It looks like things from the last trip to the Otherside left Toriko and Sorao with some SIDE effects (ba dum tsh). But all bad jokes aside despite the initial worry these two had regarding their newfound prizes from the Otherside it did seem to help them out in the long run. And if we’re thinking about it, heterochromia and a translucent hand isn’t the worst thing they could have gotten. At least a contact or a glove could cover that up if they didn’t want anyone to notice it – not that it seems anyone would. I’m surprised that we haven’t had any interaction with those from the “real” world aside from Kozakura who was introduced in this episode. Though, it doesn’t seem like she would really interact much with others either.

Speaking of Kozakura, I’m excited to know if she’ll have a larger role in the story more than just being the character that they check in with every once in a while. She seems like she can be a fun addition to Toriko and Sorao even just as someone who can do the research for them. But if anything, I think she’ll just stir up a little more drama between our two main characters, either accidentally or just for the fun of it. Also, I want to know more about her relationship with Satsuki since it turns out that both of them were friends before Toriko came into the picture. So, I do wonder if there are somethings about the Otherside that she’s keeping from Toriko. Granted, I don’t think it would be about Satsuki since it seems that both of them genuinely want her back. Sorao on the other hand seems a little jealous of Satsuki already.

Unfortunately, all we know about Toriko’s old partner is that she was very excited by the Otherside and then one day she just stopped communicating. So, yeah! It makes sense why Toriko continues to go back to try to find her, but the Otherside is incredibly vast and there’s a whole multitude of things that can kill you there. Honestly! As much as I want them to find her, some part of me worries that Satsuki is either… not in the Otherside anymore, or she’s become one of those things that can kill them! So good luck to everyone on this quest, just make sure that your feelings don’t get too in the way of saving each other.

As far as my overall feelings for this episode go… I really felt that it was slow to get into. I know it’s only the second episode and they still have more exposition to give us, but it just took a little while to get into the episode. Which was kind of surprising! In the first episode, despite me thinking it could be better, gave me some pretty good chills and I was really hoping for that in this episode. But those chills did eventually come once Toriko and Sorao met up with the man whose wife was Spirited Away. At least for me, I kind of figured he wouldn’t be around for long, but I did like the drama that he added to the story. First, he was able to bring up the Glitches, but more importantly he was able to bring up “Them” and even just thinking about it makes me shudder! Even if this is fiction, that’s terrifying to consider! But overall, once they reached the confrontation with Lady Hasshaku that’s really when I was most invested in the episode. Just the sheer worry Sorao had after watching their new travel companion disappear in one fell swoop and to consider that she could lose Toriko to the same person! I just think that whole segment was really well done.

So, even though it took me a minute to get invested in the episode, I’m looking forward to what the duo will face next week. And who knows what we’ll learn about the Otherside!


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