Bokutachi no Remake Episode 2

I don’t like using the word cringe all that much, but holy crap there is so much cringe fanservice. The trope of the oblivious erotic girl is annoying, but the WORST was that beginning scene. This trope is so overused, so stupid, and maybe I’m overreacting, but the trope of the girl smacking the MC because he saw her half naked even though it’s entirely her fault is just plain dumb. And then that scene in the convenience store, ugh…we go from a nice emotional talk between the two and then Kyoya’s got Nanako’s boobs on his head and he’s chuckling like a horny pervert. Like…there is more to Nanako’s character as we’ve seen and that’s great, but these forced fanservice scenes are very cringe and I hate them. A lot.

Okay, enough of that.

So this episode was fine, not as good as the first one. On top of the very unfunny fanservice scenes, I felt like the episode went a little too quick with a lot of things thrown in there. Which is kind of funny considering the theme of their project is about time and them worrying about keeping it under the three minute limit. The conflict between Kyoya and Tsurayuki I think could have been handled better since it felt too dramatic with how small the problem was. It wasn’t like Tsurayuki was too mad at Kyoya anyways so I guess it wasn’t a big deal, but the show did make it a big deal? I’m not sure, it felt weird to me. Kyoya did get a good lesson into production so at least there was that.

I’m also not sure why Kawasegawa suddenly got so hostile towards Kyoya at the train station. I guess word got out that his group were having creative differences and she suddenly took it upon herself to whip him into shape? Also being competitive since they have the same type of idea going on. That also felt kind of like it came out of nowhere so, hm, kinda weird.

There were some pretty good moments in the episode though. I love the whole theme of “Time” and their idea of the train is very cool. It did get pretty tense between Tsurayuki and Kyoya again with Kyoya accidentally coming up with his idea of his story from the future. The way Tsurayuki questioned him makes it seem like there might be something, or it’s just a bluff. Either way, there’s not enough to make that assumption. The idea of the passing of time with the train is nice, and I especially loved seeing our main characters feeling the time pass while they all sat on the bench at the train station. It’s a feeling they understand well, and each for different reasons. This episode also did pretty well in letting us get to know some of the characters a little bit more, so I appreciate that. Kyoya himself continues to be determined, but I still need to see more from him. When it comes to the others, I’m sort of getting attached to them. Sort of. Shinoaki was more passive this episode being the typical moe cute girl, and Nanako can have her moments when the forced comedy doesn’t get in the way. Tsurayuki can get a little dramatic but I like his personality.

I also really appreciate taking a look into the production side of things when making a short film, since it’s not exactly an area that gets enough attention in media. I’m really interested in the whole assignment in general! When it comes to our group, I wonder if Kyoya is going to run to get the video camera or if they’re just going to make do with what they have. They could still make a short film with a digital camera by taking lots of photos and making a shot by shot film. It would be different and unique and probably garner some attention. I’d really like it if they did that~

This was a bit of a bumpy episode, but I’m still interested to see where the story will go from here. Like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing how their project will go and I’m also looking forward to any other projects they get since I find this stuff pretty fascinating. I just hope they tone down the bad fanservice. It makes the show more immature than it should be.


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  1. Vance says:

    Kawasegawa has always struck me as a very competitive person even from Episode 1, so I’m not surprised that she was hostile to Kyoya at the train station because they had the same idea. I think the teacher is her mom based on the picture of the two of them together, so that’s how Kawasegawa found out about his group’s creative differences and lay it into him for trying to undercut Tsurayuki in her own way.

    Ironically, I think doing a bunch of still shots will allow them to squeeze more into the 3-minute timeframe, so the conflict between Kyoya and Tsurayuki might as well be a non-issue now.

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