To Your Eternity – Episode 10

Thank goodness for Gugu! If it weren’t for him being so stubborn, we wouldn’t have gotten such a happy ending to the episode. And that ending was so happy, I was just waiting for something to come back and cause catastrophe. Thankfully, that never came, but there’s always next week’s episode. But for now, let’s focus on what happened today!

These Nokker’s are a force to be reckoned with. They were trouble when we first met them, but at least Fushi was able to claim victory over them. This time it doesn’t seem like he’s lucky enough to beat them on his own. What’s interesting about this episode is that we don’t really see where Fushi’s downfall occurs. It’s said that since he’s been with the boozeman he hasn’t really learned anything in terms of becoming physically stronger, but I think I’d argue that he’s learned quite a bit since settling down with this little group. Now, it doesn’t help him in a fight… at least on his own. Which is where we get Gugu to come in and save the day!!

Really, for me, this episode can be summed up as “Hooray for Gugu!!” because he really made this episode come together. He’s the one able to come up with the plan to rescue Fushi by using the alcohol inside himself to start a major fire. So, not only does he manage to save Fushi, but he’s also able to put on quite the show when he returns to get more alcohol. I just love how he barged right in and really just by passed Rean despite her family finding her. Arguably, that isn’t his biggest concern though… he’s drunk and he needs to save his monster brother. But hey! He doesn’t really have a filter anymore! He’s able to just confess his feelings for her right out of the gate before charging back off into the woods to set it ablaze.

Thankfully, he was able to rescue Fushi in the end. I loved the way they reunited, both with just the sincere care for each other, but also Fushi biting Gugu’s hand. It really made such a stressful battle end on a nice soft note! And it was a pleasant transition into the remainder of the episode. I love that Fushi fights back against his creator, saying that he needs Gugu and that Gugu will protect him. I know those words are going to sting later on, but for now it was nice to hear! At least we know that he gets a solid four years of living with this family without too much trouble, so that’s nice :’) . I’m glad that we got to see the time skip before the end of the episode. It was nice to see how much Gugu has grown as an individual, both physically and emotionally. It makes me happy that we at least get to see one of Fushi’s companions grow a little bit older – so here’s to hoping that Gugu gets to keep on growing! (Also, it’s kind of funny to see the growth difference between Gugu and Fushi. Gugu gets muscles and his voice gets deeper. Fushi… gets acne and stubble. Ah, the joys of puberty.)

This episode had a really nice balance of stress, comedy, and general relaxed moments. I had a great time and am really looking forward to the absolute emotional rollercoaster that I’m predicting will come next week. But for this week, Gugu really carried the episode. He had it all, fire, booze, abs, and a thoughtful retrospection on his growth with Fushi. It was a great time all around! I hope Gugu is able to continue to be a pillar of support for Fushi!


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