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This Drama CD is another comical story about the bachelors. The Drama CD starts with Saint breaking the fourth wall by narrating a story in his mansion. The story shifted to Lupin who was annoyed by strange noises and thought Impey was pulling a prank. However, he was freaked out when Impey was nowhere to be seen and instead saw something that made him screamed while surrounded by mist.

The story then moved to the bachelors discussing about the existence of ghost after Saint read a newspaper featuring article about the recent sighting of ghosts. Impey, as an engineer, didn’t believe in ghost as it’s not scientific. Van, while displeased to agree with Impey, also didn’t believe in ghost. Fran also didn’t believe in ghost, but won’t deny the possibility of their existence either as he thinks people are free to believe whatever they want. Saint, on the other hand, pretty much believed ghost exist and seemed amused by the idea of meeting/seeing one. Lupin, who in the opening experienced the scare, was not energetic with the conversation and straight out asked Saint if a ghost can appear in his mansion. Saint admitted that since the mansion and some of the antiques there were around thousands years old, it’s not weird for something to appear.

Lupin’s question earned him a suspicion from Van who asked if Lupin has seen something, and so Lupin revealed his experience with the mist and shining eyes. Van being Van, was skeptical of the story and thought Lupin just saw and heard it wrong, but Lupin added he felt he was being observed and sensed a presence. Lupin tried to catch the presence, but it just disappeared in the mist. Hearing Lupin’s story, the guys decided to catch whatever was wandering the mansion. This is also thanks to Saint as he added the possibility of an intruder like Twilight into account. Impey being Impey, declared himself as Cardia’s “lover” that he won’t let any intruder kidnap Cardia in the middle of the night. Oh, the typical Impey. XD

For the plan to catch the intruder, Saint suggested they split up to widen their searching area. Unfortunately for Van, he was paired up with Impey. Since nothing happened in the recent days, Van and Impey questioned the validity of Lupin’s story and thought it’s just Lupin dreaming. Van still determined to do the night round for security sake, while Impey wanted to sleep, only tagging along after Van threatened that he’ll tell Cardia of how he was so unmotivated. Both came to a stop when they sensed the air became cold and the mist that Lupin mentioned appeared along with the strange noises. Van didn’t waste a time to chase it, dismissing Impey’s suggestion to call the others first.

When they entered a room, they were surrounded by smoke that disturbed their breathing and found the pair of shining eyes that Lupin mentioned. When they appeared to have apprehended the so-called ghost with Van ready to make a shot, Fran revealed himself, confusing Impey and Van. It turned out they entered Fran’s room while he was in the middle of his research (that went wrong and thus, the smoke). They were then interrupted by Lupin’s voice who sounded to have dropped something. At Saint’s place, he’s speaking with Cardia who was worried about the “ghost hunt”, but got assurance from Saint who promised the whole ruckus about the ghost will be stopped soon.

The guys except Saint went to Lupin who confirmed that whatever in the mansion was not a ghost since it has a physical body. The guys continued their chase and seemed to have cornered the “ghost” or “intruder”, only to learn that it was actually Sisi. Saint assumed that Sisi only wanted to play with them because they were busy recently and hardly ever play with him. Lupin promised Sisi they’ll play with him more from now on in return. However, the identity of the ghost that Lupin saw the first time was still unknown. For one, Fran didn’t do any experiment that day and slept early, and so did Sisi. This brought a question as to what the mist and pair of eyes that Lupin had seen that day if it’s not Sisi and Fran’s experiment smoke.

The Drama CD ended comically with Saint implying the ghost’s existence, much to the discomfort of the rest of the guys. The mist then appeared again and when they turned around, the four guys saw the pair of shining eyes and screamed together in fear. Oh, it’s so hilarious! Saint-German sure knows how to give a scare to other guys! XD


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