Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episodes 47 + 48

Episode 47

After a fantastic episode… of course they follow it up with filler episode. While I’ve complained a lot about some of the filler episodes while praising other ones, I’m pretty indifferent to this one. This episode didn’t particular anger me in any way, it was just kind of there. Joe gets caught up in a feud between two Digimon gangs that have been fighting over the water fountain and both he and Gomamon get taken to two different camps. I feel like this episode could have been so much more interesting since it forced Taichi and Agumon to separate to find their two friends, leaving both of them fairly powerless… Though they could literally have taken a moment to wake their friends since I’m sure they would be quite concerned to hear one of their friends was kidnapped. :/

Taichi gets accompanied by Nohemon which is basically a patch crow controlling a puppet body, who was the guardian of the watering hole until the dark lightning brought the two gangs and chased off the Digimon living in the area. While I did like that because Nohemon got injured in a previous battle with the gangs, Taichi had to help use his archery powers, I just didn’t feel that much for the relationship. Though I will admit that the episode was littered with very cute moments with Agumon and Gomamon. Their interactions with the enemy Digimon was rather entertaining as Gomamon just did not seem concerned for his safety whatsoever. And Agumon just kind of walts into the base with a cheerful attitude.

They made it seem like evolution was going to be a topic of interest in the episode with the two leaders of the gangs were rookie leveled Digimon who were left behind in evolution by their “helpers” or “brothers” or whatever they actually were. But there was just one shocked expression upon seeing Agumon and Gomamon evolving before dropping it. Maybe it will be brought back up later, but I feel like it was a missed opportunity. It felt like the episode brought up some very interesting points, but didn’t really run with them and gave us the bare minimum, leaving this episode feeling kind of empty.

This episode felt strange and out of place almost, especially coming after a great Angemon episode. I don’t have any strong feelings for it though so I guess I’ll leave it at that.


Episode 48

Um… Did they just commit mass genocide????

Because, it certainly looked that way. If they did, kudos to the writers because I honestly didn’t believe they would go that far. Sure, we know that the Digimon we’ve met and befriended are fine, but that doesn’t negate the fact hundreds if not thousands of Digimon must have been obliterated with that floating continent. Though now that I think about it, Neemon’s group weren’t shown with Leomon and the others…

Anyways, before I go more into that, we’re finally put on track with the actual plot, to which I was so happy. Though it definitely took their time getting back on track because we’re just about to reach the 50’s in episode count. Kudos to those who have joined me on this up and down series. In any case, MY MANS LEOMON IS STILL ALIVE. This is probably the longest a Leomon has survived and while I don’t want to get my hopes up, I hope it stays that way. BREAK THE LEOMON DEATH CURSE PLEASE.

However, things can’t stay happy for too long now that they’re just moments away from FAGA and using the data they got from Agumon, Gabumon and Patamon, freaking Mugendramon is created from the data collected by Sephirothmon to test the kids’ strength while also trying to destroy the Cloud Continent as it is strangely descending from the sky. I hope we get an explanation for that later because a floating continent wouldn’t be coming down for no reason. But considering the Angemon/Devimon question that had been lingering in the back of my mind since the whole “my old friend” was eventually addressed, I’m sure they’ll give us an answer to the floating continent.

When Mugendramon appeared, not gonna lie, I was excited. Especially since this thing first appeared out of an enraged evolution from Metalgreymon prior. I recall mentioning that it was only a matter of time before the megas start popping up from their previous battles and for some reason, I didn’t think it would be Mugendramon they’d summon first. But it also makes sense because this thing is a freaking BEAST now fully equipped with its two cannons on its back. Initially when the battle started, I was like: Are we not going to address the fact that this is what Agumon turned into in his rage???? Thankfully Yamato granted me my wish since technically only him and Takeru were around to see it. Taichi doesn’t remember and the others were back in the human world. And while it was just briefly touched upon it, I was just glad to see that Yamato remembered and it also made sense for him not to bring it up to the others since this probably wasn’t the time to just go: Hey, Taichi, that’s what Metalgreymon turned into that one time. Maybe it will be brought up later, but I’d be fine if they don’t.

