I was absolutely expecting a crazy twist for this episode, but I wasn’t really expecting the episode to go this way. I’m not really sure how I feel about this episode at all, but one thing is finally clear to me now and I should have said this sooner in my reviews: Akudama Drive needed way more episodes. Also wow, Hacker really did come back just to die didn’t he? >_>

I’m not a sci-fi person, it’s a genre that I pretty much never watch because it doesn’t interest me as much so I’m not sure how common this supercomputer trope thing is. So this whole time, I presume because of the war, Kanto was this area of weird gravity where no one but this supercomputer lives. And inside it are people of Kanto’s minds/memories where they live in a manufactured happy utopia. No pain, no sadness, just living in all of their fake happy memories. Seeing the way Courier grew up really made me wish that we had more episodes because the lack of backstory is one of my complaints with the show. Who is this woman from Courier’s past and did he always live life like this? I just wish we spent more time, and this also goes out to Hacker because he was in the show the least and we lose him already. This also goes to…whatever the show is trying to be?

Okay, so people who go to Kanto have their memories uploaded into this supercomputer. Brother and Sister were created in order to supply infinite storage for the millions of lives and memories in the supercomputer. This is pretty significant in the story, and yet the children were saved and the computer destroyed easily all in one episode! Like, really? Just like that? And what’s even funnier is that absolutely none of them even questioned, especially Swindler, that they would kill millions of lives if they saved the children. Yes, it’s true that none of them have their physical bodies and they were most likely destroyed, but they’re all still alive in a sense. There was probably this giant world inside that computer where everyone was living peacefully, and since Hacker and the others took the children and destroyed that connection…they are dead, right? And yet no one mentions this.

The whole rescue strangely felt like it came from a shounen. In fact, I think the whole episode did with Swindler jumping at the computer and her big speech, and however you would describe what happened with Hacker in the rescue. This whole episode just felt so off and strange that I just have no idea how to feel about it. Let down? I suppose so. We really could have spent so much more time on basically everything. I was enjoying this show so much, but I would say there was bit of a dropoff at a certain point where the story got a little shaky. And again, the characters weren’t fleshed out as much. Again, RIP Hacker. I get that he did the rescue because he wanted something fun to do since he was the type of person that gets bored, but still. :/

We have one more episode left and I’m not even going to guess what’ll happen. They have the coordinates to whatever secret Hacker knew about but they’ll have to escape the Executioners, and with their small numbers and all of the Executioners after them, it doesn’t look like it’ll end well but we’ll see. Also Kansai is fucked but we don’t have enough time for that either so…oh well.


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  1. Miriki Takato

    I feel like the supercomputer thing is a twist coming out of nowhere, but the brainwashed program has been hinted for a while though. However, now it feels like everything we knew about the setting of Kanto – Kansai become a mix of truth and lie, I’m not sure if I even need to care about the setting anymore when the big bad just sit there to order and literally it feels nothing really at stake here for them? Even if the higher up don’t heve the siblings they would easily create another pair though? It just takes them to kill more and they couldnt care less.

    It’s funny because Im watching another anime this season and that one coincidentally also has quantum computer as a twist too so I was like wtf is this a trend now.

    1. Berry

      Ohh I heard about that too. What other anime had that twist? :O

      Yeah the brainwash one isn’t so bad since we had the Bunny and Shark show from the start and the program was VERY brainwashy and unsettling, so it was hinted from the start. And you bring up a good point. They already successfully made two immortal children to be used for the supercomputer, so they could just make another pair. But, at least it seemed to me, the supercomputer was destroyed so that may be a problem. Still, I agree that I’m not too compelled on that front since…well, that’s it. That’s not really the focus, the supercomputer or Kanto in general. Swindler’s main focus is taking the kids to the destination Hacker left for them, while also avoiding the Executioners. When it comes to the actual setting of Kansai and Kanto and how things came to be, it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore since that’s done. :/

      1. Miriki Takato
        Spoiler: Read More…

        The other anime is The day I become God, and that twist actually comes out of nowhere too lol.

        Yeah, so I’m kinda curious to see how will they end this series next week because as you just said, it feels like there are few things that can be accomplished in such a short final ep we have left and the series really needs to have more episodes to fully establish its own setting and characters. The best they can do is to make Swindler escape with the kids to the secret place and just ends it there without proper conclusion. The world is probably just going on and that’s it. I think this style of writing is actually what I would expect from Kodaka tbh: focus on the survival of one group and the world is just going on.

        1. Berry

          Oh wow I wouldn’t expect that one to have that twist. I’m…not sure how to feel about that one but that twist sounds way more farfetched for the little bit I watched of that show.

          I think that would be the best ending too, and I think it can be the ONLY ending. And thinking back to Danganronpa…yeah, seems about right haha. We did get a better look into the characters, but that was in the game. Which does make me wonder if Akudama Drive will actually get a game and it’ll go into more depth there? Who knows…

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