To Your Eternity – Episode 6

This episode was a lot of fun! Which was certainly welcome after what last week brought us. I really wasn’t too sure what this episode was going to bring, but it was overall really cute with tons of growth for Fushi! Of course, there were plenty of moments that just tugged on the heartstrings, but at the end of the day, I’m just really hyped for the upcoming arc! What sort of stimulation will you get this time, Fushi?

Right off the bat, I just want to say that I haven’t recovered from the loss of March in last week’s episode, so seeing Fushi transform into her definitely hurt. Just the acknowledgement that when he wanted food, he would turn into her. Arguably it’s because she was the nimblest, but I think being the boy or the wolf would have also accomplished the goal…  And just seeing March with those yellow eyes – I’m glad we get to see her physical form again… but she’s just not the same March. But just taking on that form when he climbed up to the fruit after Pyoran tried to eat him and started throwing them down angrily??? ahhhhh that definitely gave me some emotions. But probably what hurt me the most in this episode was the mid-episode card. March and oniguma were added to the drawing on the wall ; __ ; I had to pause the episode just to take that all in. I sound like a broken record, but they just keep throwing those punches.

But beyond all that sadness, we also got to see quite a bit of growth from Fushi in this episode. I really wasn’t expecting him to learn language as fast as he did, and I’m curious if it felt that fast in the manga. But I loved the way he was enamored with Pyoran as she was trying to draw the map. It was just… so wholesome, I love that childlike intrigue and exploration. And then over time he just continues to grow his vocabulary with the simple things! Fruit! Fish! Yum!! This episode brought some much-needed warmth and for a while it was just something that made me happy to watch. Seeing him learn everything and eventually communicate with language? That just brought a smile to my face!

Now that he’s able to communicate, he can tell people about his experiences. It’s still limited, but he can still tell a story. I really hope he’s able to talk more about the unnamed boy that he met in the village even if he was much more privative that he is now. Like, in the future if he’s able to tap into their memories or communicate with the souls? Oh…. that would hurt, but I… would be genuinely curious to see how they would all react to how Fushi is using their likeness to travel around. But just by the fact that he is taking on their likeness is enough. He’s the memory of them quite literally in the flesh! He’s proof that they existed and they all had stories and dreams to tell. I’m probably overthinking it, but I really can’t tell what this anime will throw at us each week! I’m just scared that we haven’t seen the saddest of things yet. Hoo…. just thinking that there’s more makes me nervous.

I wish I had more to say about the attack by the mysterious creature, but at the end of the day I think it was just a pretty solid fight. I liked that Fushi’s creator made an appearance to directly communicate with him… even though Fushi didn’t really understand what was happening. But at the same time, I think that’s what made the whole fight much more engaging. The creator let’s Fushi know about that feeling of missing something without necessarily remembering what it was. I just wish the whole fight were a little bit longer – I honestly thought we were going to lose the unnamed boy for longer and we’d have to go find him again. (Though, I am happy with the outcome. I would have been sad to see him taken away). Though, now we have a threat against Fushi and his existence and quite frankly whatever that thing is, it is so much more a threat than Hayase. At least with her we can regenerate and retaliate. But with this?? You can’t transform into anything once it takes that identity and those memories away from you. Fushi you better keep on learning and getting stronger. Things are going to keep coming after you and you need to protect yourself and everyone’s memories you are carrying!!

I’m excited to see who we’re going to meet in next week’s episode! It seems like it’s going to be another fun one, but they might just be tricky me with such an upbeat and happy preview. I’m going to keep my hopes up! I hope Fushi gets to learn even more and achieve more stimulation – though hopefully he’ll become stimulated by something other than death!!


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