Episode 27

I have to say it was pretty interesting how this episode ended up playing out. It started at a high with Rook’s hilarious antics of hijacking the Student Council room to turn into his own space (when all he needed to do was formally apply), along with his selfish and questionable efforts to recruit people to his club. While doing so, he showed us some unexpected talent, such as art (with drawing out a big ad for the club on the field) and his remarkable athletic ability. In fact he was so good at it, the basketball, soccer and baseball clubs tried to recruit him instead! However as the episode went on, the extent of his delusions and his efforts to make his vision and expectations of the club a reality made it sad to watch. I felt terrible for him. Rook can be crazy sometimes with his narcissistic ego, but he’s a good kid at heart and just has an abundance of passion for the game that can be hard to match. And then sure enough, as soon as he was dragged back to reality again, we actually saw Rook break down and cry.

But then that’s when things suddenly got weird. When he was being comforted by one of his cards, suddenly it glowed and the next thing we know Rook is finds himself in a match against himself, where whoever loses will disappear. Though when they said that, I couldn’t help but laugh because besides the fact I was super confused about what was going on, I also knew there was no way in hell the Rook we know and love was suddenly going to disappear. Truth to be told, I am still confused about the whole thing, but if there’s one thing I have come to learn with this particular series: We’re all better off not thinking too hard about it, and just roll with whatever is going on. That said, there was certainly a purpose to this duel. Earlier in the episode, Rook had argued that the cards being his trusty teammates, and through this experience, he had acquired a brand new monster, Fantastrike Dragon Miragears! (Which if I may add, has a fantastic design!)

After that the mood was lifted again with Yuuga, Gakuto and Romin all listening in to Rook outside of the club room. It is an understatement why they were all concerned about him. Even they had already declined becoming members in the beginning, they decided to support him and become “part-time” members, which is really better than nothing. Romin is already committed to the RoaRomin and the Light Music Club, while Gakuto needed to reclaim the Student Council room and has his own shares of responsibility as Student Council President that he needs to take care of. So really out of the three, Yuuga is the one with the most flexible time as he had no interest in joining any clubs only because he considers them to a pain hahaha.

Other than that, we did get to see a bit from Neil, the Hexagon group and the head of Goha Corporation. Neil was there to argue that he sees there a great potential in Rush Duels, and it would be a mistake for Goha to quash it. Much to his dismay the head has no intention of letting Rush Duels be, and intends to take more drastic action to put an end to it. I suppose this means the antagonists that were teased to us in the previous episode are just another unit of Goha Corp, since they more or less line up to their goals as well. It will be interesting to see whether Neil would really let Goha do what they want without intervening in his own way. He doesn’t necessarily have to be Yuuga’s ally, but a neutral party in between.

Last but note least, bashful Yuuga is FREAKING ADORABLE. It was so sweet how he thanked Romin and Gakuto for their support. HE IS SUCH A SUNSHINEEEEEE!

Episode 28

I don’t even know where to begin with this episode, but I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish. But I think what got me the most was the whole encounter between Yuuga and the girl from the Machine Calvary Club. First of all, I am absolutely obsessed with her character design, it’s super pretty! Secondly, the moment we met her I suspected she was probably one of the antagonists for this season (as seen in the teaser). And thirdly: What the heck was with the mood between her and Yuuga riding the freaking whatever you call that digging plow-thingy (I don’t know what they are called) she calls R6 (I can’t be the only one who thought of Star Wars when we learned its name). I mean, the freaking music and the flowery paths, I am like WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!? I couldn’t stop laughing though. It was so cheesy, but deliberately so. Also their height difference, I’m dying. I can’t handle so much cuteness is one episode! (And don’t even get me started on all the smol Yuuga scenes in the beginning!)

That said, it is a bit hard to say whether this was a accidental encounter, or a set-up. There was that suspicious pigeon carrier delivering Rook a tournament invitation. So that might have been something that had been set into motion in advance. But then Yuuga ran into her because of the chicken he was chasing, so it’s possible that they ended up meeting earlier than she had anticipated, but it doesn’t seem to change the plans too much. If anything, it might work in her favor she now has a means to challenge Yuuga to a duel without it coming out of nowhere since he was the one who extended the invitation first. I am looking forward to their duel though, I just hope she doesn’t break Yuuga’s heart too much. (Who am I kidding, anyone who opposes Rush Duels will.)

