deep down, he just wishes for someone to accept him and is tired of ppl assuming bad things about them as a whole. It technically isn’t his fault he’s a parasite.

    Watch I be wrong, lmao. But I just find it very strange that during this episode, he seemed real skeptical about putting the megapart in him and all of a sudden, next week, he changed his mind…like that was quick, SOMETHING must have happened. Either way, like you…I cannot wait for the next episode!

    1. Eva

      I have been thinking about about the perspective of the Pathogerms, and I do feel that there is a possibility that we might see them (or more specifically, Daruizen) express their frustration of being denied their existence so to speak. I don’t know if the story will go this direction, but I do think a lot about purely theoretical scenarios of how Daruizen and the rest would react to hearing people saying something along the lines of, “Thank you for being born” to each other, and then when it comes to them, it’s the opposite reaction because of the nature of their very existence. Outside of their own kind, they are rejected and hated by everything. That’s why I would be very interested in exploring more of Daruizen’s perspective of how his emotions were during his time he was with Nodoka. (And whether he has come to remember more of it over time.)

      And it’s as you say, it’s not their fault for being born this way, so it’s pretty sad and I would like it if there were a way to give them the opportunity to actually have the chance to live without that burdensome fate. It certainly doesn’t help that the King looks to be up to no good, and probably intends to use them solely for his own gain. Basically disposable pawns.

      So I can see something along the sorts of being told that (either overhearing it, or Nodoka lashing out at him in that manner) triggering him to throw everything he has at them. We have seen him make impulsive decisions and form of lashing out, that instance when he stabbed Nodoka with the mega part is one good example.

      But the scenario of the King forcing Daruizen to power up would probably be the most dramatic event and it would be interesting to see how Daruizen feels about losing that freedom of choice. The fact he feels so cautious about this whole thing does indicate that there are some reservations that haven’t been expressed and he would rather put himself first over the King. There is also the fact Daruizen is not particularly driven to impress the King, but through his own desires, which may also mean Daruizen may be trying to figure out what he wants for himself.

      It’s also worth mentioning, it is very interesting to see how their evolved forms are almost the exact opposite of the Precure’s. Both of them have wings, the Precure have the white and pure, and the Pathogerms have the fallen and black.

      Yeah the next episode can’t come soon enough. My brain is running through all the potential scenarios 24/7 because I can’t help myself. XDDDD It’s all I can think about right now!

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