Hmm, I’ll be honest. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about Sumire’s character. I already knew that she was a girl that craved attention, but it didn’t occur to me that the attention she wanted was just so she could be scouted and get famous. Wanting to be famous isn’t necessarily a bad goal, but it can come across as a bit selfish. And Sumire definitely showed that when she joined and quit the school idol club the same day.

Sumire doesn’t seem like a bad person, though just a bit bratty. She wants to actually be famous and not be a side character with small roles like she had before as a child, and that’s her dream. She likes to perform and she does have a genuine interest in school idols after the festival performance and she thought this was her chance at finally becoming famous. Things just didn’t go well when she wasn’t chosen as the center. Which…duh. You just joined the group, why would you be center? She really does come across as shallow for just quitting on the spot because things didn’t go the way she wanted it to, and again I understand what she wants. It just isn’t all that interesting of a story for me, but Sumire herself is somewhat entertaining.

I’m not a fan of the whole “Galaxy!” catchphrase thing, and it makes me worried that Sumire will just be reduced to a meme with how silly she is. Which is always something I’m worried about when Love Live has characters like these. I also really got Yoshiko vibes from that whole circle thing in the temple when she was about to whack Kanon on the head. Which was both very strange, worrying, and funny.

I did think it was pretty cute that Kanon recruited Sumire by scouting her like she’s always wanted. But I did agree with Keke when it came to Sumire sort of disrespecting them and school idols. Sure she may have more experience in the show business when it comes to singing and dancing, but to just declare herself better and to just leave when things didn’t go her way and sort of look down on them as amateurs did kind of rub me the wrong way too. And I’m not gonna lie it was hilarious to me that Keke “challenged” Sumire in the roof and it looked like they were going to physically fight. I just really like Keke, okay?

I don’t really have anything else to say about the episode. Sumire is just okay for me right now and I continue to love the others. I hope there will be more to Sumire’s character as right now she’s just…well, okay. Not as interesting as the other girls, and also not as appealing as the other “meme” Love Live girls (though those can be hit or miss). But hey, Kanon’s words at the end of the episode were really nice. That isopod song was pretty catchy too.


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