With the Fortune Cup is over, Yusei has been crowned as the new King, but given there are still many who are not happy about it, and much less convinced he had won fairly due to the duel’s footage being cut off by the Crimson Dragon’s arrival. Needless to say, Yusei still doesn’t care about the title, but rather he is far more concerned with the the vision of Satellite’s catastrophic fate. In fact, the poor guy hardly has the time to have a breather when he quickly finds himself diving head first into yet another dangerous battle before the day is even over!

Unfortunately for him, even though they have yet to identify the fifth Signer, the emergence of the Crimson Dragon have prompted the Dark Signers to finally kick things into gear. These guys are certainly not the type to dally as they already taking the initiative to spread propaganda to have the public turn against the Crimson Signers by claiming the Crimson Dragon yearns for “blood and despair”, and will destroy Satellite while the City is left unscathed. And while they are doing that, they also using creepy little spiders to go around and take possession of various people to push that propaganda, and use as their proxy agents to attack Yusei and his fellow Signers. On top of that, these proxies going around picking fights is a problem because whoever gets locked into a duel with them will be pressed with the same danger they would face in volatile psychic duel where both players’ attacks can physically harm each other. While today’s proxy was seemingly spared, there is certainly an an ominous implication of the duelists being “locked” into the duel, unable to escape the ring that forms around them once they are engaged in battle, and the subject of being presented as sacrifices.

Naturally with the Dark Signers already making their moves, Yusei intends to return to Satellite to investigate further, but before that, he needs to see Godwin to obtain more information about the Dark Signers. Though I must say, it was refreshing to see that Ushio was denied challenging Yusei to yet another petty duel (what a sore loser), and I loved how Yusei completely ignored him and treated him like a taxi, “Take me to Godwin”.

While we saw the stage be set for the Dark Signers to begin their opening act, we were also introduced to Carly, a clumsy newspaper reporter with good instincts for sniffing out scoops! In fact, Carly was the only reporter asking the real questions that should have been pressing everyone’s mind: What’s up with the Crimson Dragon and what is that mark that is glowing on Yusei’s arm? The way the feeds were cut off, preventing the audience from actually seeing the conclusion of the duel, the sheer destruction in a duel that to everyone’s knowledge, had no psychic powers involved. But I suppose when it comes down to these kinds of things, how the victor (Yusei) won is the biggest question that everyone wants answers to. After-all being so invested in the tournament, to not see the end of it is understandably frustrating. But by choosing to question Godwin about the matters of the Crimson Dragon, Carly may find herself facing repercussions given Godwin now has a reason to keep tabs on her, and had no intentions of giving her or the public any answers.

However, while Carly certainly has good instincts, boy does she have rotten luck. She gets a major scoop after witnessing the battle between Yusei and the Dark Signer puppet, and then once it’s over the security shows up, takes her camera and apprehends her for interrogation. Her Fortune deck sure know how to mock her considering she was already in an unfortunate situation. Oh, and if it wasn’t bad enough, she is told by Misty, a top model who reads faces that she’s gonna die. Lovely, thanks a lot Misty.

That said, her luck did turn around a bit when she ended up going to the hospital to interview Jack who had woken up to a hot mess and a broken arm. Even though Godwin had no intentions of revealing Jack’s origins, in the end, a reporter still managed to uncover it and now the fact his background has been fabricated has gone viral, sending the reporters in a frenzy. He is in a tough spot now, so I couldn’t help but roll my eyes a bit at Godwin’s questionable timing of debuting the documentary covering Jack’s reign as King the day after he had be dethroned. Talk about the lack of tact. And being trapped in a hospital doesn’t do him any good! Had he walked out on his own, he would have been caught up by the reporters staking him out. Luckily for him, because Carly had been able to sneak inside, she ends up helping him in more ways than one. The first is helping him duel since he can’t use his other arm, informing him of the kind of opponent he is facing (considering he’s already injured enough as it is), and finally she ended up helping him get out of the hospital without being noticed.

Jack’s duel was with against one of the Dark Signer’s “Puppets”, with Ushio being the latest victim to fall under the Spider Signer’s possession after Yeager sent him out to retrieve Jack from the hospital. The duel was actually quite entertaining despite the situation thanks to the the interaction between Jack and Carly. To nobody’s surprise, Jack was pretty rude about it, but Carly took it with stride and proved herself to be useful by sharing what she had learned from Yusei’s duel with the Dark Signer puppet, and shielding him from the battle impacts. At the very least, Jack did become a bit more grateful after she protected him, and trusted her enough to ask for her help to get out of there. Thanks to her, he was sneak out of the place without being noticed by the media, who were all on their toes after seeing the explosion that went off during the final attack.