The kids start getting overwhelmed as their ultimate leveled Digimon just can’t compete with an overpowered mega. Even with the combined efforts of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, they still couldn’t lay a scratch on this thing. And I’m not gonna lie, I was a little worried when Mugendramon blew past Wargreymon’s attack and looked like they were going to just end them. And for a split second, it did look like they were about to die if not for Hikari allowing Angewomon to use the rest of her power to grant Wargreymon a holy power up, similarly to what Angemon did back in episode 20.

At first I was a little annoyed that Taichi decided to take on Mugendramon on his own since the others got taken out so quickly. Even telling Yamato to go on without him. But the more I thought about it, it started feeling a bit more poetic. Mugendramon was an accidental evolution for Metalgreymon that came out of intense grief and rage. In a sense, it feels like they’re facing their past mistake and making things right, even if they aren’t aware of it. And hey, I’ll gladly take any opportunity to watch Wargreymon fight.

The animation in this episode looked like it kind of suffered. Which is kind of disappointing since Wargreymon went HAM in this episode. But I will forgive it if they’re saving up for a battle like what happened in the first episode. Because the animation was absolutely stellar in that first episode. However, I will commend them for still making things look epic with the Wargreymon fight. Sure there wasn’t the fluid movement and choreography I had hoped to see with Wargreymon, but I absolutely love that they had him use so many different tactics to win the fight and wasn’t just him throwing a ball of energy at the opponent and ending them. The fight felt pretty raw. Though not as raw as the Mugendramon and Donedevimon fight, but the fact that Wargreymon not only got freaking stabbed through the chest, had his back shield and his left gauntlet destroyed. All the while taking both Mugendramon’s arms and tail with him. But going back to when Wargreymon got pierced through the chest, I was not expecting that. I thought he was just getting knocked away or was settled in between the claws like they typically do in a kid’s action show. But NOPE, went straight through the chest and Wargreymon saying “this is nothing” had “tis but a flesh wound” energy lol.

While not animated to peak budget, it was still a pretty entertaining fight with both sides losing scraps of themselves. I mean, Wargreymon freaking decapitates Mugendramon, which not gonna lie, was pretty metal. And I just absolutely love the shot of Wargreymon finishing the job with a point blank range Gaia Force with him mustering up what was left of his strength and pushed through to stop Mugendramon’s cannons. Alright, I’ll stop with my Wargreymon gushing.

But things don’t stop there. Because Vademon is sore loser, he has Mugendramon launch its torso up and self destruct on the Cloud continent. Seeing the blast, my mouth dropped because… did they just destroy that entire continent with all those Digimon still on it??? Things were already at 100, but then it hiked up to 1000 because it looked like a mass genocide just happened, with Wargreymon and Taichi caught in the middle of it. I really hope that’s not the case, but I’ll brace myself for the worst when the next episode comes around. It also seems like this isn’t the end of Mugendramon because it probably will have a bigger role to play when it comes to Millenniummon because after looking it up, I saw that it has Mugendramon’s cannons on its back…

This was a pretty great episode and not only because I got my Wargreymon fix. We’re finally back on track with plot and quite the amount of stakes (if there’s anything left of the continent that is). There was some minor character growth from Yamato who would like to take care everything on his own, left it up to Taichi to defeat Mugendramon. I feel like part of his worry stemmed from Taichi having to face what Metalgreymon became and it does make me wonder if it will be addressed again. Some questions were also brought up around Hikari since she seems to have a pretty deep six sense when it comes to Millenniummon. Not to mention that when she was activating her Digivice, for a brief moment, it seemed like she had entered the same space that Millenniummon was shown in. I’m definitely curious to see how this all plays out and I’m sure that Hikari and Takeru are going to have major roles since their partners were pivotal parts in attempts to bring back Millenniummon. So I’m looking forward to that.

Speaking of which, I find it funny how we got some Takeru/Hikari moments despite them being babies lol.

Anyways, things are definitely ramping up if not already through the roof now that we’re FINALLY out of filler purgatory.


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  1. Yeah, let’s not get our hopes high about Leomon. In the original Adventure anime, Leomon reappeared after many episodes, only to be killed by MetalEtemon. That may happen again here…! I have little hope for Leomon’s survival. (TT_TT)

    Speaking about genocide, didn’t the Dark Masters from the original also committed mass genocide? So this is not really the first time a Digimon genocide happened.

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