So I guess show, don’t tell really doesn’t exist in this show anymore. : (

So we pick up right where we left off. Apparently Mujika is called the Evil-blooded Girl because she has special blood that can turn demons to “humans”. They won’t degenerate and don’t need to eat human flesh. Of course, there’s nothing stopping them from eating human flesh anyways, but the point is that they won’t degenerate. There aren’t any more demons like Mujika (the ones she saved) because they were all killed and eaten by the royal family and their speculation as to why makes perfect sense.

I can see Emma’s position in all this, and yet I’m having a hard time accepting it. The problem is, again, the lack of show, don’t tell and the pacing. We’ve seen Emma and the others in this demon town for one episode, and there was hardly any interaction in it. We just saw them walk around and buy things, that’s it. We’ve seen her and the others speak with that elderly demon just once, but none of that is convincing enough for me to see why Emma has such an “attachment” to the demons. We haven’t had enough time for any of that so Emma not wanting to eradicate the demons isn’t strong enough, and it’s worse when she doesn’t have much of a concrete plan. Norman and his band of buddies have everything sorted out already, though I have a problem with that anyway. Emma, well she just wants to find Sonju and Mujika and figure out a way to use Mujika’s blood (the royals’) on the demons so there’s no need for them to eat humans. And there’s so many problems with this “plan”.

One, how long would this even take? There’s probably millions of demons in the world, and they only have one girl that would MAYBE be willing to help them because there’s no way in hell the royal family would. They literally got rid of all the other ones, why would they help. Which leads to two, the royal family will just get in the way again. Emma’s question of why the royals would kill and eat their own kind was naive because the answer is obvious: they want power. When you have so much power over others, of course you’ll want to keep all this power to yourselves (against the humans), and get rid of those that could pose a threat (Mujika’s kind).

And three, and I feel this is huge: Of course they don’t need to eat humans, but there’s nothing stopping them from continuing to do so anyways. We already know of two cases that prove this. The royal family all have this special blood in them already, and yet they continue to run the farms and eat humans happily. The last time we saw Sonju, he expressed great excitement in being able to eat humans again. It’s like Norman said, you can’t expect every single demon to express the same empathy that Emma has. Some might choose to not eat humans, but there’s probably going to be way more that will still want to eat them. There’s so many problems with what Emma wants it’s kind of amazing that she doesn’t see this, and that Ray is going along with this too. They’re both such smart kids, and Ray is more of a realist and yet he’s still following along with what Emma wants without really questioning it. Like…really?

Exterminating the demons does sound pretty extreme, and I’m not entirely sure how Norman and the others will go about that as well. Norman’s plan does seem a little better, but it also seems tough to pull off. And I forgot to mention this last time, but I forgot that it’s only been a year. So in one year, Norman was able to make this poison, escape Lambda, help other kids escape, etc. I’m not sure if the manga was like this (I think the time skip was longer?) but again, it’s hard to believe. I don’t want to shit talk this season so much, but there’s so much that doesn’t make sense.

Emma and the others have 5 days to find Sonju and Mujika, but it seems pointless as Norman seems dead set on enacting his plan. He does seem to have changed quite a bit as usually he would hear Emma out more and try to make her vision come true since he’s always had a soft spot for her. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here, and he’s wanting to rush his plan because it seems like he’s going to die soon. Once a character in an anime starts coughing up blood, you know they about to die! D:

The Lambda kids seem to be having all sorts of problems with seizures and coughing up blood, so it could be that they’ll all die soon. I’m REALLY hoping that we’ll get to see Lambda next time but we are so short on time that I’m not even going to have my hopes up.

Oh, and Minerva’s gone. We never got to meet the dude and he’s gone. Will we ever meet Smee? Probably not. :/


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  1. Kazanova

    I guess to the studio, showing Emma’s friendship with Mujika is enough to explain Emma’s reason not wanting to eradicate demons. Maybe it’s acceptable to some, but lacking impact.

    And then the whole sparing the demons vs eradicating demons thing… A certain character who was supposed to appear in the entirely skipped arc is supposed to have a big role on that matter. But since that character hasn’t appeared yet so far, I wonder how that problem would be handled… My worries increased…!

    There’s only a few episodes left. They must make a Season 3. Ending it in this season would be rushing too much.

    1. Berry

      Yeah, trying to justify her mindset just because of only two demons she met were nice is extremely naive and kind of nonsensical. So far the anime hasn’t really made Emma’s side influential. And yet the other kids went along with Emma’s plan pretty quickly after they were so riled up after hearing Norman’s. They sure change sides pretty quickly. :/

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