Annnnd we’re back! Even after a week break, the wound of losing Gugu is still fresh in my mind and for Fushi, it’s still a very recent event. He’s only been travelling on his own for 4 days trying to come to terms with the loss and his grief. Too bad he doesn’t have anyone to teach him what those feelings are… hopefully he’s able to come to terms with the concept of death and loss as the story continues to grow.

Thankfully, he’s not alone for long (much to his disappointment) as Pioran once again helps him move to his next destination. Can you believe that when we first met her she was a prisoner sending March to her death? And here we are years later and she’s managed to become a prisoner once again. Pioran, you’ve got the worst luck, but at least you’re living on the edge and in freedom! But in all honesty, of the people to join Fushi on his new journey I’m glad that it’s her. She’s the one that has known him the longest but is also the most stubborn person. If it weren’t for her, I’m sure Fushi would have just wandered and wallowed for so much longer than he did.

That being said, I do appreciate Fushi fighting back against his creator. The stubbornness is a bit frustrating, but all Fushi wanted was to live a happy live with everyone. Gugu was going to protect him from the Nokkers, but look where we are now… Granted, it is important to know who created him and what his purpose is, though the man in black certainly isn’t the most open with his information – he’s cryptic at best. But at least now Fushi can fully communicate with him! Ah, rebellion. I’m interested to see if the hooded man is going to play more of a role in this arc, or if he was just someone to serve as a means to transition. Fushi is listening to him a little bit more, but only to be able to protect the ones he cares about, even if he’s already forgotten them.

Hands down my favorite part of the episode was when Pioran asked Fushi to climb up for one of the pears. Fushi offered to create his own, but she simply asked for him to become March to easily scale the tree. I loved the interaction of having him remember who March was, even though in his memory she is just a faint white background. He has the memories of doing things and experiencing things with her, but the memory OF her is gone. It made a very nice transition into the line about people disappearing once they completely forgotten. I hope this does create a fire in Fushi to reconnect with March, she’s a very valuable and important character to his history. Also, she needs revenge for how the Nokkers absolutely demolished her. That was brutal!

However, it seems like the March rescue mission will have to be put on hold. Pioran and Fushi seem to have found themselves in a rather unfortunate situation and regardless of what their captor says, there’s no way this was an accident! How on earth do these two look like prisoners? You did this to cause problems!! But it brings us right up to our next arc and I certainly didn’t expect for a tournament to take place. This should hopefully be a cinch for Fushi as an undying human… but what if they make him fight Pioran? Hoo… that would be brutal. I know I’m going to regret saying this, but I don’t know if I’m going to get attached to anyone in this arc! So, if this arc ends the same way as it did for March and Gugu, perhaps it won’t hurt as bad? Ah ha ha…. If I’m honest, I’m probably going to end up sobbing again, but they have a lot of work to do to make me trust them!

I’m looking forward to watching these new developments play out! It’s not an ideal situation for anyone to be in, but it’s what we got. They need to make it off the island to retrieve the memory of March, or perhaps the Nokkers will come to them… which still isn’t the most idea situation. I just hope that I don’t have to see another character that I care about show up as a drawing on the wall during the mid-episode card. So good luck Fushi! I believe in you! Try to keep everyone alive, please!


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