Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6

After supposedly losing Itadori last time, he and Sukuna make a pact and Itadori comes back to life pretty quickly. And because we’re going to have a TOURNAMENT ARC, we need to have a proper TRAINING ARC.

What’s interesting about the pact Itadori and Sukuna made is that Itadori can’t even remember that they even made the pact because it was one of Sukuna’s conditions. Once he mentioned fighting to the death to decide which conditions to go for, I knew it was impossible. Not going to lie, it gave me a chuckle once Itadori’s head was sliced off pretty much immediately. But man Sukuna is a scummy piece of crap but we already knew that. I do find it interesting that he even added the not killing or injuring anyone condition on his own, since the dude is a homicidal maniac. If what he says is true, he’d screw himself over if he went against his pact so I also wonder what he’s after. It looks like Sukuna has his eyes on Fushiguro as it looked like he was about to unleash something super powerful, enough to make Sukuna excited. That was, until Itadori had switched back so we never got to see whatever Fushiguro was about to do. But there has to be more to it, so I wonder what.

That scene at the restaurant was unusually gory and abrupt, but impressive. Visually, this anime doesn’t disappoint. Gojou’s got a target on his head and it looks like we’ll see that fight next time, which I’m super pumped about to be honest. Basically anything with Gojou will get me excited since I love the guy already.

It’s amusing that he says that killing all the top brass is easy for him to do, again proving how crazy strong he is. But I love how rational he is. He’s not happy with how everything is run, and instead of just killing those at top, he’s educating the youth. Killing those up top won’t solve anything as they’ll all just be replaced and that won’t do anything to fix how broken the system is. So instead of doing anything reckless and stupid, Gojou is taking it upon himself to educate others in hopes for a change. Which, in anime may not seem like the most badass thing to do, but in reality is so mature and admirable. And it just makes me love Gojou even more, and he sort of carries this show for me. The others are just okay right now, but Gojou kind of steals the show for me.

However, I am liking Fushiguro more as well. Him visiting Tadashi’s mother was a great moment, and I was touched that he went back to his corpse to fetch at least his nametag to bring back to his mother. That’s so unbelievably kind of him, and it’s obvious how much Itadori influenced his decision. More and more I regret ever comparing Fushiguro to Sasuke. While Itadori is having his own weird and unique training, the other first years and second years are having their own. Again, I think the weakest moments in the episode was with them because I’m not exactly a fan of the humor, but I guess that’s just in general. I am glad that Fushiguro is gonna push himself, and it’s interesting learning a bit more with how cursed energy works and whatnot. I just don’t find myself a fan of the lighter moments because of the humor, so that’s still a complaint.

A decent episode, obvious that it would be a little slower after all the huge events last time. However, volcano head is after Gojou and I’m excited to finally see Gojou go all out.


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  1. I wonder if Volcano Head was able to get the sealing item from the evil human. We know he wants to use it on Gojou, and if he successfully uses the sealing item, the good guys will be in major trouble with Gojou out of the picture. I think it’s unlikely that Gojou will be sealed away any time soon as the human side would be screwed over. I would wonder if the evil human’s gauge of how strong Volcano Head is reflective of his actual strength or whether the evil human has significantly overestimated him. If the evil human is right, Volcano Head is actually really strong.

    I also like Gojou a lot, Berry. He has a very mature approach to things and understands that to beat the system that you have to change the system, not kill everyone at the top.

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