Okay!! I thought last week was stressful, but this week absolutely takes the cake. Haijima’s last line and the last few shots aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wasn’t expecting to feel this much emotion, but here we are. Like, I don’t often agree with Haijima, but I don’t want this match to end. I really do think that this whole tournament has been really good in developing these characters, their wishes and why they are fighting for what they are fighting for. 

I don’t have too much to say about the beginning of the episode, I’m happy that just in general Subaru has good sportsmanship. I mean, he could be a whole lot worse. But even just the attempt to go out of his way to check in on the opposing team is just a step beyond what I would expect. Even if he kind of stirred the pot in their rivalry, I still think it was a good thing to do. When they actually got back out on the court, I liked the small interaction between Haijima and Kuroba and how Haijima felt defended. Personally, I think there is a lot that can be explored with that idea, since prior to joining this team, Haijima’s obsession with the sport has generally gone unsupported or he’s lost the trust of the teammates along the way. But Seiin stands behind him and will do everything they can to help him achieve his dream, and honestly that makes me happy! There were rough patches before, but they all got his back. 

As for Fukuho, oh man I just have a lot of feelings about Ochi’s return. I’ve already said a lot of my thoughts on Fukuho and Subaru in my previous entries, but when Ochi returned it really solidified how much of a key “player” he is to the team. His presence is needed and appreciated, but when Subaru looked at him from the court??? Your honor, they care each other. And it just really makes me conflicted about this whole match! I want Haijima to make it to the center court, but at the same time, I firmly believe that in a year or two that will be their time. As so many characters pointed out, there is so much pressure on Fukuho to take them all to the center court. And I think as a team, they have more cohesion – and I want to see Seiin improve on that!!! I know the final episode is coming next week, but I’m going to be happy and sad, regardless of the outcome. Both teams do deserve the chance! 

But the ending. Oh my god the ending. That is what has me the most stressed about all of this. They framed it so well. First and foremost we have the desperation from Subaru as he makes this shot. It’s his shot to stay in the game and to keep everyone’s dreams alive. Then there’s Oda, the unsung hero of everything. I would be so proud of him if he truly did block that final attempt. But what REALLY gets me is Haijima’s final lines followed by the volleyball hitting the court. I get the sentiment that he’s having as well. Despite wanting to take the victory and more to the next game. He’s having a lot of fun playing a challenging opponent. Someone that he does look at and think “They are strong and I want to beat them”. Like at the end of the day, no matter how much stress he is under, he is having fun! And the longer he can play the better!  But I am so nervous for next week. 

Currently, I’m going into next week with the anticipation that Oda broke through and was able to block Subaru. I don’t think that the final episode should be super focused on the current match. It would be nice to have a few scenes of characters processing their victories and their losses. I’m also interested to know if they are going to announce a second season. I anticipate that regardless of the outcome, there is more of this story to tell. If Seiin wins, then they have at least one more match to play. If they lose, well the team needs to build up for the future. Gah… I can’t believe the finale is really next week. I’m at the edge of my seat, I really want to know how the rest of this set played out. 


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