This episode is Campaign Week with Mimimi and Fumiya! With the student council elections underway, Aoi has put their meetings on hold and is putting all of her attention onto her campaign. Much to my surprise, she instructed Fumiya to serve as Mimimi’s campaign manager because it would offer him good experience. However when she said that, I didn’t know what to think of it. There was a part of me that was kind of put off by her suggestion because it didn’t matter to her whether he was interested in supporting Mimimi. So that kind of left a bad taste in my mouth because I’m not a fan of her disingenuous approach.

That was also why I was actually happy that Mimimi had initially declined Fumiya’s offer, because frankly she doesn’t know him well enough to be sure if he is reliable. That’s why she recruited her friend Yumi. However the best part was how Fumiya ended up getting involved because he wanted to. Better yet, Fumiya proved to her how resourceful he can be by simply giving her some pointers on fixing the smaller details on campaign promises flyer, quickly earning himself the nickname “Brain”. Sure enough before long, his role expanded into helping her strategize what the campaign promises should be, and where they should be spending their time, and is even writing out her campaign speech! Fummiya is on FIRE!

And Fumiya certainly earned the title as the “Brain” with his shrewd tactics of gathering votes. First they aim for securing the Sports Clubs’ votes with the campaign promise to secure an Electric Ball Pump, then they target the first years with the promise to get air conditioning in every classroom. The reason why they only limited to the first years was because the second and third years already know that promise is unlikely to be fulfilled, so they weren’t kidding with they were talking about conning them into voting for them.

Amazingly, these two actually work quite well together, and it’s even more fun to see just how invested Fumiya is in this campaign. I love how he doesn’t do anything half-hearted anymore, and puts 100% effort into the win. A part of that is because he too shares the desire to defeat Aoi in something she is confident in winning. It’s about bringing out Nanashi into the real world, and he is also using this opportunity to test whether some of his gaming methods can be applied in the real world.

Mimimi has her weird moments (like seriously? sticking her head up Tama’s shirt, licking her belly and I believe unhooking her bra? Come on now…Even Fumiya was like ‘wtf is she doing?’), but apart from that she is a pretty cool character. She is a very friendly girl and while she can be crazy sometimes, she also has a vulnerable side she doesn’t often share with others. Fumiya is probably the second person after Tama who she shared why she decided to run for Student Council President. For Mimimi, she is looking for a win against Aoi. She is sick of being stuck in second-place, where her efforts aren’t acknowledged or remembered by anyone. It broke my heart when she started listing all of the things that come second to the firsts, and noted how nobody pays attention to the runner-up.

As it stands, Aoi is the “top boss” at the school. She is reigning dominance in the grades, athletics, and arguably popularity. A big part of that has to do with the sheer amount of effort she puts into her character and research of those around her. So these habits are incredibly resourceful when it comes to campaigning and creating connections with those who may otherwise actually be strangers to her. That’s why while Mimimi and Fumiya may not be able to defeat Aoi on their own in the real world, if they work together as a unit, perhaps they will be able to finally defeat her.

Interestingly the desire for change was quietly put into the spotlight today. It wasn’t just Aoi who expressed that, but Fuka as well. Actually she was the one who noted how she felt that Aoi had the desire to change, showing how despite how one may appear, they may not necessarily be satisfied with themselves. That’s why Mimimi wants to overcome this hurdle.

Lastly, I would also like to retract my skepticism I had towards Takahiro, because seeing him work as Aoi’s Campaign Manager goes to show he doesn’t need Fumiya to get close to Aoi. So I’ll leave it to him to just show me how it plays out. Amazingly, we didn’t actually see Fumiya and Takahiro interact at all today, but it makes sense given they are both busy with the Students Election.

I’m looking forward to see how Fumiya’s grand scheme of things for Mimimi’s big campaign speech is going to go. It appears he has been scouting ideal locations where she would be heard best from a distance to ensure that everyone hears what she has to say.

PS: Fumiya noticed how Fuka adorable today ahahaha that’s was so cute. = v =


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  1. Vance

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that Fumiya might actually end up dating Mimimi after this. She noticed he was early in Episode 2, which shows that he wasn’t so much of an afterthought to her that she didn’t notice that even though she’s not big on details as shown by this episode. She also laughs at a lot of what he says, even going so far as to insist that he’s hilarious even tough she self-reportedly only bends to the will of others, and someone who does that should be at least open to getting to know him more even if she’s just a naturally bubbly girl. Maybe Mimimi is just teasing Fumiya when she asks him if he’s going to confess his love, but perhaps there’s more to it than that. Aoi might have suggested that Fuka be the first heroine of his playthrough, but I feel dating Mimimi would be best for Fumiya as far as developing his social skills. and she might even be open to doing so.

    Anyway, as far as the Student Council election goes, I can actually see Mimimi winning now that I’ve seen this episode even though I was resigned to an Aoi victory last episode since she’s the main heroine. Fumiya is showing off what he learned in Episode 5 by offering things that sound good as campaign promises instead of making it a true battle about who has the best ideas, which shows his stance on the matter has changed since that episode considering her had previously derided such an approach. He is making a serious attempt to win people over instead of calling doing something like that a trash game. I think with Aoi being downright arrogant about Mimimi having no chance to beat her might result in either a close race or a win from Mimimi to knock Aoi off her high horse.

    1. Eva

      I don’t think Fumiya needs to date Mimimi to develop his social skills. That can be achieved by just being friends, and I think it would have a greater pay off in the long run if it were to remain that way. Not to mention, I really like their friendship, so I’d hate to see them feel awkward around each other if they were to break up if it doesn’t pan out well. But we’ll have to see how it pans out, haha.

      I would like to see Mimimi win, but mostly for her sake. Knocking Aoi off her high horse comes second to that for me, haha!

  2. Eva

    Notice: Ep 7 entry will be released double post next week with Episode 8!

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