Speaking of the Machine Calvary Club, we did learn that it is a club of elites within Goha’s 6th Elementary who has the power to bypass the Student Council’s authority. They are known to have the tendency to run over other clubs and cause problems, but nobody can do anything about it.

Then there was Mimi and her affairs at Goha Corporation. Turns out she has been demoted from her position to a regular employee after having failed to stop the other five Top Hexagon members from acting out against Neil. She was pretty ticked off about it and decided to confront the head only to make an unexpected discovery. I am going to guess it’s probably a stand-in A.I. that’s under that huge costume. And after seeing the kind of authority appointed to the likes of Neil at such an early age, I wouldn’t put it past this series to make the freaking head to be run by a child as well.

Oh but Mimi did make herself useful today, by asking Neil to support the Rush Duel Club by helping appoint an advisor for their new club. Of course of all thing, Neil appoints his very own butler chair Sebastian! Kaizo is sure not happy about that because he still has a grudge against the two of them after what they had done to him.

Overall even though not too much happened, this was a super charming episode. The girls fighting over which program to watch on the TV was very funny. In fact I do appreciate that we got to see a bit more of Maki’s character, because (like Nick’s), she kind of just appeared out of the blue during Roa’s concert, and appeared here and there with no real purpose to her role other than an extra face. So I actually didn’t mind that Romin lost the duel to her, because at the very it shows Saki isn’t necessarily a character who will simply roll over just because she doesn’t have a significant role (yet, as that could be subjected to change in the foreseen future).

And just like Rook’s duel, this week it was Romin’s turn to debut a new monster for her team: Foldablitz. It didn’t happen in a flashy manner as Rook’s did, which begs the question of whether it was his imagination or not in attempt to comfort himself. But I guess this means Gakuto and maybe Yuuga will be next in line to obtain a new monster to their collection!

Next week… wait a minute? Am I seeing things right? Don’t tell me the Gakuto’s aid has a crush on Yuuga?!?!?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!


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  1. Sanokal

    I’m very suspicious of the events of Episode 27 after the Maximum was foreshadowed in Episode 14 by the darn robots linking up. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Miragias showing up introduces Duel Spirits into the story or something like that. I’m definitely looking forward to the tournament though, and Luke crying really struck a chord with me, since I often play games against myself.

    1. Eva

      TT ^ TT Yeah that hit close to home doesn’t it.
      Ooh yeah, it wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibilities to re-introduce the duel spirits considering they have shown us they are willing to play with supernatural/other worldly characters (i mean, they threw in a freaking alien of all things earlier on). It was also interesting to see Rook’s monsters seemingly have actually left an impact on those kids from the sports clubs. That, the duel against “himself” and Miragears’ interaction with Rook is a curious development.

  2. Kazanova

    I’ve already gotten used to all of the absurdities in SEVENS, so I just accept everything and never question it anymore, especially when it comes to Rook. And did you notice how many times now Romin changed her clothes? The amount of times she changed her clothes is above the other YGO heroines. And all of her outfit are so stylish! Cute! XD

    Asana’s introduction sure is a welcome. Asana is truly a girl, right? Recently, I’ve seen pretty characters with pretty names, but revealed to be a boy later on. I really hope that won’t be the case for Asana. YGO needs more capable girls! I gotta say, that moment between Yuga and Asana was unexpected but welcomed. I think it’ll give Yuga another character development once Asana revealed herself to be an enemy.

    And next week we’ll finally gonna see Gakuto’s loyal followers in action. I hoped Gakuto would take action again since it’s been a while since I last saw him in action, but seeing his two followers dueling is not so bad. And perhaps it’ll reveal more about Gakuto’s background.

    Is it just me, or Rook training Yuga, Gakuto, and Romin reminds me a bit of Shuzo? And he knows well what to do to control Romin’s berserk mode XD

    1. Eva

      XDDD Right? At this point we ought to just roll with it. And yes, it’s great to see Romin sporting all sorts of fashionable outfits!
      I think Asana is a girl, hahahaha, sometimes it’s so hard to tell. Her encounter with Yuuga was… interesting, but I agree it is certainly most welcomed hahahaha.

      I thought it was hilarious how Rook was trying to capitalize on Romin’s berserk mode, but his training is even more hysterical considering it was mainly just an exercise routine lmao!!!

      1. Sanokal

        Couple of fun facts; Asana is voiced by Roboppi’s VA, and the word Luke uses for “awakening” Romin’s power happens to be the one they used for the Yu-boys in ARC-V.

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