Tokyo Revengers – Episode 5

Listen Takemichi if you fail your mission this time around, I’m going to have to take things into my own hands and save Draken myself. He is too good to die this young!! Yeah, he’s a delinquent and can get violent, but he has a kind heart and in just a couple words and kind actions he’s quickly become a character that I would hate for us to lose.

Oh man, what another wild ride of an episode. Poor Takemichi lost his job in the future, but that just means he has plenty of time to focus on the past. At least he’s probably getting a final direct deposit. Does he have to pay rent if he’s just unconscious with Naoto? Maybe next week his landlord will come after him for not paying the rent – though maybe Naoto’s got that all covered with his policeman salary. But hey! Past Takemichi found himself in a pretty interesting position. But kudos for him for getting out of there, he’s got a good girlfriend so I hope he doesn’t end up losing Hina in another way. Though, I hope Takemichi… or heck even Hina can help out Emma and Draken and get them on the same page. It’s interesting to hear what Emma says considering Draken is shown to be so kindhearted in this episode. Perhaps he just doesn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.

Considering his death is oncoming maybe the couple’s mediation will have to wait. And dang… considering the reason they are going to fight the Moebius gang things are not going to end without people getting hurt. Like the fight club from Kiyomasa was one thing, but everything Moebius did to Pah’s girlfriend and family??? That’s super intense. If they are going to fight, I sure hope they aren’t going to hold back. Like… there’s no redemption to what Moebius did… it’s just messed up. But it really does emphasize the severity of what these kids were getting into and makes sense that people could actually die. Middle School fight club is one thing, but crimes resulting in the serious hospitalization of innocent bystanders – some of whom are also in Middle School – is on a whole other level. It actually makes me kind of nervous to see if they’re going to step up the severity more in future episodes.

I’m nervous for next week if they do actually start the fight at the festival. Draken was such a good character in this episode I hope he comes out unscathed… if not unscathed, I hope he at least comes out alive. Takemichi you can still be his bodyguard even if he says he doesn’t need one. Please protect him. Not only for Mikey’s conscious, but also just because he’s a good guy deep down. He may be a delinquent, but he has morals and a kind heart. He’s Mikey’s closest friend (at least as far as we’ve seen), he knows how his friend works. I mean he made sure to bring the little flag for Mikey’s kids’ meal AND THEN carried him out when he fell asleep. But he also recognized that the situation with Pah’s girlfriend is not something they can separate him from. Yeah, they didn’t do the horrendous things to the girl but there’s still some responsibility to it. Draken doesn’t say much, but when he does, it really cuts through. “We’ll deal with our problems in our own world. All of our crew have families and people important to them. We can’t let innocent people get dragged into this. We can’t make their friends and family cry. You don’t have to bow your head. Just have a heart that cares for others.”  DRAKENNNNNN ;__;  he’s a good guy and I hope Takemichi can save him!

Another really good episode this week! I’m certainly enjoying the series and find myself super exited for the next episode. It’s really taken all of my willpower not to pick up the manga, but I don’t want to spoil myself. Instead, I just want to be swept up the ride (and then pick it up afterwards lol). Takemichi I’m counting on you. If you mess up your mission….


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