Fena and the warriors samurai are making for an island called Bar-Baral. It is a destination location for pirates where they go to sell their wares, make trades, and replenish their supplies. It will be both Fena and Karin’s first time on the island.

Side note: this episode was where I noticed that Shitan’s seiyuu is Takahiro Sakurai, the seiyuu for Cloud Strife in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII metaverse, and suddenly Kaizoku Oujo got a thousand times better. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  (Ever since I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in Japanese, I’ve adored and admired Cloud’s seiyuu. Such a beautiful voice~ )

ANYWAYS. Poor Tsubaki tries to keep everyone together and on track with their list of goals, but everyone’s got different intentions. Karin wants to shop for exotic supplies, Shitan wants to get laid, and Makaba wants to eat. But where have Fena and the twins gone if they’re not with the rest of their group?

Shopping, apparently. Fena wants a new outfit because it’s not practical for her to be going everywhere in a dress, but the twins have noticed that the islanders are noticing Fena due to her brilliant white hair, and attention is the last thing their group wants. So Fena gets a new bandana-like headpiece and some pirate garb. She’s looks pretty cute, to be honest.

After shopping, Fena and the twins stuff themselves silly on bread and clams. While wandering the streets after their meal, Fena is drawn to a shop that sells gemstones and semiprecious stones. Inside the shop Fena finds a large clear stone just like the one she has! It’s the first real lead of the journey.

Of course it’s priced waaaaay out of Fena’s price range. The old, fat shopkeeper (because they’re always old and fat) offers to trade one night with Fena in exchange for the stone, an offer which only serves to piss off our trio. Obviously not going to happen. Maybe if they told Yukimaru, he would go kill the shopkeeper to avenge Fena’s honor?

Speaking of Yukimaru, where is he? Well, someone has to stay back on the ship and guard it, right? And poor Yukimaru, by the luck of his own draw, got the short straw. 7 times in a row apparently, which is impressive in its own way. He’s not happy to be left behind yet again but there’s nothing Yukimaru can do about it. At least he’s got Fena’s dog Brule to keep him company?

Back in the shop, Enju trades the shopkeeper a lighter that Karin invented in exchange for the clear stone and information on where it came from. The shopkeeper agrees to the trade and reveals that the stone is manmade and comes from a place called Libar-Oberstein in Germany. Rumor has it that the stone was once owned by a royal family.

Could that mean that Fena comes from royal blood? Could Fena be of German descent? I know there’s been no mention nor hint of this yet, but Fena’s the lead in this anime so it’s a given that she’s going to have an important role in the plot. Maybe she’s related to the blonde man who is chasing after her with the help of some pirates?

Also, the way that Fena was “drawn” to the shop makes me theorize that perhaps Fena has some kind of special “sense” when it comes to finding this stone. If there are multiple pieces of the stone out in the world, perhaps Fena will be able to sense when she’s near another piece of it? I definitely didn’t foresee the stone being manmade, that’s for sure.

Fena wants to go to this new location, Libar-Oberstein, to track down more information on the stone but the twins are reluctant. Fena plays to their ego to get them to agree to their plan, and this scene made me giggle because yeah it’s manipulative, but there may be many people watching who can relate, no?

But before they can get anywhere, Fena and the twins are found by the rude drunk (the one who bought the “rights” to Fena’s virginity) and a band of pirates. This group was recruited by the unnamed blonde man who, by the way, looks like he’s some kind of important British officer. The pirates are quick to attack the twins and Fena, and it’s obvious that the twins are waaay out of their zone plus waaaay outnumbered.

When Tsubaki, Makaba and Karin get back to the ship, it’s revealed that Fena and the twins never made it back. Yukimaru immediately runs back into the city to find Fena. And it’s a good thing that Yukimaru trusts his instincts because Enju and Kaede are in trouble. Or maybe not; apparently they were only hiding their real skills. My bad for forgetting that they are part of the infamous Goblin Knights. Either way, the twins cannot both fight and guard Fena at the same time.

Yukimaru flees with Fena but the gunswoman Hannah catches up to them. Yukimaru carries Fena across the rooftops but is unable to escape a bullet fired by Hannah. It’s not a direct hit though, so Yukimaru and Fena are able to escape to safety.

The pair make it back to the ship safely along with the twins, where Tsubaki delivers the twins’ and Fena’s punishment for leaving the group and deciding on their next destination without consulting the others: a smack on the head from a stick and being thrown overboard (“flinging”). Yukimaru discloses to Shitan that he’s concerned about the female pirates but does not reveal why.

At the end of the episode, we see that the rude drunk was thrown overboard and drowned for failing to capture Fena. Inside the ship is the regal-looking blonde man, whose name we learn is Abel. He has a pale blue heart necklace like Fena does, so this only increases my suspicions that he’s tied to Fena somehow.

At this point in the story, I’m getting a lot of Castle in the Sky vibes. In that Ghibli movie the main character, Sheeta, is hunted by a government agent named Muska because of the magical pendant she wears. Maybe Fena and Abel’s pendants are made from the same clear stone, except theirs is colored? Could all the stones be from the same city in Germany?

Ahhhhh I just wish each episode was like an hour long!! I want more more more Kaizoku Oujo!!   /pouts