Overall it’s great to see we aren’t missing a beat when it comes to transitioning to the next battle. The antagonists are also interesting, though I couldn’t help but chuckle when they were having their “evil laughter” moment, because it came off more comedic than intimidating. I am also happy to be revisiting this season’s Opening Theme: LAST TRAIN -New Morning-“. The lyrics are really beautiful and it really does story of what’s to come this season. It’s definitely among my favourites this series has to offer.

Ah it’s great to be back with this series again! However for the time being, I will be only releasing one entry per month. Please read the notice below for further explanation on why I have made this change. Thank you! We’ll be back with the next set of episodes in late September!

Notice: Important Changes for YGO 5D’s Coverage Routine!

Hello everyone, welcome to Season 2 second edition of the YGO 5DS’s Coverage!
First off I want to apologize for having to push back getting back to this until now. There was just too much was going on in my life and what was supposed to be have been sorted out five months ago was only dealt and done with three weeks ago. This caused a major setback of how far along I wanted to have my entries queued up as part of the plan to balance the workload with the Seasonal Coverage, which will always be the top priority since this is  passion project of mine I am determined to see through.

For the past few weeks I came to terms that I need the time to recuperate and adjust to finally getting my life back in order. The past year has been incredibly difficult for my family and I, leaving me emotionally and mentally burned out, so I desperately need a a change of pace. As result, that meant chucking my schedule for queuing up entries out the window, leaving me with no queue prepared at this point of time. I recognize I’m in a tough spot with this series’ coverage, so after much consideration of how I should proceed, I came to the conclusion I need to adjust the frequency of how often the posts come out.

So for a period of time, I will only be releasing YGO 5D’s entries once a month.

Originally I thought about switching it twice a month, but I know that right now in order not to burn out, it is important for me to make the most of what is left of my summer break. I will be resuming my full-time coverage in October for the Fall Season, so I really want to rest properly and not feel obliged to rush to get the entries out.

Once I have built up a sufficient queue as originally intended, I will release the entries twice a month, and then eventually back to the weekly release. Obviously this is not the most ideal routine, but it’s still better than having to push this back until Winter 2022 or God forbid, Spring 2022. (And trust me, I really did not like the idea of having to postpone it again, so this is probably the best the compromise to make.)
 Better yet, each of these entries will be covering two to four episodes, just like this month’s entry bundled with Episode 27, 28 and 29. So while the pace of the entries coming out will be slower for a time, the progress will still be more or less the same. This will be useful for covering episodes like these ones that had some significant development, but not a whole lot to talk about.

That said, I have also thought about whether I should do a single entry covering each arc instead. But if I were to do this, this will take longer for me to release because I will need the time to watch the whole season, and then compile all my thoughts into one article. So I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to do for this season when I had already promised a return date. Nevertheless, if I feel this would be better suited for me, then I might do that for one of the upcoming seasons. My original timeline was to have this series completed sometime in 2022, but eh, that’s going to be tough to do now, so I am planning to adapt as I see fit.

The YGO 5D’s next entry will come out on Wednesday, September 22.
Thank you for understanding, see you then!


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  1. V.

    Take as much time as you need, Eva. I’m glad you’ve finally resumed 5D’s and managed out a workable scheduled; I was honestly quite worried that by the time you returned you might have forgotten / lost the feel of the beginning part you’ve already covered it or worse yet, unforeseen situations force you to shelve the series until further notice.
    We’re living during unprecedented times and each of us have faced some degree of difficulty in our lives since the pandemic began. Your physical and mental health takes priority above all else in order to keep producing more prolific and enjoyable reviews of anime/manga/otome games.

    Welcome back and thanks for letting us know about your game plan!

    1. Eva

      \ ( Q v Q ) / Thanks a bunch V!

      I am very happy to be finally get back to this too because I shared the exact same concerns. I too knew the longer I put it off, the more likely I’d lose the feel of it/the harder it would be to resume. 5D’s has a special place in my heart, so I really want to see this through.

      ( ^ v ^ ) / Thanks again for your support, I really appreciate it!

      1. DMaster

        Glad you’re back. Very interested to see what you’ll think of it, coming back to it now. Heck, YOU of all people might get me to actually like that birdbrain!

        1. Eva

          Thank you! And yes, it will be interesting! :3

    2. DMaster

      It’s also appropriate specifically returning to 5D’s for these write-ups. If ever there were a show that immediately calls to mind (aside from the last two Gallop shows…) “unforeseen situations”…

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