Episode 29
Flower of the Episode: Rapa Blossoms

This week we met Hayashi, a fellow student in the girls’ class who had announced prior to summer vacation that he intended to cycle from Kyoto to Tokyo (about a 500km trip). But poor Hayashi, there was a lot of pressure on him before he even began. He wanted to meet his classmates expectations after they ridiculed him for thinking he could do the trip. So he when he got back, he was plagued by guilt when he lied to his classmates that he completed the trip when he really had taken a bus halfway through. He felt even worse after receiving a medal from Tsubomi, who he saw earnestly working on her dress (and his medal) all on her own. Oof, I really felt for him when the lie started spiraling out of control, but I am so proud of him for having the courage to come clean about it to his classmates. I am glad that Tsubomi was there to back him up so that he wouldn’t be eaten alive for it, because you never know how people are going to react to the truth after being told a lie. And even though Hayashi wasn’t able to complete his goal, the fact he made it all the way to Hakone on his own is an accomplishment in itself. It’s understandable why he gave up at the time because his morale was at all time low after having gotten injured after being ‘pushed’ off the road by a car that drove way too close to him, ran out of water, and was already tired and frustrated to boot. But most importantly, this served as an invaluable learning experience. He now knows he needs to carry more water, or be more smart how much he drinks of it from time to time, but most of all, this time he is carrying a token of encouragement (Tsubomi’s medal) to remind him there are people who are cheering him on for as long as it will take for him to complete his objective.

As for Tsubomi, I am proud of her for completing her own summer goal of making her own dress. For her first design to come to life, it came out beautifully. I am especially a big fan of the flowers adorning the hem of the dress. Best of all, despite the challenges and the ups and downs, Tsubomi completed it all on her own! Way to go Tsubomi!

Funny story: I had accidentally watched episode 30 before episode 29! And I only realized I accidentally missed the episode while I was doing screenshots, oh my gosh ahahaha! WHOOPS. Anyways, good thing I noticed!

Episode 30
Flower of the Episode: Verbana

Summer is finally over, so that means the girls have to go back to school. However Potpourri was having none of it since he spend more time playing with Itsuki. So after taking a temper tantrum, he ran away. While doing so he encounters a child named Haruka in the park, who was doing the same in response to her parents failing to uphold their promise to take go somewhere during summer vacation.

It was very cute to see the two of them interact because they are very much like-minded. It is such a kid thing to turn a park into their imaginary home, and I couldn’t help but chuckle because it made me nostalgic of my childhood. Those days were pretty awesome considering how wild and detailed the imaginations could be. Gosh I used to do that all the time everywhere. It was my favourite thing to do.

Apart from that, not much happened this episode. However it should be noted they were definitely setting up the stage for Yuri’s character arc that will be starting in the next episode. They teased us more about her grief and how her loss has made her into who we know today. For that reason, Yuri scolded Itsuki for being separated from Potpourri and warned her not to make that mistake again, or else she might lose her partner forever. (Albeit, it was the fairy’s fault for having ran off in the first place. Yuri did scold him too, but she was much gentler about it…)

Cobraja was back in action again, bringing out yet another strong monster that gave the girls a hard time. It wasn’t something any of them could possibly solo. Luckily they were able to defeat it, but I was a bit surprised to see Potpourri struggling to hold his shield against it considering he has held off attacks from the Dark Precure, who is arguably their strongest opponent at this time.

Next time, finally learning more about Cure Moonlight, yay~!


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