This episode was way more chilled compared to last week’s. We got a deeper look into some herbivore and carnivore interactions, some growth with Legoshi, and lots of time with Juno. The episode was pretty good, but I will say that it did jump around quite a bit and it didn’t feel so smooth. Some things did connect while others not so much so it did feel a little disjointed this time.

Though I will say, while the Sheila and Peach story could have been taken out, I’m glad we got it because it was really adorable. And worldbuilding moments like these are always great, especially when we have such an interesting world. It’s cool to see how social media plays into the world, especially with how it’s been bringing carnivores and herbivores together. Sheila wasn’t exactly happy with being part of these photos, sort of like a prop, she asks Peach out to go shop and get to know each other more. And while she didn’t expect it to go well, it was completely the opposite and the girls were able to understand each other more. Even with something simple like clothing styles or cloth material, it made the girls really understand that the other had their own issues they dealt with and that they didn’t have it easy just because they were an herbivore or carnivore. It actually mirrors Riz and Tem’s past friendship with the two of them coming to the same conclusion, but thankfully this friendship seems to be going pretty well.

And the interspecies sentiment seems to remain pretty strong in Cherryton as the rest of the clubs also want to remain the same way. We haven’t seen any opposition so far, and from what the drama girls are saying, the students of Cherryton are in favor to keep integration like normal even if the adults want segregation. But one student that is actually in favor of segregation is Juno.

She doesn’t exactly have anything against herbivores. She’d prefer supporting them from the background, but in actuality, she has an inferiority complex. She doesn’t see carnivores and herbivores as equals, and she wants segregation just so she doesn’t have to feel this inferiority. She has a personal dilemma because while she’s in line to become the next Beastar (unless Legoshi outs Riz), she simply can’t see herself being one because she doesn’t have the same ideals as Louis, who she deems more fitting of being the next Beastar. Also being given the role of Adler and basically being the beacon of hope and equality among the students must be gnawing at her. Juno’s really been surprising me this season and I like this look into her character. She easily could have been the bitchy jealous girl, and she was for a little bit, but she’s a lot more mature than she looks. She has her own issues she needs to deal with like everyone else, and who knows? Maybe it’ll be rectified by becoming friends with Haru? Maybe not so soon though.

And while Juno thinks herbivores are superior, Louis thinks of them more as a weakness. Him dropping his phone was basically one, letting go of Haru, and two, getting rid of his weakness. That little flashback scene of him and Haru flirting and being intimate was so well done and led up to his moment. Haru mentions two weak people being together, not a slight against each other but just in the sense that they’re carnivores. Louis letting go of his phone and not turning back is pretty powerful in that he now sees Haru as a sign of weakness, as well as who he once was. He’s totally accepted his new life, and he’s starting to be on the same page with Ibuki as well what with their difficult upbringings. Any chances or hopes of Louis returning to Cherryton seems slimmer now.

And last but not least, Legoshi continues his training with Gouhin. It turns out that it really was the result of the meat-resistance training that messed with Legoshi’s jaw strength. Interesting that he says he wasn’t exactly sad about it too. Legoshi is learning a new way to fight, without his fangs and instead with his limbs. Instead of fighting like a carnivore, he’s fighting more like an herbivore. It’s like he’s slowly transforming himself into an herbivore, but he’s still crazy strong. I wonder where this will lead to in the end.

I really liked this episode, though it was a little messy with how it jumped around everywhere. I’m not sure where things will go from here on out, now that we know Tem’s killer, and Louis most likely not returning. It could be we’ll continue with the segregation issue, so I hope things go well there.


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