Sheesh, I think it’s an understatement to say things are not looking for for this show right now. Regardless how you might have felt about last week’s episode (be it you loved it, hated it, or had mixed opinions), I think we can all agree this episode could have been executed better.

Of the entire episode, the King’s flexing his powers by undermining the entire town was probably the best part because it was so haunting to watch. He is also incredibly powerful at the moment, only having to flick his fingers to knock the girls out of their forms. Luckily they had back up thanks to Queen Teatinu and her veteran Healing Animals came to the town’s rescue by containing the spread and immobilizing the King. While it was cool and all, because it felt so rushed, it made it hard to appreciate. Unfortunately it didn’t get much better from there, because much to my dismay, it seemed to only get progressively worse as the episode went on.

Let’s be real here: Are we supposed to believe this was the best they could do for Shindoine?

For a fight in the final battle phase, I expected so much more. Not only did pale in comparison to Guaiwaru’s fight against the Precure, (you can’t even compare it to Daruizen’s fight in the field was so damn good, it blew everything out of the water). And if that wasn’t bad enough, are you seriously telling me that Shindoine was so weak, that even in her THIRD EVOLUTION, she couldn’t handle the girls on her own? Come on! At least make the girls have a power up or something to justify defeating her so easily (and it certainly didn’t help how much of a rushed it was). Sure they had to purify her twice so that Asumi could absorb her, but you can’t tell me they didn’t do her dirty (hell, it doesn’t help that her character has been sorely neglected from the start).

That was also why I found it rather laughable how they shifted to the strategy of Asumi absorbing the Pathogerms so she an get through the King’s barrier. Hilariously I thought of something similar just a few days ago. It wasn’t quite on the mark, but close enough I guess. Needless to say I snorted when they suggested it, because gee, you know if maybe they actually bothered to try and negotiate with Daruizen, then they could have potentially avoided this entire situation since the King wouldn’t have been able to absorb him and they would’ve been able to get through his barrier? Talk about rubbing salt on the wounds of what could’ve been, and possibly was supposed to have been.

Don’t even get me started with Asumi’s lines of “my body and soul belongs to me.” JFC, that hurt me because Daruizen said something similar. Doesn’t help that I am still grieving about Daruizen because so far he is literally the ONLY ONE who has been crying how he wants to live. If they seriously gloss over this detail, that’ll really tick me off.

Frankly I don’t know what they plan on doing next week, but I really don’t like idea that Asumi might be the one in charge of cleaning everything up. So I hope I am wrong. I already had a problem with how overpowered she is to the point she was basically the bail-out card for the girls. The main reason I disliked this approach is because we never actually got to see the girls get stronger on their own. I also can’t help but be pessimistic about the possibilities now about the chances of Daruizen being saved.

That’s why I can’t but but feel like we’re approaching an anticlimactic finale, which is incredibly disappointing for a series that had such a stronger start only to be completely screwed over by the pandemic. I hate it when external events influence the direction of a story, because more often than not, it never ends well.

Since there are only two episodes left, at this point I’m just sticking around to see the end. It would be nice if they can prove me wrong by miraculously turning this around, but right now they haven’t given me any reason to hold my breath for it.


Due to various circumstances, HCP may be have to be delayed until further notice. This is not for certain as I might be able to get back to it as soon as next week. But just in case I can’t, this is just a precautionary heads up because I have little control over my schedule at the moment. I haven’t had the time, much less the energy to work on it. Since it is not an airing title, it is my last priority at the moment. Thank you for understanding, and I promise I will get back to finish the coverage as soon as I can!


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  1. elior1

    I agree with you it was not so good episode. Also by looking at tropical rogue it sireously gives me smile vibes which was funny season with good jokes. You also get those vibes by the previews?

    1. Eva

      I have a rule of not watching the PVs for the likes of Precure and YGO so I can go into it blind, so I haven’t watched them! XD

      1. elior1

        I glad that we will have comedy light hearted season after healing good which was sireous one. And it also will cheer people after this covid era

  2. Gantarat.

    Nodokai’s situation is different since Daruizen become a large monster and lost sanity.

    Since they need “Byogen Power” mix with “Precure Power” to Defeated Neo King Byogen.

    I guarantee She found a weak Daruizen and Fuse with him to becom a vaccine.

    Toei wants Cake and Eat too since They tease too much about them.

    1. Eva

      I’ve been thinking the same thing about the vaccine theory, but I’m not even sure if they are going to bother at this point now that Asumi absorbed Shindoine. I don’t know if they are going to set it up so Asumi gains access, and then opens it up for the others, or it will be limited to her unless the girls were to do the same.

      1. gantarat

        it’s need immunity too and The only one who have right now is Nodoka.

  3. Eva

    Notice: Episode 44 will be released as a double post next week.

    1. elior1

      If you watched episode 44 i have to say while the final battle end wasn’t much the rest of the episode did make up for it

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