Yo can people give Fushiguro a break and not beat the shit out of him? I’m surprised he never gets any concussions with how much he gets tossed around and slammed through buildings.

We get introduced to two new characters this time around, two students from the Kyoto school. Todou Aoi and Maki’s twin sister, Mai. Didn’t even realize they were twins until they mentioned it. They’re both the typical bully characters and they’re…okay? Are they bullies for the sake of the show needing bullies to make the first years stronger? Mai grates on my nerves the most but her confrontation with her sister actually made me appreciate Maki way more. We haven’t really spent enough time with any of the side characters to learn about or at least like them, as we only really know them with one trait. Panda, says riceball ingredient, and tough. I do like that we learned that Maki can’t even use cursed energy and has to use weapons imbued with cursed energy instead, which is why her sister gives her a lot of crap. But it doesn’t seem like it’s just her sister, but her whole family as well who always looked down on her because of this. I do think it’s great that Maki wants to prove everyone wrong and that small moment between her and Nobara was pretty sweet. I sure wish this show would give us more interactions like that.

With the boys, we have Todou who beats the crap out of Fushiguro because his taste in women is boring, which makes him boring. And…okay. I don’t really have much to say about this, it’s whatever for me. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Todou’s character either, so I’m hoping that maybe he’ll grow on me. His brain really is as pineapple as his head. Also they keep teasing that Fushiguro has this insane power but we never get to see it and it’s driving me crazy. LET ME SEE!

Gojou meets up with Kyoto’s principal and gives him a piece of his mind, and again I love how Gojou just doesn’t give a damn and says whatever he wants. He really is the best in this show. I’m interested to learn more about the Kyoto side and all the things they’re hiding. We keep getting mention of this Okkotsu person (I don’t think we know who they are yet), as well as this incident with Getou so it’s interesting that he’s already well-known and not a mysterious villain.

Things seem to be building up, especially with the ending we got with those corpses in the theater. The sudden time skip surprised me though and I’m not sure if that’s going to be a good or bad thing. Looks like we’ll get even more new characters next time, along with Itadori getting involved with the next case.

This episode was okay, but I keep having the same complaints each time so I think it’s best for me to drop my coverage. I’m not super invested in the show to keep going on with my reviews, especially when I always sound less than enthused each week. I also am too busy in my personal life as of right now (I’ll get to that) to continue, and there’s no way I can keep covering this in the winter season when I’ll already have a full plate. I’m not a big fan of Jujutsu Kaisen like many people are, so I’m hoping I’ll grow to like it eventually. But just like the blue-haired girl, I’m just a Gojou girl.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This week, I’m actually going to be moving. I apologize that my reviews have been late, my family and I have been so busy every day packing and cleaning that I’ve barely had time for myself. We’re planning on moving this Thanksgiving weekend, either on Friday or Saturday. Meaning that my internet is going to be cut on either of those days, or even earlier as we want to prepare. For the people that also check out my Akudama Drive and Hypnosis Mic reviews, I most likely won’t even get the chance to get them out this week (esp Hypmic). MAYBE I could squeeze in Akudama Drive this week but I won’t guarantee it.

With the internet being cut and moving to a new house, we’ll have to wait until the wifi gets connected there and with Covid kind of screwing things up, I have no idea how long it’ll take. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for awhile so there won’t be reviews from me for a bit. I’m really hoping that it won’t take so long so I apologize in advance. I’ll make sure to catch up when I can, so thank you for being patient!


Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. KisaChan

    I’m just shocked this is dropped I can understand this show is slow paced and not for everyone but for me personally this show and a two others are keeping my interest since a lot of other series are just meh to me and this series is just getting started, dropping it right when its gonna get good and hype… I don’t know, but that’s not my call you do you what you want, but as for me I’m gonna keep on enjoying it ^^

    1. Berry

      Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! A lot of people are as well and I’m glad you and others can find fun and enjoyment in the series. I’m going to keep watching but it’s just not something I can keep blogging since I find it to be a bit of a chore, and there’s a lot going on in my life right now. Personally I’m not in love with the series so I hope I will eventually, but like you said it’s not really for me. Still, I hope it’ll change my mind. Thanks for understanding~

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