Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou – Ep 7

Oh mannnnnnn…. Sayu just can’t catch a break. Just when she decided she wanted to think carefully about her future, but now all the sudden she has new problem: Her brother is onto her, and he’s serious about finding her.

I don’t like Kyouya the slightest, but I am so glad that Sayu was not on her own in that situation. Everyone has been hyper aware of a suspicious luxurious car lurking around the store lately. Sayu already had an inkling it belonged to her family, but didn’t say anything about it until she saw her elder brother Ogiwara Issa out come out of it. Seeing her reaction, Kyouya quickly helped her hide in the office and feigned ignorance when her brother showed up and handed him his business card, explaining he is looking for Sayu.

We already knew things were complicated with her household, but we have yet to be given the full story of what makes it that way. The only clue we have is that she is from a rich household. I say that with the presumption brother inherited the family business, as he is CEO and President of Ogiwara Food.

In the past Sayu mentioned how her parents don’t really care what she’s doing or if she’s alive or no, but she while doing so, she neglected to mention she has an elder brother. Like her parents, we have not heard or seen what kind of relationship she has with him yet either. It is rather curious to see that he was the one to travel all this way to get in contact with her. However after dealing with her brother, Kyouya described him to be the type who thinks they can use their power/influence to control other people’s lives. And based on how terrified Sayu was about the prospects of being dragged back home, (the poor girl was shaking), I wouldn’t be surprised if that applied to her as well.

This development is certainly a frustrating one for Sayu. All she wanted was time to prepare mentally herself to face whatever’s waiting for her when she returns home. To have that freedom of choice stripped from her is a sure way to crush her resolve and optimism for the future. Furthermore, this adds to the stress and fear of causing Yoshida problems. Now that we know she is from a powerful family, and the way Kyouya described her brother, yeah, I would be worried too. Now that she is being driven into a corner, it is only a matter of time before she is found.

Without knowing the full extent of the situation, it’s hard to say whether Sayu should take action on what she wants to do while she still has the freedom of choice, attempt to negotiate with her brother for more time, or bid her time until it finally runs out. Nevertheless, the subject of facing the fear of working hard for something, only to lose it was a promient theme today.

Or more accurately, it was brought up by Mishima, who decided to confront Gotou about where she stands with Yoshida right now. She has become increasingly jealous of Gotou and Sayu, and has grown impatient and frustrated by just about everything that revolves around Yoshida, including the man himself. While Mishima continues to annoy me with her pushy attitude, Gotou has continued to impress me with how maturely she is responding to the situation with Sayu. She is not going to stress herself out about the possibility of Yoshida falling for Sayu. As she says, if it happens, it happens. And if one tries to force things to be something they shouldn’t be, the time passes and it’ll go back to how things were. Mishima on the other-hand thought Gotou was being a coward, but I beg to differ, because I agree with Gotou’s point here.

And I find it rich of Mishima to be criticizing people when she is the unreasonably pushy one. While I get her sentiment of being scared about losing things she didn’t try to get than not trying at all, good grief, the way Mishima goes about it absolutely terrible. There is nothing charming about her behavior and frankly at this point, I just find her character to be simply unlikable.

She does this again when she decides she’ll ask Yoshida to go to a movie with her right after work, but he declines because Sayu has already prepped dinner for them. So she obnoxiously demands him to give her his phone number. Gosh this was so annoying. Just because he gave his number to Gotou and Sayu, doesn’t mean she is entitled to getting it too. SHEESH. He gives in and they exchange contact,

Incredibly, Yoshida was somehow dense enough not to realize that Mishima is super into him, so in order to get him to understand that, she ended up confessing to him on the spot. She was ticked off because he made the assumption that he is not interesting enough to be worth talking to unless there’s a special reason for it.

But man, she really ticked me off when she when she said “You pretend to be nice to everyone, but in the end you’re always put the way you see things over everything else, and then even though you’re only doing the things you want to, you convince yourself you’re doing it for their sake! It’s a bad habit of yours.”

First off, bugger off. Yoshida isn’t pretending to be nice to everyone, and that’s real rich coming from a brat who can’t take a hint that he isn’t into her! Ugh, she is insufferable. I don’t have the patience for these type of characters. She is constantly lashing out, and I don’t think that’s fair to Yoshida or anyone for that matter at all.

To end things on a higher note, Sayu found a box with Yoshida’s high school graduation album. They talked a bit about his girlfriend at the time, a senior who everyone admired. I thought it was a very funny when Sayu pointed out how he seems to be into pretty and older girls. It was also a good way to break the brief tension that had form between them after Sayu had accidently stumbled on top of him (I burst out laughing when he pointed out the dirty wet rag on his shoulder).

But while looking back at his past and talking about his former girlfriend, Yoshida mused how she had described him to be clingy, and she didn’t want somebody to cares about her so much. I thought this was a great insight to his character, because it just goes to show even more that Yoshida isn’t the half-hearted type of guy. He has always carried the belief, that it’s natural to care for someone, and if you love someone, you want to make them happy.

Of course hearing something like this, Sayu couldn’t help but wonder if that can be applied to her, but she quickly changed the subject when she realized what she was asking. I think it’s safe to say at this point both Sayu and Yoshida love each other, but whether it’s strictly platonic or romantic is something that has yet to be determined. It’s also worth noting that Sayu doesn’t appear to have a lot of expirence of being loved by family in general, which explains why she sometimes felt fullfilled/needed for a bit when she slept with others). So being loved and cared for is a new feeling for her, but even so, I think most of us can agree Sayu has truely fallen for him.

Anyways we’ll have to see how they will tackle things next week. I would be genuinely surprised if they somehow go through the next episode without her brother confronting either her or Yoshida. While Kyouya said she doesn’t work there, I’m sure given how they have been staking out the shop, they know she does. It’s just a matter of whether they will confront while heading home, or perhaps just show up at their door.


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