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Hello, everyone! For my first side project while waiting until Fall, I decided to cover some Drama CDs that I have and found. The first one I’m going to cover is Code:Realize Drama CDs.

This drama cd focused, as the title suggest, the little vampire king Delacroix II or fondly known as Delly. It started with Delly just finished “educating” (actually playing) Sisi in preparation for his “Army of Darkness”. Drama CD only allow us to hear voices, but I could imagine how Sisi used his puppy-dog-face to convince Delly to play with him and licked him. SO CUTE! I just love these two together! XD

From Delly’s talk, this took place not long after Delly just started living with the gang, especially since he still has the intention to get revenge in the name of his deceased parents and brethren. Meanwhile, the gang was worried for Delly who only ate half of his foods, and Van also didn’t eat much. Cardia proposed to do a party for Delly. Fran and Van didn’t think it’s a good idea since it might only annoy Delly. Lupin then suggested to cook foods from Delly’s homeland, or to be precise, the cooking of vampire clan. They went with the idea of surprise party. Cardia will take Delly out of the mansion while the rest prepared for the party.

Cardia set off to take Delly out, leaving the guys to wonder one big problem they didn’t think of: they didn’t know what kind of foods native to the vampire clan. Since Impey was secretly a vampire, he knew some vampire cuisine, but unsure since Delly is a royalty. Van saved the day by revealing he knew of the royalty’s tastes, no surprise since he used to be close with the royal family. Since Lupin agreed to the idea, looks like they didn’t know yet that Van is a terrible cook. (^_^;)

Cardia returned and revealed that she couldn’t find Delly and Sisi anywhere in the mansion. They made a change of plan: Impey and Cardia will prepare the party while the rest will go find Delly and Sisi. Lupin deduced that Delly and Sisi most likely went to places where Sisi regularly take a walk with Cardia.

During their search, Lupin spoke with Van, pointing out his behavior as of late, which showed how Van was worried for Delly. Van reminded him that he had already told them how one day he’ll gladly give his life to Delly to atone for his sins. Lupin changed the question to: what Van wishes for Delly? Lupin agreed with Cardia’s idea of getting Delly out from the castle since he’s lonely but didn’t realize it himself. Van admitted that he’s glad and didn’t regret taking out Delly from the castle. Not only Delly will stop hurting innocent people, the life of vengeance won’t do Delly any good. Van didn’t say much, but Lupin saw through Van’s wish for Delly: he wished Delly would stop pursuing revenge and live a happy life.

Meanwhile, Fran and Saint asked here and there about Delly’s whereabout, but found nothing. Fran was particularly tired from the search without him realizing. On the topic, Saint noticed that Fran has been so tense after Delly started living with them. Fran admitted his worry for Delly who was still wary of them and was still thinking he’s living in a place full of his enemies. Fran wanted to show Delly things more than just what the young vampire could see at the moment.

Back at the mansion, Impey and Cardia were preparing the foods when Sisi suddenly came in without Delly. Sisi asked Cardia to follow him, leaving Impey alone to prepare the food. Back to Delly’s situation, he was tired from finding Sisi and noticed it’s going to be late. Soon, Delly became depressed, thinking how he is all alone and no one would be waiting for him. For the first time Delly realized how lonely he actually feels since he lived alone in his old castle, causing him to break into tears while lamenting how he doesn’t have a place to return to. Not gonna lie, this part hurt me when hearing it. Delly my boy!!! (TT_TT)

Thankfully, Cardia and Sisi arrived on time to pick up Delly. The little vampire king quickly wiped his tears and got all tsundere as usual, especially after knowing how everyone was looking for him everywhere. But Delly did admit his fault for going out without telling them and shyly thanked Cardia. It’s cute how he tried to emphasize he “didn’t have a choice” but to thank them. Nevertheless, Cardia was happy to hear his gratitude. Unbeknownst to them, Lupin and the rest were observing from afar, content that things went well in the end. (^w^)

By the time Delly, Cardia, and Sisi returned, everyone welcomed them and showed Delly the vampire cuisine Impey have made as present in the welcome party. Van turned out to have also prepared a present for Delly himself. Delly went tsundere again, saying that he won’t say thank you but he’ll accept it since it’s not good to throw away foods. For tonight, he agreed to eat together with them.

This really hit me. The game didn’t show much exactly the process of how Delly began to warm up to Lupin and the gang. This drama cd helps understanding when is the real first step that made Delly started to find his place with the gang. I like that the Drama CD gave more depths to Delly’s character specifically as it tackles on his loneliness. Delly didn’t realize it before, but he had always been feeling lonely since the war two years prior. His parents and vampire brethren that he knew were no longer by his side, he’s out there having no one else but himself to rely on. His desire for vengeance is most likely what made him fail to realize his own loneliness. He had been bottling up his feelings without someone to turn to. Spending times in Saint’s mansion slowly caused the bottle to crack as he found company for the first time, and began to realize how he has found a new place to belong where there are people who cares for him. Couldn’t blame the poor boy after everything he suffered! (TT_TT)

Other than Delly, there’s also Van and Fran. Van, being the killer of Delly’s parents, could only think of giving his life to Delly to ease the boy’s pain. In reality, he himself knew that nothing good would come from life solely for revenge like he did, but Van didn’t know what to do to stop Delly from the path of vengeance when he was the one who had stolen the boy’s happiness in the first place. Lupin helped Van realize that all he wishes for Delly is the boy’s happiness. Really, the friendship between these two is one of the best parts of the game! They acted like they were just “playing-friends” when they actually cared about each other! (TTvTT)

And then Fran. Like Van, Fran himself also felt guilty for the war against the vampire as the poison gas he created was what killed the majority of the vampire race. Rightfully, he felt guilty for Delly who is a vampire even if it’s not to the same extent as Van did. That’s why he wanted to help Delly by proving to him they are not his enemies like he believed they were.


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