Another fun Joe centered episode as always… with some very uncomfortable insinuations. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Joe episode since they always seem to throw my expectations out the window. And this episode was no exception. Though I will admit that the TonosamaGekomon situation was a bit unsettling.

Joe, Hikari and Takeru were trying to visit the hot springs to heal Patamon and Tailmon from their strenuous god-like evolutions during the Millenniumon fight. However, when they get there, it’s not only snowing, but the hot springs seemed to have dried up. It is then that we meet some Digimon seemingly pretending they are feudal-like Japanese with the whole Japanese mansion and garden aesthetic. Not to mention a Kabuki actor and a freaking shogun. Things go from weird to bad real quick when it is revealed that the hot springs dried up because of the greedy lord of the mansion who wanted the steamy bath to himself. And then things go from bad to worse when TonosamaGekomon chooses Gomamon to be his bride because he’s soft and fluffy… Which makes me wonder what was wrong with Tailmon since she also seems very soft and fluffy because she is a cat. Whatever I guess…

I was not a fan of how TonosamaGekomon trying to force Gomamon to be his bride, especially with the insinuations of certain situations. Like if this wasn’t a kids show… I don’t even want to think about it >_>. I couldn’t help but feel really bad for Gomamon through out the episode because he was just being harassed the entire time. He certainly did his best to hold his own with his circumstances and I really do like how he was able to catch onto Joe’s plans without being told ahead of time.

While Nanimon freaks me out, I do appreciate that they and Blossomon formed a sense of camaraderie with Joe during their time in the hot springs all those episodes ago. And with their help, Joe forms a plan to get TonosamaGekomon and the others to come to them. What I really like about Joe episodes is that he is doesn’t necessarily outpower the enemy, but he outsmarts them, which is pretty true to his character. And the way he outsmarts the enemy is always fun to watch. Gomamon is such a good partner with Joe because while he doesn’t always understand Joe, he is able to react in response of Joe, allowing their teamwork to really shine.

By tricking TonosamaGekomon into jumping into basically a pond, Joe was able to tap into its weakness by throwing a bunch of snow into it, sucking away its power and then finishes both TonosamaGekomon and Kabukimon off by electrocution. I do tend to like Joe more when he’s coming up with plans to defeat the enemy. His battles are never straightforward, which I appreciate.

While this didn’t really add much plot-wise, I can always appreciate a fun episode despite the uncomfortable subtext at times. I laughed a lot more than expected from the reactions of certain characters. Like when Nanimon blew a kiss to TonosamaGekomon and just everyone’s horrified expressions when TonosamaGekomon tried to kiss Ikkakumon. All of their reactions specifically in that group reaction was just so derpy, making it 2000% more hilarious. Who drew that freaking panel lol. There was just so much gold in it.  Also the fact that Zudomon was too manly for TonosamaGekomon tastes. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS MUCH METAL ENERGY.

I was a little disappointed that Taichi HAD to come into play somehow since I actually enjoyed just watching Joe and the kids. But I do appreciate that he pretty much was just a support and didn’t take the spotlight away from Joe. I was a bit surprised that Gomamon didn’t achieve his mega form this episode, but I do like that the mega evolutions aren’t going to be just one episode after the other and it seems like they’re going to be spaced out a little. Though it did hint that Gomamon may get his mega evolution relatively soon. I mean, there are only 13 episodes left so just how spaced out can they afford to make the mega evolutions at this point?



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