Man this episode was so good. I absolutely LOVE IT when series dig deep into the lore and origins of the world, and it’s so exciting to learn more about its mysteries! This week they gave us a number of major reveals, all explaining the reason why Ikelos Familia is part of the Evilus Fraction (or at least one of them), the master craftsman Daedalus, and his descendant, Dix.

Let’s start off with Daedalus, because he is at the heart of this episode. 1000 years ago, in the era when the gods descended, the lower world was blessed by the god, after Daedalus was received Ouranos’ divine intentions, he went on to contribute to the construction of Orario, and played a major role in the completion of Babel. The man was an unparalleled genius, and he sought to surpass the opus of the dungeon and went mad as he decided to attempt constructing a man-made dungeon with his own hands we now know as Knossos. However being Human, he eventually died of old age, leaving his work unfinished. To ensure his grand vision would reach completion, through a blood pact, for thousands of years his descendants continued to build the place. And yet despite all that work, they have only reached the middle level.

Which brings us to the next point: The reason why they colluded with Evilus. Constructing such a major project takes a lot time, money and resources, and so that’s one of the reasons why Ikelos partnered up with Evilus. Smuggling and Selling the Xenos on the surface is a sure way of making money, however it was alluded to that there is still more to it, and that their objective has evolved ever since.

Anyhow, it is thanks to the Knossos labyrinth that the Ikelos Familia are able to seamlessly travel from the surface to the dungeon straight from the streets of Orario without being spotted. On top of that, the only ones who are able to access into Knossos are those with special eyes that only his descendants have. And so because of that, Dix and the others went as far as gouging their eyes out of their corpses to turn them into actual keys, eek. Now that just makes the key super gross to hold.

What’s interesting to note though is the fact Ryu was the one who had the other key. Albeit, I don’t know if she really has been holding onto it all this time, either knowing or not knowing its purpose, so it is hard to say whether she is already aware of the existence of Knossos. After-all, she is very aware of Ikelos’ and Evilus’ connection, and she really didn’t want Bell to get caught up in any affairs with Evilus’ name attached to it, but respected his wishes anyways. (Did I ever mention how much I love Ryu acts like she is his older sister. It’s so heartening with the way she looks out for him. Also she is best girl!)

Needless to say, Bell, Fels and the Xenos are certainly in a ugly situation right now. It was frustrating and yet understandable why Lyd refused to accept Bell’s help when he made his decision to side with them. He didn’t want Bell to be ostracized like them, he recognizes he has too much to lose, but our dear hero refuses to standby and do nothing about it. Unfortunately since they have been lured into Dix’s trap, not only were the Xenos put in the position where they would have to fight while protecting their injured kin, by now we have Lyd and Gros and others who have been bewitched into attacking their allies.

The only way they can snap them out of it is if Bell can defeat or at least weaken Dix so he can free them from the bewitchment. The only reason why Bell and some others are still in their right minds is because of Fels’ magic robe defends against negative status effects and curses. (I suspect Bell will probably get one eventually, he kind of needs it if he going to be fighting opponents like Dix!) Seriously, thank god Fels is around. But man, you’re asking a lot from Bell right now to fight Dix. Fels would probably back him up, if it weren’t for having to worry about defending the injured and sane Xenos. Both of them have their hands tied at the moment. Even though Dix should have a weakness to be exploited after having used such a powerful spell, he is still a Level 5 Adventurer that is going to be a challenge for Bell to face.

While they are certainly lacking Human back-up right now, at the very least we can see an Xenos ally seemingly making his way to their location. I suspect it’s the Xenos Rookie Lyd had spoken of before. Although I must confess, despite seeing the trustee little rabbit and its adorable wolf companion, when I saw the axe and red eyes, I briefly thought and laughed, “Oh god, did Freya seriously send in another Minotaur?” But yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the Rookie we have yet to meet. He is supposed to be pretty strong, so if anything, maybe he might be the one to lend Bell a hand in dealing with Dix.

In the mean time on the surface, Hestia’s Familia can’t bear to sit and wait around, so they are taking it upon themselves to attempt to locate Ikelos hideout. Lili recalled her former Familia’ colleague speaking about talking monsters, so she decided they should visit him in prison to see if they could get any information out of him. He did give them a handy clue by directing them to Daedalus Street, which we know is the other secret entrance to the dungeon through Knossos. But the problem is they need to find another key if they want to get inside from Daedalus Street. Either they luck out and find some dealers traveling in and out, or we have someone like Lett find them after Fels entrusted him with the key. It is unclear whether it is for the the rookie or to lead Hestia’ Familia to the location to provide the much needed back-up.

Man the next episode can’t come soon enough, this season is going to be full of cliffhangers isn’t it? Well I am not complaining, because I here for the ride! Until, see you next time!


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