Okay yes, the flashback is definitely better being watched than it was reading. Though it looks like this will be a two parter flashback, which is… questionable since it is slowing down the pace when I’m very interested in what is going to happen with ZOOL. But what can you do, maybe this is an important part to the narrative. At least it’s not happening during the rising action unlike Ensemble Stars. And I’m sure a lot of people were interested in the original Re:vale’s backstory and how Banri and Yuki first met. We even finally learn his full name: Yukito Orikasa.

Right off the bat, you can tell just how much Yuki has grown as a person as opposed to how he was in this flashback. Yuki was extremely antisocial when he was younger where he wouldn’t even really talk to anyone unless they had something of interest to him. He would just go at the beat of his own drum, completely disregarding everyone else around him. Causing him be unable to build any meaningful relationships with anyone and also causing tension with others, especially with his bandmates who would constantly quit the band due to his attitude. And it’s apparent that Yuki never shook his incredible bluntness, for better or for worse lol. Honestly, it’s no wonder why Banri is so mean to him lol. Probably is his way of getting back at how much Yuki put him through when they were younger. He even took a punch for Yuki lol. I absolutely died when Banri contemplated quitting the band before he gets stabbed because of him.

Yuki has always been so passionate about music where it was literally the only thing that would get him to respond in a conversation or get him interested. It makes me wonder WHY he’s like this but I suppose there are people like this in real life where they just won’t make an effort to converse unless there’s something interesting to them. It makes me appreciate Yuki more as a character as he’s come a long way from being a rather aloof and insensitive person to someone who is more personable and actually wanting to get involved with others instead of just keeping his distance. And even now, he’s still growing as a person as shown through out the Yamato arc with him trying to understand people’s feelings better. Just a great example of a good character where they never really stop growing. There is always something that can be worked on in themselves whether it be big or small.

Out of all the characters so far, I feel like Yuki is probably one of the most if not the most passionate about his work. He isn’t looking for anyone’s approval, he just wants to make good and genuine music with his all of his heart and soul. He doesn’t care for flattery and would rather people look at his work rather than him. It seems that he wants to touch people through his music in a way since he doesn’t seem to be able to connect with anyone emotionally. I don’t think I fully understood Yuki’s passion for music before this. Yes, I knew he was the composer for Re:vale’s songs, but I never saw the extent of time and energy he would put into it. We got a taste of what he goes through writing a song back in episode 5 with him staying up until the early morning to finish. Seeing how much he puts into his music, it’s no wonder how he became an idol.

I loved how they always showed Banri and Yuki with a large gap in between them in so many shots. While they worked together and became familiar with one another, it seemed like there was still such a considerable distance between them. Banri didn’t seem to be making that much of an effort to really get to know Yuki. He was more or less just observing him and kind of just let him do as he pleased for the most part. While he did scold and butt heads with him at points, he never really tried to understand why Yuki did certain things. Which is probably why despite them continuing to work together, they never bridged the gap and both held a certain distance between them. They had more of a working partnership instead of actual friends.

It wasn’t until Yuki broke down and told him exactly what was bothering him where Banri finally started to understand Yuki more. Yuki was frustrated with the bandmates that didn’t hold the same passion and drive as him. Feeling as if their influence was corrupting his music in a way, which is why he gave them so many critiques that lead to them quitting. Which ultimately lead to Banri suggesting they dance and sing to prerecorded music like idols do. Hence the birth of Re:vale.

We then get a little of Momo’s side of things of when he first became a fan of theirs. It was honestly great to see his sister since I wasn’t sure if she’d make an appearance in the actual series. I always knew Momo had a sister and reading a rabbit chat with them interacting was adorable. So I’m definitely glad to see her in the series interacting with her little brother. When she started talking about how Banri was her favorite (since she mentioned in the rabbit chat that Banri is her bias) and having similar eye color and hair style to Momo, I wondered if it was her. And lo and behold, it was.

It’s honestly really weird to see Momo without his frosted tips. His eyes and hair color almost don’t seem to go well together without them… Or I’m just too used to his frosted tips lol. Putting that aside, it was sad to hear how Momo’s dream of being a professional soccer player was ruined by an injury and the framing of the scene made him look trapped and bogged down. However, after witnessing their performance, his spirits were lifted and even made him emotional. As if bringing new life into him. I totally get what Momo described of being overwhelmed with emotion just by witnessing something. I get those moments while watching anime a lot where I can’t help but tear up sometimes. Momo definitely had one of those moments where he felt like he was at such a low point, but then he heard something he needed to hear at the right time. It’s always such a special moment when you hear something that feels as if it was meant for you in that moment. It’s no wonder that Our Incomplete Selves became Momo’s favorite song.

While Momo was talking to Ryo about how he swelled with emotion after hearing Re:vale’s songs, I couldn’t help but feel really sorry for Ryo. He legit seemed almost troubled over what Momo was talking about, but just couldn’t understand it. Looking back at his character thus far, he does seem pretty hollow without any actual passion for anything. As if he doesn’t have anything that truly sparks joy in him. That’s actually really sad and it does make me curious about his character. Even before this, Ryo has exhibited behaviors that of a psychopath, however, this definitely cements that notion with his inability to be empathetic towards others.

…Why did Yuki buy a bat? I am greatly concerned by this purchase and I hope that he isn’t planning anything illegal with it.

In any case, I definitely got a lot more out of this flashback than I did just reading it. While I still didn’t quite find it as interesting as the oncoming ZOOL drama, I still found it enjoyable. It made me appreciate Yuki more as a character and just seeing where he came from and how he is progressing. He is still troubled by the past and it’s still affecting his relationship with Momo. I’m curious to see how this all gets intertwined in the present and whether or not Yuki will be able to move past this. I’m sure he will, but I’m curious as to how. Though I’m hoping he doesn’t try anything violent.

Also can I just bring up the fact that Banri literally told Yuki his name like two times and he STILL didn’t remember it. Which is probably why he wasn’t able to find him because he didn’t know his freaking full name. Gosh dang it Yuki.


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  1. Huangluly

    I actually agreed with you. I feel kind of sad for Ryo that he never actually know those feelings that Momo mention. Also i have that same feeling about Yuki and i feel so proud of how he had grown.

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