Although last week’s episode didn’t have much going on as it was focusing on the gradual build up leading to Mimimi’s breakdown, I was happy to learn more about how Tama and Mimimi became friends in the first place. Interestingly, Aoi had lent a hand in helping bring the two together, as Mimimi had sought her out for advice of how to befriend Tama since she was worried about her the shy one who had trouble fitting in with class. And I’m glad they showed us that because it really made this episode more special with how Tama stepped up (with some help from Fumiya) to speak up and help Mimimi deal with her feelings.

This week we finally saw Mimimi reach her breaking point. It was obvious how ever since she had crushing lost against Aoi in the Student Council race (416 to 131), it was obvious that she wasn’t okay. Mimimi had been overworking herself in desperate attempt to finally get a one up against Aoi. Sadly, despite all of her effort, she would lose time and time again. Mimimi respects Aoi, she looks up to her, she wants to shine like her, but after experiencing so many losses against her, it has finally taken a toll on her. Ugly feelings of jealousy grew more and more in her heart, and she was disgusted with how internally her heart was acting out as a sore loser. As result she felt like she had to quit the Track and Field Team because she didn’t want to be a part of that with such resentful feelings. Fortunately Fumiya and Tama were able to pull Mimimi aside and on various occasions allowed her to open up about her feelings, but also take care of her. It was very touching when Fumiya told her that to him, she is already shining, and how Tama told her she will always be her special hero. I have really come to love this trio a lot because they unexpectedly mesh together quite well. (Though I could really live without her weird sexual harassment antics to Tama). So I am glad that Mimimi was able to talk about the ugly and twisted feelings that was corrupting her heart. She needed to get that off her chest so she could properly slap the reset and know it’s going to be okay.

On the other hand, interestingly there was a bit of a clash between Aoi and Fumiya today. She wasn’t happy when she learned that Fumiya did not share the same views as she did about the value of first place. For Aoi, first place is all that matters, where as for Fumiya, values not losing to himself more so than the official ranking. He believes if being first place was the only thing that mattered, then that would make the whole world useless. And we could see that Aoi wasn’t very happy with that answer either. Luckily the disagreement didn’t blow up into something bigger. But this does show yet another example where Aoi has misjudged Fumiya’s set of values, and I am glad that he continues to stand firm on that.

As for Fuka, she has had a quiet presence so face in the arc, but Fumiya has been bonding with her nonetheless. He has since started reading Andi’s books and is actually enjoying them, so I am really happy to see that. Although it has been short, I adore their interactions. They are always super sweet to watch, and I melted when Fumiya spoke his thought out loud thinking Fuka was cute. I also really enjoy it when they are talking more serious matters, such as the shift in Mimimi’s behavior, it was nice touch to point to the gradual friendship blooming between them. Their quiet conversations in the library is a refreshing change of pace, but also a chance to be given insight not to Fuka’s character, but of things she has observed about people around her. She often thinks about people’s motivations, trying to understand their end goal since it helps her write her stories.

It is also worth pointing out, the two of them are supposed to go and see Andi’s movie in theater of “The Angel and the Caged Bird” as per Aoi’s request. I am not sure when exactly we are going to see them go, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless!

Last but not least, Shuji’s birthday finally came around and Fumiya had to give him his present. Haha! Oh boy, he was nervous but he did it, and I’m glad that Shuji didn’t blow him off and accepted the gift. But Fumiya had a mission to complete, which was talk to him for three minutes. Unfortunately he was flustered and didn’t know what to bring up, so of ALL THINGS HE COULD’VE SAID, he asked if it was true that Aoi and Takahiro were dating! Oh bless his soul. (And the rumor as officially been debunked: They are not!)

PS: Fumiya leveled up and acquired the MATCHING FRIENDSHIP ACCESSORY!


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  1. Vance

    Personally, I don’t believe Aoi and Mizusawa aren’t dating. I’m skeptical of whether Aoi told the truth about it in part because of her sociopathic tendencies. She could very believe that it’s beneath her to let others know her actual relationship status because much like how she believes in being #1 at as many things as possible, being #1 at keeping important details of her personal life, such as who she’s dating, secret. I would not put it past her to do that.

    1. Eva

      OxO That would be quite twisty if true! But you’re totally right about that.

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