Okay time to dial it back a bit. I was hoping the actual division battle would start already, or at least prepare to start it but I have a feeling it’s going to take a little longer. With how the episode started out, it looks like each division might have another episode to themselves preparing for their qualifier. So episodes 7-9 are going to be for the other divisions, and then episodes 10-13 are going to be the division rap battle? Which…I’m glad to spend more time with the divisions since I like them all but I was really hoping to get more into the action and actual battles. Because, again, the bad guys this episode didn’t even stand a chance and Buster Bros destroyed them, like all the other bad guys we’ve seen so far. Not an actual battle, more of a beatdown.

They could just quickly go through the other divisions’ qualifiers and we can get into the division rap battle, but I feel like there might be something each group will deal with. Matenrou I’m not sure what, but Ramuda has a lot on his mind with the Party of Words, and Jyuto’s fellow officers have something against him and the anime is most likely going to dedicate episodes for each of them. And maybe Tom and his buddies will get involved with each of them as well?

I’m starting to wonder what their role truly is in this show. They started off as photographers but they (mostly Tom) were really involved in the story this time, so I wonder what else they’ll contribute.

As excited as I was for the division rap battle, it is nice to see more of Buster Bros again, and…well, Ichiro of course. ❤ And wow these boys just can’t seem to escape almost getting blown up. Also where did those guys get a bomb if weapons are illegal? They handmade it? The Party of Words really needs to crack down on this type of stuff! It’s also kind of funny that both Ichiro and the cop were listening to this guy say something was going to explode and they just ignored it. But hey let’s talk to Tom!

I mean we did get to learn some things through Tom. We didn’t really get too deep into The Dirty Dawg drama, but we have an idea of the rift between Ichiro and Samatoki, though there definitely has to be more to it. It involved a plot against Jiro and Saburo, and Ichiro being the loving brother he is probably did whatever he had to do to protect them, but it doesn’t explain why Samatoki hates his guts so much. Samatoki supposedly cares a lot about family as well so whatever happened must have affected him in some great way somehow. After each division episode, I listened to the first dramas from each division and Samatoki basically loses his mind in a rage when Ichiro is mentioned, while Ichiro is much more chill when mentioning Samatoki, with just wanting to settle their score fairly, so…what the hell even happened?

All eyes are on Ramuda right now but they heavily hinted his involvement with the Chuohku ladies in the FP episode, but now we learn that he was involved in TDD disbanding. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong in getting bad vibes just from looking at Ramuda’s character design. His voice deepening was a great touch. I’m not even sure what to think but obviously he can’t be trusted, and it sounds like something big is going to happen at the division rap battle. And while Ramuda’s working with the ladies, he doesn’t seem too thrilled about it so I’d like to see more into this. I also wonder if Ramuda even feels conflicted in all this as he seems to have a good enough relationship with Ichiro and Samatoki, and he was part of the reason TDD broke up. I’m not sure how messy the situation is but it seems pretty bad.

With all that aside, the episode was pretty good. Like I said, another bomb threat and Buster Bros took it upon themselves to handle the situation on their own rather than call the police. Because anime? Sure! But they had a lot of help from Tom and friends now that he and Ichiro are buddies now, as they gave each other their phone numbers and Tom would go so far as to steal a liquid nitrogen truck. Those electro monk guys reminded me of Pokemon characters for some reason and I can’t really explain why, so there you go. Song was really good, not as catchy as Run this City but I still liked it. Not as much movement from the guys during the rap but the show continues to be creative and fun with the visuals so I’m happy with it.

We know Buster Bros are going to wipe the floor with everyone in the qualifiers so of course we don’t need to see it, and I’m sure that’ll be a pattern with the others. The Party of Words is really scummy, doing their best to remain in power while dismantling any group that’s a real threat to them. That’s why they forced TDD to break up, and why they purposely have the leaders of said group in their own bracket and area. As scummy as it is, it’s very smart of them to force the leaders to go against each other so they can never work together again and set their eyes on the Party of Words. And just a random note, Tohoten kind of reminds me of Satsuki from Kill la Kill, but it’s probably the hair and the grandiose speech. The ladies continue to intrigue me as well, and I wonder what they said or did to Ramuda to force him to work with them.

A cool episode with lots of interesting little tidbits. We got to learn a bit more about lots of things and Ichiro, as well as see Tom and his friends get more involved. Not entirely sure what the show will do next, but I hope they don’t drag things out too long. But, if getting more division episodes means getting a bit more of the plot and character drama then I won’t complain too much.

Also, damn. They keep teasing Kenjiro Tsuda getting to rap but it just won’t happen will it…


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  1. magicconan14 (Aria)

    The division rap battle itself isn’t that long (it only lasts a few chapters in the manga and most of it is lead-up/character development, exactly the same thing they’re doing here). I think people didn’t understand that when they made HypMic’s anime the 3rd most dropped anime of the season on MAL.

    I think the fact we’ve never actually heard about the dismantling of TDD from the angle they had it here made it novel.

    Click to read (MANGA SPOILERS):

    If the anime and the rest of the franchise agree with each other, then Samatoki believes Nemu deserted him because of Ichiro (Nemu is currently [redacted due to further spoilers]) and Ichiro believes Samatoki would prize his own sister over his brothers, due to a certain incident [detailed in the manga].

    The electric monk guys remind me of the biker gang that stops you on Route 9 in Black 2 (I think it is, I had to check that up because it’s been years since I played it), although their design is more akin to Roughnecks.

    I think the ticking in the song near the end was really effective.

    I still think Tom, Iris and Rex are aligned with a foreign government and they’re meant to spy on the division battle for some reason.

    1. Berry

      Oh dang really? I don’t mind getting more character development, but I can understand people being excited for a big and fancy rap tournament (honestly I was as well). As long as the episodes are still entertaining and the songs good, then I’ll still enjoy it. If it’s going to be short, then I wonder how the DRB is gonna go.
      Also I’ll just ignore MAL -___-

      Oooh it would be cool if they were spies. Make the hypnosis mics international? Hmmm…

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