…….I swear to God, if this was actually supposed to be the fight between the Pathogerm King and the Precures, I will scream in frustration!!!

Where do I even begin? This was a messy episode for me. I truly believe it could have been executed better. I mean for crying out loud, it was so awkwardly done, it really felt like they were forcing it.

That’s why as I was watching the episode, all I could think of was, “It would be super anti-climatic if this is really the King.” So I actually had a hard time believing it. I had initially thought Guaiwaru was impersonating him, but as the episode went on, it became more and more apparent they were fighting the Pathogerm King himself. How else would they explain his directing grudge at Asumi? They even threw in detailed flashbacks of the days when Teatinu and the OG Precure fought him. Even then, I really didn’t want to believe it. That’s why after they had  delivered the final strike and start celebrating, all I could think of was, “This is a premature celebration. There is no way he went down that easily.”

And honestly their celebration actually made me wince because of the nauseating possibility that this might actually be it. But while I have my concerns about it, I am not convinced he is truly defeated.

The other reason why I have my doubts is because the mood felt was off. In my notes I had described it as, “It feels as though nothing is actually happening”. At first I didn’t really understand why I thought that way, but when I thought about it more, I realized it was because the fight felt hollow. Even though stuff was happening, it didn’t feel like there was actually anything at stake because it happened so abruptly, it didn’t actually feel real.

But the whole point of Guaiwaru’s plan of luring the girls into their territory wasn’t just to trap them, it was for them to take out the King so he can steal the crown. That’s why he wanted to make sure Daruizen and Shindoine wouldn’t be anywhere nearby to interfere with is plans. Now it does make sense for Guaiwaru to backstab the King because we have recently heard him say how he puts himself above the King. So what better idea would it be to not only lure the Precure into their world to fight him, but also trap them there in the process? That sounds reasonable… In fact, this is the most brilliant idea Guaiwaru has come up with thus far. I guess reading that muscle book somehow ended up giving him brain power.

With this we have only a couple of episodes left, and all I can hope for right now is that they don’t throw the build up to the Pathogerm King’s revival out the window.

Next week it looks like Guaiwaru will be getting some sort of power-up, defeating the girls and then trapping them there while he begins wrecking havoc in the Human Realm. I suspect Asumi will have to use her teleportation powers to get them out, but we’ll have to see if she is in the condition to do so. Although Guaiwaru seems to believe he is at the top of the world right now, we can’t forget that Daruizen is somewhere there napping (I would be surprised if he actually slept through the whole thing), and Shindoine has gone who knows where to match her makeup with her nails. So it will be interesting to see how those two react to this development.

That being said, it would certainly be very satisfying to watch the Pathogerm King take Guaiwaru out himself to make up for this…. disappointing showing. You know, pull a: “Surprise bitch, thought you saw the last of me.” kind of return. In fact, please do that. That would be amazing.

Hopefully next week’s episode will address my concerns. Until then, we must wait.


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  1. elior1

    Like many people i suspect the king still alive amd we might see him in one of the next episodes and based on the titles i confident he is alive

    1. Eva

      I hope so. Usually I don’t mind having one or more of the Generals eventually take over the Boss, but it has to be done right. That’s why in this situation, I wouldn’t be a fan of it because they didn’t dedicate enough time for this kind of development for Guaiwaru.

      That being said, I do appreciate seeing Guaiwaru actually coming up with a clever plan. Having other people do the hard work for him is exactly what he has always done.

      1. elior1

        It also possible we will have abgo princess case where the boss wasn’t the final one but one of his cadres instead. In go princess it was close which got plenty of development so if in healing good the final boss will be daruizen then it will be fine since he got enough development.

        1. Eva

          Go Princess handled it very well. I agree about Daruizen. He has always been in the back of my mind to become/replace the true final boss.

          Right now Guaiwaru is having his 10 minutes of fame, and then he’s probably going to be a goner. I half expect Guaiwaru to be turned into being a sacrificial lamb as part of the price to pay for attempting to back-stab the King.

  2. alamode

    I’m not convinced they’re fighting the real King Byogen….everything was set so conveniently and the Cures took out the big boss too easy….it’s too fishy all over…..

    I’m hoping this King Guaiwaru schtick is just a decoy for a surprise plot twist….

    PS : Daruizen is more deserved to be the true final boss than Guaiwaru imo

    1. Eva

      I have also considered Guaiwaru being a decoy because that would be a clever idea. I’m not sure if this was something he discussed with the King, but it would be interesting if it turned out to be since you’d probably think Daruizen and Shindoine would be in the loop.

      Oh yeah Daruizen would be way more appropriate to be the follow up for the King.

  3. Firechick

    I heard Healin Good only has six episodes left, not seven. With Tropical Rouge getting started on February 28th, that’ll mean HG will only have 45 episodes. Who knows at this point? I’m waiting for the series to end before I pass my judgments on this episode to see how the whole thing plays out in the long run. But I do agree in that this was way too premature for this series’ standards, which is weird because the show is usually pretty good about having real stakes.

    1. Eva

      Oh I heard it was going to have 46 episodes, but I might be mixed up though if that’s the case. Otherwise maybe they’ll air two episodes for the finale? But oof, if it really is six episodes. That hurts.

      1. Firechick

        Oh, and according to the Pretty Cure fandom wiki listing HG’s episode titles, it seems like King Byogen will return in some capacity, so I doubt this’ll be the last we see of him. Of course, who knows how the later episodes will play out, and execution is everything.

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