Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu Episode 11

Ahaha, poor Sei, trying to cope with her mortifying trigger for her powers. She went through the entire list, hoping, just hoping that it wouldn’t be exclusively limited to Albert, but low and behold, he’s the one she needs to think about to activate it. Ah, the power of love. Though I have to give Sei credit for trying to keep herself sane by thinking of it as a means to carry out her “work”. It helped her from exploding out of of sheer embarrassment while she was practicing casting controlling and casting the spells on various potted plants Corina had supplied to her.

While doing so, Leonhardt was finally told that that Sei is the Saint after he attempted to recruit her into his mercenary group. Corina sure gave him an earful for it. But it was thanks to that we got to see Albert act petty for the first time with the way he chided Leonhardt for speaking informally to Sei (when he knows well that she doesn’t care for formalities), and giving him quite a frosty glare. Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, they ended up watering down the scene and opted to cut out the detail highlighting Albert’s jealousy. I was cautiously optimistic that they wouldn’t do that, but alas, they did. I am not surprised, but I’m still disappointed. It is a shame because it would have been fun to see everyone notice his emotions taking the reigns of his powers by the temperature dropping. And frankly I don’t think there are any good reasons why they decided to leave it out (apart from the fact they cut out the part Leonhardt had been holding Sei’s shoulders). Like come on, couldn’t they have included it by making the characters shiver? I know it’s a trivial matter, but at this point I am just fed up with the way they are cutting corners with Albert’s character, especially when he is the freaking main love interest.

At least I got to enjoy seeing Albert notice how flushed Sei was and was worried about it. Although I do find it rather ironic and hilarious how the most forward guy seemingly unaware that she is blushing because of him! You’d think he would be a bit more self-aware in that regard, haha!

They also had another sweet moment when Leonhardt asked if the Kingdom would be fine with Sei treating her job as the Saint as something she is doing on the side. Albert didn’t even blink when he unanimously countered it’s fine that way. Even earlier on Albert had enthusiastically supported her excitement about looking for new herbs in the woods.

And finally it is expedition time, and just as Albert and Leonhardt has said, the monsters in this forest are no joke. They are a lot more dangerous than the ones found around the Capital, and in this particular case, the fact both the mercenaries and the Knights of the Second Order lack mages in their crew. This is a big problem because magic is the only effective way to deal with the horde of monsters they are facing in these woods: The Slimes. The Knights of the Second Order are critically dependent on the few mages that are with them (Sei, Albert and a few others), that’s why they have sent out a request for mages in the Royal Magi Assembly to join them on their expedition. Luckily for them, Yuri was around when they got the message and imeaditely jumped on the opportunity to head out to Klausner after whining about being left behind. Hilariously, he ended up dragging Aira along for the ride. So while it wasn’t planned, this will be the first time we get to see the girls co-op together, as well as a chance to see Aira perform in a much tougher and grueling environment than the woods Kyle has taken her before.

Needless to say, I am very glad the expedition started this episode. I just hope this means they will properly capitalize on giving us the much desired action that we wanted to see during the first expedition because I am so sick of the pan-shots. Yuri’s explosive arrival is absolutely the best way to kick it off, and gosh please go all out with it properly because that guy has a lot to show in this expedition. With next week being the final episode (damn, I’m gonna miss this, and I gotta wait till December for Vol 5 to come out…), so let’s finish with a bang!


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4 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    With the anime set to cover Seijo’s 1st 4 books, this only leaves Vols 5-7 left for adaptation.
    Vol 7 only came out in Japan last month; so I predict any decision to make a S2 based on available material will only come after more book volumes get released (new volumes tend to come out roughly every 7-8 months minimum.)

    I’ve read the webnovel version up to its most recent chapter, so if you like I could share some basic plot direction points from there in next week’s post.
    (Not sure if the LN = WN or if they add bonus content to it.)

    I can definitely say the plot pacing and progress is generally veeery slooow and laidback though, focusing more on Sei’s happy-slice-of -living (with dashes of romance here and there).

    Btw, I noticed Idolish7 S3 is airing next season. Since you’ll be on break then, are there plans to have replacement coverage for it?

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I don’t think Season 2 (if ever) will be happening any time soon. Definitely needs 4 volumes min before adapting more unless they actually feel there’s enough content to get away with it.

      Ooooh that’s a tempting offer when the translations won’t be caught up until much later next year! asdlaksdjhas, I’m a bit torn whether to keep myself in the dark about it or not since that’s part of the fun. XD

      Considering how slow it likes to be, it’s probably better if I don’t know because it might just make me even more impatient hahahaha! Thank you for the offer though! Maybe put it in the spoiler tags? Save this for next week: (Replace the 0 with “<” “>” to close the tags)

      0summary0 [SPOILER] 0/summary0 0details0 Spoiler Content Here 0/details0

      Yes Shadow will be covering Idolish7 S3 in my stead. She also covered Vibrato when I couldn’t, so it’s in good hands. I was almost tempted to call off the summer break because of it. I had planned taking the season off before the third season’s air date was announced so when they revealed summer I was like FFFFFF— WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME! XDDDDD At least it’s a split cour this time!

  2. Oh no! Aira became one of Yuri’s guinea pigs! At least, you won’t be alone handling Yuri now, Sei! You two girls can endure well together facing his eccentricness! XD

    If what you’re saying is true, then it’s indeed really too bad they skipped those parts that would’ve brought out Hawke’s jealousy. It would’ve been interesting! Anime these days tends to skip many amusing/interesting parts! (TT_TT)

    The next week is the final episode….I hope there’ll be a season 2 in the future somehow.

    • Eva says:

      Even though Aira isn’t the Saint, she still can’t escape Yuri’s shenanigans! LMAO!

      Definitely try out the novels! It’s a relaxing and pleasant read! But if you’re more of a manga person, then you should be just fine with that given how faithful it has been with adapting the material. It’s just a matter of having to wait longer given the pace of the release (1 chapter per month, broken up into 4 parts). At least the scene that was tweaked in this week’s episode will be coming up soon, and I imagine it will be included too. :3

      I would certainly like to see a Season 2 in the future because watching this is so relaxing! But I do hope that they would smarten up about what they choose to cut out next time.

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