Just like I had suspected, Team Kitayama’s project ended up as a movie of still photos. Thankfully for them it turned out really well for them as the film was well received. It was great that we sort of got to see the production of it, though the way the episode set it up it got in the way of the actual film. It would have been much nicer if we got an uninterrupted watch of their film since the little we did see looked pretty nice. Another big disappointment was also not being able to see Kawasegawa’s film since her team’s ended up placing in first and getting a lot of praise. Especially when the show kept bringing up that they filmed at the same train station, it would have been nice to see how theirs turned out as well for comparison sake. I mean, Kawasegawa sure was haughty but she gave praise when needed to so at least she’s a good sport.

Especially when she goes up to her sister and asks why Kyoya’s group didn’t place first when they should have. So the red hair wasn’t a coincidence, huh. I think her sister’s reasoning was kind of lame since even if they didn’t plan to use still photos for their project, it just shows their talent to think on the spot and find a solution for their predicament. And if they could make something praise worthy from a sticky situation, then that at least deserves some extra praise. Still, third place isn’t too bad (depending on the number of teams there were). And hey, looks like little sis is going to join them so that should be interesting.

With their film doing so well, Team Kitayama is more fired up than ever to improve themselves and work on their next goal. We also learn that Nanako really enjoys singing but…she’s actually really terrible at it. And with her seiyuu, that’s pretty funny. It would have been even more funny if Nanako sang a Poppin’Party song terribly, or even an Argonavis one but I guess an anime song makes more sense. At least Rurouni Kenshin’s OP already has a cover in Bang Dream, even if it’s another band. ANYWAY! They seriously are pushing for a harem in this show, which I don’t necessarily care for since harems aren’t my thing. I just think it’s funny that every single girl gets blushy around Kyoya when, again, he’s nice and determined and all that…but he’s kind of boring and generic. So it’s the typical harem basically. :/

With the conversation with Tsurayuki last week, and Shinoaki’s this week, there’s something that I’ve been wondering. It’s painfully obvious that everyone in the Kitayama share house besides Kyoya is part of the Platinum group from the future that Kyoya adores. I don’t know if this show will bother going this deep, but I wonder if Kyoya’s meeting them and being part of their lives will affect the future in some way. The possibility was there when Shinoaki wanted to quit her art. And there was Kyoya grabbing the idea for their project from a story Tsurayuki wrote in the future, which possibly won’t get written anymore. So far this show seems pretty relaxed so it could be that this show won’t even bother mentioning that notion of maybe Kyoya ruining the future, but that would be pretty amazing if it at least touched on it more. It would be lovely if this show was ambitious enough.

This was an okay episode, better than last week’s but nothing too amazing. We’ll see what they’ll do from here.


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  1. FoundOnWeb

    It occurs to me that the internal dates on this show are a little specific. We start out in 2016 and jump back to 2006. If art school is a standard 4 year course, he graduates in 2010…one year before the earthquake and tsunami.

    1. Berry

      I doubt the show is going to get into anything too grand at this point.

  2. Vance

    I was unhappy with the congratulatory tone of this episode where everyone praised the main character instead of showing how the project all came together. It felt very cheap and was meant to show that he is indeed someone worthy of being the main character all while having 3 women be interested in him with him even going on a date with one of them. Kyoya is meant to be someone males can self-insert into and believe that you too could be successful if you redid your life.

    1. Berry

      Ahh, male self-insert. That’s pretty much it. The fact that everyone kept praising Kyoya when I’m here thinking “Well, everyone else did a good job too.” But then again, we never got to see the full product uninterrupted so we don’t really know that. We only saw what Kyoya did.

      Kyoya being a male self-insert seems to be the case with how the episodes are playing out now. And of course I can’t relate at all…

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